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  1. C106 on the 6 switch, C243 on the 4 switch unts, big 2200uf 16v cap, when it bleeds it can cause color issues as you describe. Very common to fail in this manner. R213 pot on 6 and 4 switch units, although it's not common. TIA color shift under load - this is very common to fail in this manner. My money is on the TIA
  2. Here's a good one that might help some folks out, and some might not have seen before. Heavy six hit the bench last night with several issues, and this was one of them. Erratic operation of select & reset switches. Happens on every game that requires reset to start... I.E., Raiders, Missile Command, Etc. Symptom: Activating the select or reset switch causes a "trigger effect" of the switch action, as if you are continuing to activate either, or both switches. Missile Command for example will begin to cycle through levels until the system crashes. On Raiders, Indy will descend on his pedestal over and over until system crashes. You get the idea. Cause: Defective RIOT Solution:Replace RIOT
  3. You guys are nuts and don't have any idea what your talking about... That's worth $4G all day long. He's a member of the Nairobi Royal Family! Hell's yeah you can get more than $3500 outta' it - the gold banding is real on this special edition. These things are gonna' be bigger than gold teeth.
  4. I'm in! This sounds like fun.
  5. Ms. Pac-Man and LadyBug! Disclaimer... not saying I'm any good at them, just that I'm better at them than other games :-) I'm WAAAAAY better at fixing these things them playing them, but that doesn't stop me from having fun!
  6. Thanks for the tip on the console!
  7. Well, only the 6507 was dead. The TIA had internal damage - likely culprit? Static discharge. Without a NASA lab and scanning electron microscope we'll never know for sure. I'll take pics of the IC's and post them here.
  8. Pics and video! I'll do it this weekend, have a few more Atari's to work on anyway.
  9. Thanks to a pointer from a really good forum friend, I got a great deal on a Sears tele-games heavy sixer. Cosmetically it's absolutely beautiful, it really is - but it was dead like fried chicken when it hit the bench. I hope this troubleshooting flow will help some folks down the road. Also... there were some BIZARRE issues with the video and sound - I'd like to put the failed IC's back in and video the issues this weekend and post that to this thread. Console was dead, unresponsive. Opened it up and checked for continuity across S101 (power) - there wasn't any. Pulled the switch apart and it looked like it had been in a fire :-) - nasty! Turns out, it was a disintegrated foam switch cover. Cleaned everything up with a wire brush and alcohol. Switch tested good, so applied power again - nothing. Put a meter across A101 - good voltage coming in, nothing coming out. Replaced C106 (2200uf) and A101 voltage regulator & fired it up. The unit was now powering on and framing, but not populating the frame with video. Clock was good, so I replaced the CPU. Retested with missile command in the slot, video looked good. Replaced the rest of the usual suspect caps, adjusted the RF and the video looked great. Fired up Raiders and the video was wacky with strange text at the bottom of the screen and the song was not playing all of the notes. Really weird. Obvious choice was the TIA which I replaced, and now the unit purs like a kitten. Need to clean the rest of the switches and burn it in, but other than that it's ready for another 40 years. Boards are marked '77, low rev and in perfect shape - no one has ever monkeyed with this one. I'm a huge fan of the tele-games systems - the build quality on these first few months of production ones is just incredible.
  10. Welcome to the forum! I'll bet we can get your 4 switch straightened out. Start at the beginning - what's the rev level of the board? It will be etched into the copper, either on the from, back or both, depending on the revision. Also - keep it simple and troubleshoot one thing at a time. Forget about the paddles for the moment and verify that the port(s) work correctly using the joysticks, then move back to the paddles. Missile command is a good cheap choice for this task - plus it's a fun game :-) Are the original c218 & c219 salvageable? Moving on to the picture - you have to straighten out the underlying issues before applying an AV mod to the unit. If you don't you'll just amplify the existing noise and have a crappy AV mod. Once straightened out... you'll be amazed how nice 2600 RF can be. Start here - some weirdo wrote some nonsense about this at one point - The same idiot posted this showing some RF tweaking... (post 32 & 35) Here's a good source for paddle parts if they're needed - although it could be a bad A202 RIOT chip (it's the one under the female cart slot on 4 switch units). But I doubt it.
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