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  1. You can get the Steam version of Sherlock Holmes: Devil's Daughter, The Surge, the Wonderboy remake and Atari Vault for $3.49 in a bundle at Fanatical (https://www.fanatical.com/en/bundle/killer-bundle-12) Gotta love picking up the VCS killer app for less than $.90
  2. Beside things like the Summer, Holiday, etc sales, most of the sales start on Tuesday and last a week. There is always a sale running it seems. I would recommend going to True Achievements and checking the site out. They have a tracker for games so alert you when they go on sale and they post the sales pretty much as soon as they go up. Much easier than trying to browse the MS store.
  3. Catching up on my backlog so playing King's Quest. Made it through the first three chapters so will probably finish today After that I'll move on to Mad Max, Just Cause 4 and completing the 4 and 8 minute runs in Refunct
  4. As always, a pleasure to do business with. Games arrived quickly and were in very good condition.
  5. Man, I'm sorry to hear about that. He was a really great guy. When I first was in the Navy back in '91 and stationed in Great Lakes, I used to call his BBS all the time. He introduced me to several people at ICD to fix one of my M-I/Os. Visited him several times to swap software and I still have a ton of hardware that we bought and traded from him.
  6. 10-12 inches here. Been snowing since last night. Glad I put the plow on the tractor yesterday in case I need to get out
  7. I just started The Witness which is a puzzle type game sort of Myst-lite. Was a Games with Gold a while back. If I can get the wife to sit down and play also, we will probably play around with Overcooked which is Games with Gold for this month. She loves time management games so I think she'll enjoy it
  8. Well my understanding is that it is similar to Journey, Flow or Flower on the PS3 and some of the same developers were involved. More of an experience than a game. I loved Journey and thought the environments and multiplayer aspects of it were really cool. It is still one of my go to games when I just feel like relaxing. Abzu is all underwater exploration and while interesting I don't think it comes close to carrying the impact that Journey does. Also the music doesn't seem to fit it as well in places. I completed Abzu in about two hours then spent about another hour wrapping up all the achievements and doubt I will go back to it. I paid $10 for the physical copy and that was about right. Any more and I would have been very disappointed in the purchase.
  9. I'm wrapping up Saints Row IV from the last sale. Final two achievements and it and the DLC will be completed. Enjoyed the silly world and sandbox aspects but a little goes a long way especially when you are extremely overpowered near the end. After I finish it up, I'll probably play Abzu and Just Cause 3 which I have had for a while. I got Enter the Gungeon also during the sale but haven't started it yet though I think it is something I will like. I'm still playing Rare Replay also when I'm in the mood for an N64 style game.
  10. Some prices reduced. Sold items removed
  11. Bonk's Adventure sold locally. Rest still available.
  12. Bump. Prices are negotiable and trades would be considered for current gen systems. 1600 Nintendo games also available on my collection page at the link in the first post if you want a package deal.
  13. Worked a deal for about 30 games. Came quickly, well packaged and constant communication. Excellent to deal with!
  14. Hi everyone. I am not presently a very active user here but have been in the distant past. My feedback is not exactly overflowing but I have one from 2008 and one from 2017 Kevtris, DreamTR, and I'm sure a few others here will vouch for me. Anyway, having recently retired, bought a new house and moved in, I've decided to down size my collection. I could just put it in storage in the basement but it does nobody any good there so I thought I would start listing a few games for sale. I'll also post a link to my collection so if there are specific interests for anyone, I can work package deals out. I have about 90% of the N64 library, 99.5% of the NES library, and a few hundred SNES, Wii, Virtual Boy and GCN games that are available. I currently live in Sparta, NC and would be willing to do pickups in person if that is convenient. The link to my collection is https://cloud.collectorz.com/AlDavis/games I am only interested in getting rid of Nintendo console items and only games at the moment. A tempting offer could make me branch out however. Please take these prices as starting points and not set in stone but lowball offers will be ignored. I am leaning towards not shipping overseas. More pictures are available upon request. I will open carts and show interior for serious buyers. NES: $2300 Zelda test cartridge - end label had been taped down when I got it from the service center $1300 Cheetahmen II - boxed complete - has some smudge in upper right almost like glue - visible in photo $1000 Little Samson $900 Hot Slots $900 Flintstones 2 $700 Bonk's Adventure - with manual $700 Panic Restaurant - with manual SNES: $1100 Final Fight Guy - boxed complete - box is sun faded on the visible side in picture, BBV sticker on front and back of box. Manual usable but not greatest condition N64: $400 Stunt Racer 64 - boxed - BBV writing on front, BBV sticker on back of cart, front and back of box, no manual
  15. Bought a bunch to recase some games. Great packing and speed. Thanks
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