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  1. in synthcart you use the color/b/w switch to change bank sounds.
  2. the kee games console is possibly more epic than the classic original woodgrain, and i realize that's probably a blasphemous statement. the color scheme is just so incredible though.
  3. ok bought some contact cleaner, wedge sponges and some isopropyl 99% solution. cleaned the game and it works now -- not every time, at least i can play it! thanks for your help!
  4. i'm sure there's a post for this already, i just couldn't find it...so if you can link me to it, that would be great...if not... what's the best way to clean your games. i pulled out a couple activision games this week and some worked totally fine on the first try, but there were a few that i couldn't actually play. -- i read somewhere that those are harder to get working because the chipsets are thin (?) anyone know of the best way to revive them? i really wanted to play Crackpots for some reason and it just won't turn on....sometimes when i pull the game out of the socket slightly, and turn it on, i get the opening screen, but once i hit the reset switch to actually play the game, it just freaks out.
  5. interesting, that doesn't seem to work on mine too well
  6. at tag sales and flea markets, i've seen people labeling atari carts as tapes countless times -- usually "ATARI TAPES - 2$ each or 3 for 5$" ...most likely because they look like 8-track tapes, which you can often find sitting right next to them at the same tag sales.
  7. I've had my 4-switch 2600 for over 12 years now (it was used when i bought it) and recently it started generating a lot of tv static during gameplay...so much in fact that it doesn't work on our 32" plasma TV anymore, and it works very "fuzzily" (that's probably not even a word) on my other small TV. I use one of those RCA to Coaxial converters to connect it to the TV. To all the 2600 experts out there, i guess what i'm wondering is, is this most likely my 2600 fizzling out or can it possibly be the RCA-COAXIAL adapter? Has anyone had similar experiences on newer TVs? I haven't played my 2600 in several months, but i vaguely remember plugging in synthcart while we had this new plasma tv and being able to play the game (although it was pretty static-y back then). thanks! kurt
  8. I've always referred to it as the dual-six-ought-ought kidding. (twenty-six hundred / VCS)
  9. Yeah i agree that its hard to find good games in the wild anymore, thanks to ebay. It's mostly just the common carts i find at flea markets nowadays. I also agree that Video Cube is a pretty cool game!
  10. -Atari Video Cube -Space Cavern -Sub Scan All three for 6 bucks -- pretty good, huh? (I wouldn't normally brag about this because for the most part, i stopped collecting VCS games once i reached 100 carts and that was a couple years ago, but this weekend i discovered my first in-the-wild rarity 7 (atari video cube) and the price was too good to pass on. I also could have had a bunch more games that i already owned, had i purchased the entire bin which was priced $20, which was also very fair considering that there was about 15 games in there).
  11. wow congratulations! .... I can only hope that in the future, my wife enjoys atari.
  12. You mean the qotile? yeah he is pretty intimidating, but let's not forget the sheer terror unleashed by the "man" from Beat Em' And Eat Em'. Somebody should be that guy for Halloween.
  13. the post should have been titled: "Who wants one of deez......deez NUTS!"
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