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  1. You might not know of this game:Maze Maniac. A fantastic CV game that is totally under the radar! http://www.mazemaniac.com/ I am not sure if you are trying to make a definitive list of CV Homebrews or if you are more interested in finding what's available to purchase - I am just pointing this out. It does look like this game is no longer being produced though. Bummer.
  2. jfmateos- Thank you! That shows that perhaps ParaJVE likely emulates the Vectrex the best. It works well in MESS but that's likely not the best Vectrex emulator. Convenient, but not very accurate. Thanks again for doing that.
  3. 5-11under (lol - I always loved your screen name!) Thanks a ton for trying. Did it just say "Game Over" and show some explosion? No player ship that you can thrust around and shoot at those enemies? If so, then....darnit. I need to figure this out. MESS plays it really well. Yea, I'll take you up on the cheap connector and PCB combination. Guess I need to go find an EPROM programmer. Lets PM to talk about this.
  4. Hey Guys! Been a while.... I've been programming a Vectrex game. It's still in it's infant stage, but it's somewhat playable. Could I please trouble one of you to please try to play this on a real Vectex? I have a Vextrex, but I don't have a VecRAM or anything comparable. Seems those dealies are a bit hard to come by nowadays. This plays well in 2 of the 3 emulaters I tried it on (MESS32, VECX), but my favorite Vectrex emulator, ParaJVE, doesn't play well....it works horribly on that emulater which is very concerning. Can anyone please try this on the real hardware? If no one can, no worries....just wanted to see how it behaves on th real deal. Thanks a ton! Scott RONS.BIN
  5. I wanted to respond to this, 4 years late, but thanks... I really hope each of you are doing well (Pixel, Joey, Daniel, Eduardo, J/F, etc). Been a challenging road for me for the past 4 years.. Sometimes things end up different than you hoped for. Really glad to hear CV homebrew scene is thriving. Take care.
  6. Russ, this looks great. I'm so glad you are doing this. As Pixelboy said, I was "considering" taking this on....but never did. Looks to me (from the video) like you did an awesome job on it. Can't wait to see how it comes out.
  7. >I just want to say I appreciate what you are doing, and when my order arrives I will be happy. If you need to >delay my order so someone else can >have their's sooner, I would be fine with it. I would hate to have you lose customers, or decide to quite >providing us with new CV games, because of >people complaining about your delivery speed. >thank you and everyone else who support the CV community! evg2000, Thank you for your kind, and non-emotional post. I think J-F is awesome and works hard. He is just swimming in a sea of sharks. Sometimes, I really think the CV scene blows. Eduardo was right.
  8. The Holidays were good but busy as they always are lol.

    Good to hear from you Scott its been a while buddy.

  9. Hi JBoy! How are ya? Hope you and your wife had a great holiday. Mine was super busy. Two little kids... nuff said!

  10. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Scott!

  11. Great to se this game being progressed. Jrok, great work. I *really* hope to get this one on cart some day.
  12. Now that's the first time I've heard that!

  13. retroillucid- You are truly hardcore. Wow. This seems almost like a foot race to you :-) At this rate by next summer you'll have 5 more games...somehow.
  14. Tursi- plays so smooth and the controls are very solid. Boss stage????? Sounds nice although I know I will never see it.... This game is hard!
  15. I don't want one....I NEED ONE. Daniel, please include me.
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