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  1. Yeah, I'm back...not dead. Waiting for the dye to dry to finish up the Zaxxon controllers, I whipped up the Mouse Trap artwork tonight: Will probably have this one done in a couple of days. Need to dye the controller, buttons, and ball knob, then refurbish the controller.
  2. Progress update: Sprayed the final coat of dye to the base buttons, and applied the keypad underlays and marquees. I also got the manuals printed, folded and bagged. I'll let the dye dry overnight and should be able to assemble the remaining 5 controllers tomorrow night and test.
  3. Are people still using Coleco ADAM disk drives or has everyone switched to some sort of SD card type thing-a-ma-jig? Reason I ask is I have 4 for sure (maybe five) Disk Drives I'm going to need to get rid of and just trying to get an idea of use/value? I know all 4 work, I have Coleco power supplies for 2, and I know the more readily available Atari disk drive power supplies are a substitute for the other 2. All 4 have the drive cable, and I know I have the box/packaging/manual for either 1 of these 4, or that box, has a 5th drive inside (can't remember) so 1 is complete in box. I saw it the other night, but can't find it right this second. What about ADAM mini power supplies (printer replacement)? I have the last mini power supply that I made for myself that I'll need to get rid of too after I completely test all of my ADAM hardware/software and the likes. I remember people use to really want one of these. Just trying to get some sort of idea of value of these items. Thanks in advance for any thoughts/input.
  4. Thanks so much guys for the interest. As of now all (6) controllers are spoken for and I have sent PMs to the first 6 who responded. As far as a progress update: As of now all of the controllers have been refurbished, the grip buttons have been dyed, the base upper half has been dyed and all of the artwork has been printed/laminated/trimmed. I still have to dye the base buttons, apply the keypad underlays, assemble the controllers, apply the marquee, and final testing, so I should have them done by this weekend at the latest.
  5. Finished up a Venture themed controller this weekend. I had to take an artistic liberty with the button color. The original arcade cabinet's fire buttons were white and the P1/P2 buttons were red. As I dyed the controller white to match the arcade cabinet sides (and the Coleco Atari 2600 cart) if I dyed the buttons white you would lose them in the controller color so I chose red. The keypad underlay is the same color as Winky, who is represented as the "*" button on the keypad. The keypad looks a bit pink in the pics, but I had to put up my photo backdrop and lighting to free up some room at the end of the bench so it was just the camera flash. I think the match to this controller to make a pair is Mouse Trap. They're both Exidy games built in their white cabinets, and both ported to the 2600 by Coleco in the white carts, so kind of makes sense.
  6. FYI - so the official Zaxxon controller pre-order thread has been posted: https://atariage.com/forums/topic/293575-doubledowns-colecovision-custom-zaxxon-controller-spectravideo-sv-103-pre-order/
  7. **OFFICIAL ZAXXON CONTROLLER PRE-ORDER** So I started a thread in the ColecoVision forums about needing to get rid of some stuff and decided to make more custom ColecoVision controllers as I have done previously. I got the idea for a Zaxxon controller using the Spectravideo SV-103 pistol grip controller as a donor, to mimic the feel of the arcade cabinet. As of now I have 6 of these controllers in hand and am accepting pre-orders for a maximum run of 6. That's not to say I can't/won't make more at a later date, but for now I'm looking to sell some stuff not buy more, at least until I've freed up some space. So here are the details of this custom controller: Spectravideo SV-103 Joystick Controller --controller cleaned and refurbished --top half of base is dyed silver, matching the control panel overlay of the Zaxxon arcade cabinet --both sets of buttons dyed red, matching the fire buttons of the Zaxxon arcade cabinet --custom underlay permanently attached to keypad (overlays still usable) colored blue (matching P1/P2 buttons on Zaxxon arcade cabinet) with silver numbers in a Zaxxon font with the SEGA logo as the "*" key --custom marquee artwork reproduction label attached to the rear face of the controller base --**includes custom instruction manual styled after original joystick manual, updated for this special Zaxxon version As these controllers were manufactured in significantly fewer quantities versus the standard ColecoVision hand controllers I'm asking $85.00 per controller, plus $7.50 shipping via USPS Priority Mail within the U.S. International shipping is available, just note shipping will obviously cost a bit more. So this is the official thread to pre-order 1 of these controllers if you're interested. Initially I'm limiting the purchase to 1 per member, unless there aren't 6 people who want one, then at which case if somebody wants more than 1, they would be available, again to a maximum run of 6. I'll be asking for a $10 deposit (via PayPal, as gift payment) to secure your interest, which will be asked for once we have the 6 accounted for. So if you're interested please reply to this thread and send me a PM (note quantity in PM if you would like more than 1, if available). These will be available on a first come, first serve basis!
