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  1. Just bought my first NFT from OpenSea - totally irresistible!



  2. From what I've seen on Funstock's site, there is no possibility of simultaneous two-player gaming with the Evercade, correct?
  3. I'm very specifically getting in as the final games are coming out ... that's my favorite time to get a new game system I'm looking forward to picking up lots of games on clearance (as well as $20 "Nintendo Selects" versions of all-time greats), and I have a massive 128GB Micro SD formatted as FAT32 -- with my pack-in game (Zelda Link Between Worlds) copied to it... and lots of slots ready for the inevitable Nintendo Store clearance sales. I loved Wario Ware on the GBA (both Mega Microgames and Twisted) - looking forward to playing WarioWare Gold on my 2DS XL. One final point - in regards the security risk of leaving credit card numbers in the Nintendo eShop -- NE146 has the correct answer, but don't forget the option to buy a gift card at a physical store (where they are occasionally discounted) and just uploading the code.
  4. I just bought my first Nintendo portable since the Game Boy Micro... ...a 2DS XL Hylian Shield edition. The screen may be in 2D, but the case is gloriously 3D
  5. I know you mean the original arcade hardware, knocker and diagonally mounted joystick and all. That said, the 2600 is still real hardware, and I have loved 2600 Q*Bert since I was a kid
  6. We knew most of the details, but I learned a new thing or two about HSW - his life after going out of game development, and the fact that Speilberg wanted something more arcade-like (like Pac-Man)
  7. That's just a screenshot - imagine if each of your eyes was pressed up against each of the images, like a viewmaster.
  8. Just found out about this - I own a Galaxy S6, and I'm seriously tempted to get a Gear VR for this. Anyone have a Gear VR yet, or anyone tried Oculus Arcade? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fwJCuihwW44
  9. Everybody! Everybody! Homestar Runner is coming back soon! Could a restart of the Homestar Runner RPG be far behind?
  10. On a pure quality to popularity ratio, Frostbite is really underrated.
  11. I even have fond memories of the Pac-Man box art -- I tried so hard to follow the narrative of the artist's rendition of the all-yellow "ghost quartet"!
  12. http://www.theverge.com/2013/9/19/4716444/how-atari-box-art-turned-8-bit-games-into-virtual-wonderlands Go there right now - incredible article with some incredible web design. Then let's discuss A snippet:
  13. Great post, and great rebuttal, Shaggy. Just what I was thinking -- Home, phone, and tablet gaming isn't guaranteed to kill the arcade, just like how DVD's, Netfflix, and HDTV didn't kill the movies.
  14. Go read it now on the Verge.. Multimedia and awesome. I'll wait for you... read it, then let's discuss
  15. 128bytes


    Thanks, PacManPlus! I'm forever grateful for your work on Atari 7800 Ms. Pac Man and Pac Man Collection! Keep on drumming...
  16. That's the main thing I don't like Kaboom. I don't want repeated patterns. You can't keep from memorizing certain patterns, even if you don't want to memorize them. As I've said about a billion times before, many Activision games are pretty to look at, but too many of them seem to be devoid of randomness. The thing I really like about Random Terrain is that he is random about anything except his defense of randomness as it comes to playability -- in that area, he is very consistent (that is genuinely meant as a compliment, RT - I respect consistency of purpose, and standing up for what you believe in, and you do both) The thing I really like about Kaboom! is the exclamation point. Beyond that, I love the look of the game - it was the first Atari game I ever owned that was great looking and great playing, and wasn't a "looks almost as great as the arcade" kind of great -- it was great standing all on its own, and it was the ultimate best version of the game. The other thing I really like about Kaboom! is that it plays better on real hardware, as opposed to an emulator, than any other game. The fast twitch action of a (working and well maintained) VCS paddle playing Kaboom! has yet to be replicated anywhere. Lastly, I really like how it is a really tight game - single purpose, only 2k code size, easy to figure out, easy to learn, hard to master (yes, even without total randomness ). Also, the lack of total randomness gives some reward to sticking with the game and practicing - it still gets so hard so quickly that even knowing the patterns doesn't give a massive, original arcade Pac-Man sized, level of advantage.
  17. We still need 1 team for the AtariAge Fantasy Baseball league. PM me or see the forum for details

    1. purduecrum


      Taken... I'm good with more participants if the commish is willing.

  18. WOW! I'll try this when I get some time - hopefully this weekend. CC2 settings?
  19. You can also still play it as originally intended, on a google homepage, at http://www.google.com/pacman
  20. Wow! I'm loading this on my CC2 when I get some free cycles. What should I use for the CC2 settings file?
  21. Rhindle, I still play your "Return of Mario Bros" cart all the time (yes, I have the actual cart). It's one of the things that got me re-energized into Atari, and inspired a lot of hackers/homebrewers as well.
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