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  1. Sounds good. Multi-system controllers are obviously possible, it just depends on how "robust and mechanical" vs. "electronic and witchcraft-y" you want it...and for how many systems you're trying to get it working for. I previously made these: ...which are compatible as: Sega Genesis - 3 button controller (with Start button), which covers the Genesis, plus Atari 2600 0/1/2 button games and those that follow this standard as well as SMS, Commodore...plus others as well as Coleco ColecoVision - 2 button controller (no keypad)...only because a keypad is not required for the ColecoVision port of Gauntlet This is done quite simply with a 10P10T indicating push-button switch (upper right corner of the control panel), a bunch of diodes, and a bit of extra wiring. This type of wiring concept can be repurposed for a more "general" controller (not Gauntlet themed as above), and I'm sure 7800 compatibility could be added too...probably would need a 2nd switch. Anything else/additional (Jaguar, etc.) is always possible...just adds even more to the price, and if the connector end is different than the standard 9-pin, multiple cables are required. Alternatively I'm sure this could all be done with some sort of micro controller or Arduino or the likes...but I like to keep it simple when possible, and steer clear of the electronic magic.
  2. With regards to the Asteroids controllers. The Asteroids controllers are to be released with, and when, Asteroids for the ColecoVision is released. Pixelboy and I worked out the details...and the "advertised/mentioned" price of $150 for this controller is with that group order...which greatly benefits from large quantity discounting, and shared shipping costs. With that said, I am not in control of when this software release will happen, so if anybody wants to get an Asteroids controller prior to this large group order/build for them, they can be made available, but would be at a price closer to $200-$225. Obviously any color of buttons and/or ball knobs are possible (as long as they're available), but they kind of take away from the game specific theme I've crafted for any of these themed controllers. If this is something you would really want, it can be done, but note that the manual included with the controllers will still feature a picture of the controller as I originally designed it.
  3. Last bump to gauge the current interest, for anybody looking to purchase any of my available custom controllers. See "interest check" topic: HERE ...and post a reply in that topic...if interested in getting anything in the next month or 2.
  4. I've never seen (or heard of) such a thing. While I'm sure in the realm of the universe, and all of its endless possibilities, some active electronics pass-thru device could be created to do what you're talking about...but up until now, I've only ever seen myself and others, simply rewire Jaguar controllers, for use as ColecoVision controllers (which means they're no longer Jaugar controllers).
  5. I've posted an "interest check" topic in the Marketplace forums: HERE ...for anybody interested in buying any of my custom controllers. Please read through that topic, and post any interest or questions there, regarding any of the controllers that I've built...and am currently offering.
  6. I am looking to gauge the current community interest, that anybody may have, in any of my "available" custom controllers...to see if there is warrant for a pre-order thread...for a large batch controller build phase. Say what...I know, right! Basically I'm saying, that I don't build customer requested, 1 off controllers, 1 at a time...and/or on demand; unless its a new design being commissioned that I'm interested in, or some other extraneous circumstance. I just don't have time for all that nonsense, plus all of the multiple shipping costs really add up when all applied to only 1 controller. So I prefer to build multiple controllers at once...in "large" batches. So, as there have been multiple people over the last few months, informally mentioning that they may have interest...I'm here, looking to do a more "formal" interest check. With all that said...I'm not going to litter this topic with 50 pictures, of every controller I've ever made, with full detailed descriptions...the easiest thing to do, is to take a look at my website here: www.VikingVG.com ...where, you can see my entire portfolio of work...and read the detailed specifications for each controller. With that said, I am not refurbishing/modding any ColecoVision consoles, I am not building any themed Coleco ColecoVision Hand Controllers, and there are a few specific controller editions that were limited editions...and thus not available. So currently no Coleco Hand Controllers will be offered...which include all of the following editions (of Hand Controllers): Coleco Black, Coleco Silver, Carnival, Defender, Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong - Radar Scope Conversion, Donkey Kong Jr., Mouse Trap, Ms. Pac-Man, Ms. Pac-Man (b), Pac-Man, Pac-Man (b), Pac-Man Plus, Popeye, Venture, #2495 Display Additionally, due to their limited edition status, there will be no more of the following controllers: #2495 Display Edition - VVG Joystick Controller, #2495 Display Edition - VVG Enhanced Controller, Gauntlet Edition - VVG