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  1. Luigi301

    Jaguar CD

    Im writing a new Jag emulator and Im looking for a Jaguar CD for my lonely console. Located in USA, can pay with PayPal. Thanks!
  2. I see you stock plenty of accessories but I dont see the actual computer for sale
  3. I got a good composite monitor now so Im looking to expand my collection and pick up a TI-99 computer, Extended BASIC cartridge, and a VDP RAM sidecar. Located in the USA.
  4. Ooh, Ive got a CDi and no controllers. If these are available, Id like one.
  5. Ive been pretty busy with other projects this month, but Ive been working on a RISC assembler/debugging tool in Common Lisp. Not much to show yet, but Im hoping that it will let me figure out the internals of my engine better than clicking Refresh in Virtual Jaguar...
  6. I have a Rainbow TOS ROM set in my 1040STF and my boot disk softkicks 2.06. If you have a 4MB upgrade in your ST you might want to load 2.06 at boot time - it preserves compatibility with almost all ST booter software since you have the correct version in ROM, while your HD boots to 2.06 for desktop use.
  7. I fixed the weird glitchy lines flying off of polygons and did some cleanup, pipelining and optimization - I calculated that I get about 3,000 flat-shaded polygons per second at the moment. Not bad for my first shot at a Jaguar 3D engine! Of course, that's without Z-buffering...
  8. The drawing is inaccurate, it's pretty slow and unoptimized, and there's no Z-buffering yet... but I got my model importer working and can set up scenes now! Three objects and over 100 polygons at once!
  9. The camera can move around the scene! It also supports multiple objects - the player is really a cube that isn't rendered. Some problems with shading though...
  10. Yeah, I set it up so writes to $800000 (unmapped) get logged to a debug log. I also rebuilt my workflow under WSL instead of Cygwin, making the compile/debug loop a lot faster. Together, this let me figure out that a typo in my view matrix function was screwing up the shading. Now I have 16 light levels projected from the camera - so everything's bright, but at least it's shaded properly.
  11. Ha. Now do that one where your computer is locked until you send in some bitcoins.
  12. Working on a model converter that will turn my OBJ files into raw data for the 3D engine at the moment. I’ve also got debug spew going to the screen now, using a simple 40x24 1bpp text layer. Trying to figure out why the lighting seems to be coming from a weird “angle” when it should be projected from the camera. I wish Virtual Jaguar could hook the jaglib skunkboard console output. Maybe I can hack that into VJ somehow. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Flat shading based on the angle from the triangle's surface normal to the camera. It mostly works! This is fun.
  14. Tada! Weirder jaggies than normal and the code is incredibly ugly but it works! Now that I have flat shading and a calculated normal, I can figure out shading based on angle to camera...
  15. Right now it just works from the bottom up incrementing the endpoints with the slope of the edges they follow, until it hits the scanline with the middle vertex and stops. I need to clear out some space in my program to be able to work from the top down and fill in the other half of the triangle. Im doing each scanline separately but I think the blitter should be able to process both slopes changing at the same time if I bastardize the increment registers properly? That would let me do one blitter operation per triangle instead of per scanline.
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