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  1. Thanks! I don't run across many RD fans anymore. They need to air them on BBC America or something.

    My Avatar used to be an anime version of Rimmer with the Atari Fuji symbol on his head instead of the H.

    Thanks for the kind words!



  2. For a while I've been thinking about making a sequel to "Interbank Incident a Graphic Adventure". Would any one be interested in playing this if I made it? It would take more graphics and programming than I'm used to doing since it's an RPG.
  3. Love the username :) -comment made by fellow Dwarfer.

  4. That's exactly how I felt about it as a kid. Not sure what the story was behind my family owning a copy. It was either because my dad has a fascination with electronics or he was trying to teach his kids how to make them. Does any one else remember some thing like an alligator in the software that could chase after you? I know that sounds odd but I remember racing my character through rooms and then trying to block it off with "paths" I'd make or some thing like that.
  5. I'm very sure "Rocky's Boots" was the name of ...Well, I threated it like a game as a kid. I'm told the software was for learning to design circuits. If no one has heard of this software and is wondering what system it was for, it was the Coco 3. Why I'm bringing the old thing up is when I first played Adventure I instantly remembered playing Rocky's Boots during the 80's. So here's my question to any one who has messed with RB, was it based in layout & feel off Adventure? The two pieces aren't far apart in age I think.
  6. Went to a shop a while back that I'm very sure was doing the eBay shunt with TG-16 games. ...Makes me feel glad 95% of my 2600 games came from a Goodwill that for the most part were 25 cents a game.
  7. Ever go to a sci fi convention?
  8. Got the gray brick in Christmas of '90. It came with Tetris but not the black plastic carrying case. I remember seeing them for sale but by the time I was considering buying one my collection went beyond what it would hold. I have over 30 GameBoy games of various GB eras ( meaning old school, color, advance and DS ), accessories ranging from HandyBoy, GameGenie, GameShark, the Card-Reader, to the camera and TV. The Pocket Cheatbook, hardcovers to fit over the Color GameBoy and oh yah the printer. This bundle fits way too snugly inside a 24 audio tape carrying bag that long ago in the 90's I took the plastic out of.
  9. Programmer point of view. A few years back I was living in a basement that had the complete finishings of an apartment. There was a family living above and I had a job to paint a mural in the youngest boy's bedroom. While I'm painting I hear gun fire and shrieks and pleas coming from the 12 year old's computer as he's playing. I asked him what he was playing and he said "Scientist Kill". I asked him "Are you destroying monsters? Aliens?" The young boy "I'm killing people, there aren't any monsters in this game." To this day as a long time gamer and programmer the statement still horrifies me about what today's youth finds entertaining. Two years after this happened I programmed the most friendly, wholesome shooter game I could make. Yes shooting games can be made in a rated "G" sense, I just wish kids would look to those. Not with subject. hex65000, you draw those cartoons? Their great. I used to do a newspaper comic named Catwalk and you draw them almost the same way I do.
  10. I've read about this game and even heard it talked about briefly on G4 once a whiles back. "Computer Space" the arcade game that came out before Pong. Can it be found any where on the net for download? Where it stands in gaming history, I think it's an easy bet some one might have re-made it at some point for those into retro gaming.
  11. Late May '01, Walmart didn't have much for DVD players and DVDs. $119 for the player and I think $19 for a copy of Fight Club so I'd have some thing in the beginning to play on it.
  12. Because it might fall on you? They *are* heavy... Funny . It is up high and the last time it was moved around a lot ..The thing kept banging into my ribs and the following day they felt broken.
  13. Sooooo...like I asked, is the one you have an IBM 5155? Sorry that I didn't notice the question. Dude I fear moving this computer around to look but I will in a second ... It says "IBM Portable Personal Computer" and nothing more.
  14. I have a tandy computer with only the keyboard oh well. It was only $10 anyway... If you can get a hold of a floppy drive and get a store to special connect it into your modern computer. You could download roms meant for emulation, give the files to the floppies & play them on your Tandy. Just a guess, not sure that would work but getting a store to connect an old floppy drive to a modern machine that will fly ..at least under XP.
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