Experience Controller So what does that leave as available...follow the link to my website listed above (or in my signature below) and find out. Realistically it means that everything else (which was not mentioned above, as "not available"), is, and can be available. So for those that need a little more spoon feeding, most of the: Joystick Controllers - HERE Grip Controllers - HERE Enhanced Controllers - HERE Signature Controller - HERE Experience Controllers - HERE ...can be available. Along with other controllers I've made for Atari, Nintendo and Sega consoles...which can also be available. I don't have prices on my website, as A) its not a web-store, and B) many of my controllers are subject to "market-pricing" due to donor hardware. But to provide a little bit of guidance, here are a few pricing examples (assuming donor hardware hasn't radically changed): 2-Button VVG Joystick Controllers (not painted), like the Coleco Black or CollectorVision Phoenix editions are around $225.00 4-button VVG Joystick Controllers (not painted), like the Super Action (Orange), or Super Action (Red), are around $240.00 1-button or 2-button VVG Joystick Controllers, that are painted, like Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong Jr., Pac-Man or Ms. Pac-Man, are around $275.00 Coleco Edition - VVG Signature Controller is $500.00 So what I'm asking for here, is for anybody who is interested in getting any of my custom controllers in the upcoming and near future, to post a reply in this topic with what you're interested in (Editions/Models/Quantities), to see if there are enough people interested, to warrant a formal "pre-order" thread, and then a build phase to follow. If there is enough demand, then I will post a formal pre-order thread which will remain open for 2 weeks, after which, deposits of 50% or 100% (buyers choice) of the controller's price will be collected, then parts will be ordered, then controllers will be assembled, then buyers will be contacted to pay their shipping costs (and if applicable, the remainder of their controller balances), then the controllers would be shipped. Assume approximately 4-6 weeks from the start of a pre-order thread (with it's 2 week period included) to me starting to ship out completed controllers. As I have many different models, and they have varying sizes and weights...I can't give specific shipping costs, but if memory serves, smaller controllers, like the VVG Joystick Controllers are about $25-$35 shipped within the U.S., and around $50-$75 outside of the U.S...so you have some idea. Larger controllers, such as some of the Experience controllers are bigger and heavier, and would obviously cost more to ship. So if you're interested in any of my custom controllers post a reply. If you're interested in the price of a specific controller that I haven't mentioned a price for above, post a question, and I'll provide a price. Or if you have any other questions...let me know.
  7. Like these: Yes...these are Coleco "Hand Controllers." These specific Pac-Man & Ms. Pac-Man editions were made years ago...as a 1 time build with only 14 pairs (and 1 single Pac-Man controller) made at that time...and no more will be produced. As as I previously mentioned, I won't be building any "Hand Controllers"...in this upcoming build period...or possibly ever.
  8. This is my Pac-Man Edition - VVG Joystick Controller: If it's the one you were thinking of, then you threw me off with your comment of it being red...granted it has a red ball knob, but with the overall housing yellow...I would have never thought you were talking about this one. But again, if so...it can be made available...at approximately $275 plus shipping. Again more details will be in my upcoming interest thread in the marketplace by this weekend.
  9. You would have to be a little more specific. I've made so many different ones at this point...they all kind of blur together. Normally when I post a new model, I name it as something like my Donkey Kong Edition - VVG Joystick Controller, or Coleco Edition - VVG Signature Controller, or some such similar. As long as it's not one of the #2495 Display Edition - Joystick Controllers or Enhanced Controllers, or Gauntlet Edition - VVG Experience Controller (all 3 of which, were limited editions), it should be available to offer...but again I would need to know which one you're talking about.
  10. THESE Alternatively, follow the link in my signature for my full portfolio of works.
  11. I think I'm still here! 😁 I don't "stock" any controllers...each model is initially built as a first edition "prototype" (which then either I keep or sell)...then after that they're all built to order, when I've got time to make a run of them. I've been meaning to start a pre-order/interest thread to find out who is currently interested in what models/editions, for my next "production" run. I'll try to get something posted in the Marketplace forum by this weekend (and post the link here) to see who is currently interested. FYI...I'm not making any of the "Hand Controllers" in this next run...or possibly ever...not sure yet. Due to the unavailability of the dyes I use to use...there really aren't many of them that I could re-make anyways. But stay tuned.
  12. Were 2020 club members supposed to get access to the ROM for the 2019 club's "secret game", or am I mistaken about that?
