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  1. Hi All

    I am cleaning out my house, getting rid of junk. Every year I do this I save all the boxes of 800 gear from my childhood. I decided this year I want to pass it along to whoever would want it. The 800 does not work. Does not recognize the drive (from what I hear that is a common problem). But it boots. I have a couple 1040 drives. Joysticks. Miscellaneous stuff, and a lot of technical documentation on various 8-bit related things. The nerd in me learning engineering as a teen loved all the schematics and technical documentation. Maybe someone would like it too.

    If there is interest I'll take a ton of pics, post, and you can have at it. I'm not looking for money. You can pay for shipping if you want it. You can even just stop by my place in Allentown, PA and just take it. Just please let me know you will give my old friend a good home. If you will pick up, I will take preference over shipping to someone.

    I'm curious if there is interest.




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