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  1. That is what I remember. But I was also 9 or 10. Remember in the eArly 90s getting in a Atari VCS collectors zine. They had a listing of the top 5 rarest 2600 games. Saw CtCw was 1. With Custers revenge at 2,TCM at 3,Halloween at 4 and Pitfall II at 5.
  2. I don't remember there being anything else in the package. I kinda remember seeing the ad and order form on the bags of dog food and at the Food World grocery store chain.
  3. This is going on old ass memories. I had a copy and so did a friend of mine. Iirc it was 4 or 5 proofs of purchase us 3 or 5 bucks for shipping. By 87 my buddy had given me all his 2600 carts. Ended up selling one of the Chase the Chuckwagons in 95 for 40 bucks. Then the other in 2005.
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