  8. So here is the side by side by side comparison of the stock Coleco disc knob, next my ball knob, followed by my new stick knob. You'll notice the stock knob shaft is pretty darn short. To this I add a 1/2" tall black anodized aluminum spacer, then my knob on top. The extra height is what to me, really makes all the difference in the comfort and usability of these controllers. As far as grip, the stock discs are approx. 1.375" in diameter, the ball is a little smaller at 1.250" in diameter, and the stick is 0.525" in diameter. I like the ball infinitely more than the stock disc, and I spent quite a bit of time when I first started using them, selecting an appropriate diameter and height. I like the new stick too, it feels a little more precise as your thumb/forefinger are closer together, but its not too small of a diameter to make it feel delicate.
  9. Like there was a doubt? In all honesty after I decided on the top half of the base being silver (like the cabinet CPO) I really wasn't sure how it was going to look while keeping the bottom half black, but I really like the way it turned out. I've got the manual finished now too. It's yours! Let me figure out pricing and I'll post a new thread in Buying/Selling about them, and link it here. I've only got 7 of these so we'll see how many are interested and go from there. If they're not all spoken for, I'd be willing to make Gorf and/or Buck Rogers: Planet of Zoom as well. I'll keep updating this post with new styles/designs/themes including the standard hand control versions as I get to them. I played around a bit tonight with the new stick style knobs and I'll get pics up probably later tonight.
  10. Well congrats on winning that one! And on that note, 1 competed Zaxxon controller:
  11. Well I got the dye done last night for the Zaxxon prototype controller, I also got the manual finished, minus the picture of said controller. I need to get it assembled, and take a pic for the inside of the manual (like the original) and will post that here tonight or tomorrow, whenever I get it done. Additionally I got my fiddly bits in today. Here's a pic of the shorter/(slightly) smaller "stick handle" knob for a standard controller mod, next to the ball knobs I've used previously for size comparison: Either one can be taller or shorter depending on the length of anodized aluminum spacer (and screw depending on how much height is changed) used below the knob. The 1/2" length one underneath the ball knob is the length I used on all of the Pac-Man/Ms. Pac-Man and Donkey Kong/Donkey Kong Junior controllers I made previously. I checked a bunch of different heights back then (shorter and longer in 1/8" increments) and it felt the best to me. The ball directly on top of the original shaft, replacing the original round knob, felt way to short and I had to raise it up a bit for the ergonomics. I'll get them mocked up on an actual standard hand controller tonight/tomorrow and let you know how they feel and I'll post some pics when I have them.
  12. I was just asked about if my version of Magical Tree was "repaired" from a recall Eduardo issued back in 2007. At this point I have no idea, as I don't remember when I purchased it, and I don't recall sending it in for repair. I will have to check it tonight.
  13. Zaxxon is definitely happening, dying the buttons and top half of controller base as we type, 2nd coat on, 3rd coat to be applied in about 15 minutes. Additionally I'm working on a manual right now too: Fortunately I have an original SV-103 manual as a template.
  14. Just a quick bump. I'm accepting offers until tomorrow night for these games (date/time specifics added to first post in thread). Additionally all current offers should be accurate/updated as of the last offer I received about 20 minutes ago. If you sent in an offer but you don't feel the first post reflects your offer, please send me another PM. Thanks for looking.
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