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  1. None of the screws in this kit fit the hole on the motherboard.
  2. I'm sure we all have stuff we would like to see made possible on the VCS. My wish would be to see it made possible to put emulators and ROMS directly onto the internal M2 SATA drive. Emulators would show up on the menu in the Atari interface, no OS like Windows needed. The interface of each emulator would feature menus like those found in Emulation Station. I'm not sure how difficult this would be, and I am in no way up to the challenge. Hopefully, this system will develop a big enough following for this sort of stuff to happen. What is on your wishlist for the new VCS?
  3. I ordered the following 32GB RAM kit (16GB x2) for $95.74 on Amazon Warehouse Deals. Do I have to do anything to the BIOS to get it running properly in the system? I have a VCS 800 on order and hope to have all of my upgrades ready to go when it gets here. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07BGLKD4M/ref=ppx_od_dt_b_asin_title_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  4. Thank you for continuing to update the packs! Do you have a family-friendly version of the all-games.ini file for this pack?
  5. Thank you! I really appreciate this. My son is five and enjoys the Atari a lot now that it has so many games. He also dances to the new background music . I'm planning to give one to my nephews, as well.
  6. Thank you very much for this. I am using it along with v3 of the Sans Boom theme and love it. I have just one question. If I want to delete some roms, do I also need to edit the ini file? I am looking to make this kid friendly, and games like Beat 'Em and Eat 'Em have to go
  7. And here is the FBX Deluxe. The regular and deluxe versions use the same board and are identical to the point that a regular one can be crossflashed to the deluxe firmware.
  8. Sorry, I just now got back on here and saw your message. I will work on getting pics tonight and post them tonight or tomorrow.
  9. I just picked up a cheap FB9 Gold on eBay. I’m going to open it up and examine the boards to see if there are any components connected to that antenna that are missing on the FBX Deluxe’s board. I suppose before doing any of that, I will simply put batteries in the controllers and see if the FBX Deluxe picks them up. Who knows? Maybe it’s already built for them but shipped with wired ones to cut costs.
  10. Try a different cable. Mine was very touchy, but it worked with the third cable I tried.
  11. I was looking at a teardown of a FB9 Gold and noticed a structure labeled "antenna" on the mainboard that is identical to something I noticed on the FBX deluxe. It may be possible for someone with expertise beyond mine to enable bluetooth on this and get the wireless controllers from the FB9 Gold to work with the X. I am not sure if the X has the radio on the board (don't even know what to look for).
  12. Thank you. I like the cleaner look of the solid black cords, so that one looks nice.
  13. They seem to be very helpful to the community. May I ask one more question? What cable did you use to add the thumb drive? I have seen a few that have been confirmed to work, but they all add more ports than needed. I am looking for one that simply splits to one USB port and a pass-through for the power.
  14. That is great to know! Thank you for the reply. I was hesitant to update because I thought it might break the ability to hack it somehow. I much prefer using official firmware, so this is great. Edit: After downloading the update from ATGames, it appears they used the same method as the hack to enable the USB port. They even lifted the guy's pictures and used them in their firmware update guide!
  15. Just curious if the hack to play additional games is still necessary? I see on the official firmware release notes page they have enabled add-ons from the USB in the latest update. Is anyone who updated their firmware able to confirm this? I only see the USB info in the notes on the Deluxe version of the X. https://firmwareupdate.atgames.net/release-notes
  16. Bumping for those who might have missed it. It got a bit bogged down by talk of other setups, which was not my intention. The original post explains a simple method for hooking up quality wireless controllers with no work required.
  17. My guess is that 8Bitdo will develop a receiver for DB9 ports in the next year or so. The adapter cable from Raphnet simply allows us to use BT controllers on an Atari now instead of waiting on 8Bitdo to make the DB9 receiver. The beauty of using 8Bitdo controllers is that the same controller may be used across multiple platforms. The only product specific to the console is the receiver. Currently, I use the NES30 controller on my NES, SNES, and Atari systems. Your idea would be great for purists who want Atari-style BT controllers, but many people are already going to great lengths to adapt original NES pads to Atari. This gets them there quickly, easily, and wirelessly.
  18. If this has already been discovered by someone else, I apologize for rehashing old news. I did not find a similar thread anywhere, so this may be of great interest to many of you. After longing for quality wireless controllers for Atari systems since the 80's, the wait is finally over. This is the best option available that I know of currently. I have tested it on my 800XL and 7800. Here's how to accomplish it. 1. Buy one (or two for multiplayer) 8Bitdo NES or SNES style Bluetooth controllers. https://www.amazon.com/NES30-Game-Controller-PC-Mac-Linux/dp/B00MB6CNN8/ref=sr_1_9?s=videogames&ie=UTF8&qid=1493082481&sr=1-9&keywords=8bitdo 2. Buy an SNES receiver for each 8Bitdo controller. https://www.amazon.com/8Bitdo-SNES-Adapter-Bluetooth-Retro-Receiver/dp/B01K1T9CZS/ref=sr_1_2?s=videogames&ie=UTF8&qid=1493082537&sr=1-2&keywords=8bitdo+snes+receiver 3. Buy an SNES to Atari adapter cable for each 8Bitdo SNES receiver. http://www.raphnet-tech.com/products/snes_to_db9/index.php This setup works flawlessly. Stability of the connection between the controller and Atari is rock solid. It is hands down the best wireless experience I have ever had on an Atari system, and it completely blows away the RF garbage such as the wireless Genesis controllers, original wireless 2600 controllers, and crazy setups that run through NES Four Scores and a bunch of other equipment. The 8Bitdo products are available for lower prices on ebay. I linked to Amazon for ease of viewing.
  19. Please ignore the post above. No deal was completed. Still available.
  20. I'm not trying to jump or piss off anyone. My post was simply an open offer to anyone who finds himself unable to get more than the offer amount. As long as a queue of buyers are lined up at $129, I don't expect my offer to be filled. I offered the amount that it is worth to me. Simple economics says that if it is worth less to me than the market, I will not get one. It is a product that appears to be incapable of ever being fixed. I'm probably better off waiting for one of the other SD card options being worked on. It is worth the price of a Harmony to me, nothing more. If that offends, it is not my intention. It's just my honest assessment.
  21. I have acquired numerous extras while buying Atari lots. I have some rare books here, along with some software, paperwork and untested accessories. The 800XL RF shield is the more desirable raised version instead of the straight angled one, bottom included. The 1000E box contains the modem, cartridge, and everything else that came in the box. SOLD SOLD SOLD
  22. I have a Harmony Encore already. My offer is intended as a gamble. At worst, I end up with a second Harmony Encore, and at best I would end up with the Concerto working as it should. If anyone gets desperate to sell, they know where I'm at I just can't offer more than $89 because it may never work as it should.
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