  13. Well another step closer to my endgame. So you may recall, I recently starting using new C&K, PCB mount, thru-hole push buttons for a custom keypad assembly for my controllers. The first ones I used were their round push-buttons, mainly for the simplicity of machining round holes (vs. square holes) and to verify that I liked, and could use these push-buttons. Then I designed, and had custom PCBs fabricated to simplify the assembly and wiring of these new push-button keypad assemblies, wherein I installed C&K's "small" square push-buttons. The final goal here, was to then snap on C&K's "large" square accessory caps (onto their "small" square push-buttons), in an attempt to simulate the original Coleco Hand Controller's keypad "look" as closely as possible, while using physical buttons/switches, versus a membrane type keypad. The trick was going to be, could I machine square holes, with tight enough corners, (with a round, rotating tool) to my satisfaction, where I wouldn't be required to hand file each of the 4 corners, of each of the 12 button holes. After a bit of test machining and tweaking...voila: The "large" square C&K caps are approximately 0.500" square, versus the original Hand Controllers' approximately 0.625" membrane button / grid openings...but hey, close enough. The fact that they're a bit smaller actually works in my favor with regards to the overall room/space on the controllers play surface. So the 0.500" square holes were initially machined with a 1/4" end mill (for speed), which left 1/8" radius'ed corners, which were too round for how sharp the corners of the "large" square button caps are. I then re-machined the the cutouts' outer perimeter with a 1/16" end mill, which leaves 1/32" radius'ed corners, and how 'bout that...a perfect slip fit. Now I just need to figure out how to add legends onto the button caps. I've got a couple thoughts/idea for this, but I wasn't going to order anything to do this, until I knew that i could use these "large" square capped, key-switch push-buttons, as I wanted to. "Everything's comin' up Milhouse!"
  14. About a month ago, I built my Coleco Black Edition - VVG Standard Controller, wherein I used new to me, PCB-mount / thru-hole, key-switch push-buttons, and created a custom made 3 x 4 keypad assembly. For that build, I simply soldered the key-switches to a proto-board, and hand-wired their contacts down to one edge. I then hand-wired those contacts at the bottom edge of the proto-board, to an original Hand Controller PCB with its diode array, in essence, simply replacing the membrane keypad that was original to the Hand Controller, with this new key-switch keypad assembly. I really like the way these key-switches look and feel, I like their available sizes, shapes, and color selection, and they are reasonably priced...and widely available. Now I knew if I was going to use them going forward, I wasn't going to want to do all of that custom hand-wiring each and every time...so I had the thought of getting custom PCBs made up for the keypad assembly. Mind you, I had never done this before, I had no idea how one went about doing this...all I knew is that it seems like lots of people have custom PCBs made. So after talking with a few people and doing a little online research, I found my starting point with EasyEDA software, and tried to see if I could figure it all out. Initially my plan was to simply create a custom PCB for the keypad push-buttons, with which, I would still wire to, and use, an original Hand Controller PCB for the diode array...again as my first time, I figured I'd start simple. But after a couple of hours playing around with the software, and getting the hang of it, I thought what the hell, lets see if I can make one PCB which will allow for the mounting of the key-switch push-buttons, as well as accommodate for the ColecoVision diode array, the wiring contacts for a joystick and up to 4 buttons (including the S.A.C. buttons), and for the cable to connect it to the console. I figure I spent somewhere around 4-5 hours with the software, really getting the hang of it, and playing around with all of the facets of it, to make sure I really knew what I was doing. After that I probably spent another 2-3 hours with the schematic, and the PCB layout...and this is what I got: I ordered these from OSHPARK as their "Prototype" special, wherein you get 3 copies of your design for $5/square inch. I received them today, and if memory serves, it was exactly 14 days from order to receipt. In the picture, the left PCB is a bare board, the middle PCB just has the 34 diodes installed, and the right PCB has the 34 diodes and 12 (10 grey / 2 black) "small" square C&K push-button key-switches installed. The solder pads at the top edge are for connecting the cable, the left pads are for the joystick (as the joystick should be on the left), the right pads are for the buttons (where the buttons should be), and the (4) large holes are for mounting into the enclosure. So after I got these today, I fully wired one up tonight to see if my design worked...and what do you know...everything works perfectly. I'm super happy with the layout, and basically everything about the design. And the really good news is...now I can stop cannibalizing original Hand Controllers for their PCBs, and simply just use my own design. Even if I'm building a controller with different and/or fewer push-buttons for the keypad, I can still use this PCB, and simply wire the different push-buttons to the solder pads on the PCB where the C&K key-switch push-buttons can mount...win, win! This little endeavor/adventure taught me 2 things, 1) creating a custom PCB is incredibly & surprisingly easy, and 2) custom PCBs can be completely reasonably priced, to incredibly cheap, depending on where they are ordered from and what kind of quantity you're ordering. Now I will admit, that this is by no means a "complicated" design, nor was I trying to absolutely minimize the size of the PCB, as I already needed a decent sized, fixed amount of space, for the C&K buttons...and because of all of that, I just decided to use thru-hole mount diodes versus surface mount components, making the assembly so much easier. And realistically, as these will be installed in larger controller enclosures...I wasn't concerned with the overall size at all, although the larger the PCB, they more they cost each...but again, still pretty marginal. So there you have it ColecoVision fans, that's what I've been doing for the last couple of weeks, and you can now all rest easy, knowing that I won't need to salvage PCBs from original Hand Controllers, thus taking them off of the market any more.
  15. I'd be skeptical of this helping at all with the problem, but give it a shot and let us know.
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