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  1. Still tinkering with the back cover wording and I can't decide which color I like. I know it's not an AtariAge release... but... That's my template.
  2. Wow. What a blast you must have had. And to meet Cassandra Peterson. Sweet! Too bad these carts aren't being made anymore.
  3. Holy sh*t ! An Elvira game! I need a cart of that.
  4. Stunt Cycle, in progress.
  5. I was working on a cover for Stella's Stocking and thought of a spoof called, "Elvira's Stocking" Now, I just need a Batari Basic wizard to fashion the game so I can add screen shots. *HA*
  6. Since I missed the box version of these, here is Dungeon Stalker and Fail Safe.
  7. Sure does. And she had an awful time before passing. Cancer? I think. Sad.
  8. Since Star Fire is a homage to Star Wars, I used lots of Star Wars images to create another version of the 2600 Star Fire cover art. Hope the original artist doesn't mind me changing his vision.
  9. Here's one for Moon Cresta.
  10. Here is one for the AtariAge "Indy 500 XE". I wanted to echo the old Atari Indy 500 layout. Of course, I had to throw my boyhood crush, Linda Vaughn, in there, LOL
  11. It is an AceCase 9 disc CD case. The disc housing fits Atari and colecovision carts peefectly. Albeit sideways.
  12. I am interested to see what kind of talent we have here. Has anyone made a better, or different, version of an existing 2600 game? I'll start the ball rolling with my Mad Max box art.
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