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  1. This looks great lol, gonna add it to our holiday games
  2. Cool, that worked, thanks! I don't have a super game module to test that, but legacy games seem to work fine.
  3. Is it easy to update the firmware, or does the console have to be opened?
  4. It is a shame, it's an awesome game that we play regularly on our Twitch stream. We played it last night again and we each beat our high scores, I even got the toys to cycle back to the first one. Such a great game Here's us playing it yet again for those that are interested: https://youtu.be/Wduah2lleCs?t=3904
  5. Hmm I had tried Halo but wasn't crazy about it. I did just make an order though, ended up buying: Mappy Dungeon 2 Space Game Chetiry Four-Play Reindeer Rescue Will snag Wizard of Wor as well once it's available as well.
  6. I like the name Space Game, just like I liked the name Adventure for another famous Atari 2600 game. Works for me.
  7. Yeah I saw that thread about all the new games Atari Age is showing, so I'm waiting until all those games are released and make one large order.
  8. Yup, the auction listing says so as well. But the op was asking about all the Atari 8 bit's, and those will work on most of them.
  9. I'm not too worried about them because I recognize their shape, I've seen them used on electronics far more expensive than my Atari 800.
  10. I've bought 2 from this ebay seller: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Atari-600XL-800XL-800XE-65XE-130XE-XEGS-Compact-Power-Supply-Fully-Tested/232937836123 Cheap and seem to run just fine, bought 2 to replace my old Ingot once I read that they shouldn't be used anymore.
  11. Would like to see a modern version of Mr Do.
  12. If you like shooters my suggestions would Draconian, Super Cobra Arcade or Juno First.
  13. Thanks for the suggestions guys, I'll definitely get Reindeer Rescue and Chetiry. Not sure on the rest but I'll watch some youtube vids of them, go from there. Reindeer Rescue
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