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  1. Yes. My apologies. It's Metal Wars. Thank you, Arenafoot. This is the cartridge.
  2. It's been so long since I did this. I forgot, I never finished it. I'm so sorry. Plus, I started another version. Let me get that done and I will repost. Thanks for the encouragement.
  3. Still tinkering with the back cover wording and I can't decide which color I like. I know it's not an AtariAge release... but... That's my template.
  4. Wow. What a blast you must have had. And to meet Cassandra Peterson. Sweet! Too bad these carts aren't being made anymore.
  5. Holy sh*t ! An Elvira game! I need a cart of that.
  6. Stunt Cycle, in progress.
  7. I was working on a cover for Stella's Stocking and thought of a spoof called, "Elvira's Stocking" Now, I just need a Batari Basic wizard to fashion the game so I can add screen shots. *HA*
  8. Since I missed the box version of these, here is Dungeon Stalker and Fail Safe.
  9. Sure does. And she had an awful time before passing. Cancer? I think. Sad.
  10. Since Star Fire is a homage to Star Wars, I used lots of Star Wars images to create another version of the 2600 Star Fire cover art. Hope the original artist doesn't mind me changing his vision.
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