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  1. I'm interested in getting two if you could add me to your list.
  2. Ahh I bought mine May 23 so looks like I'm good to go, thank you! Time to get it installed.
  3. I got the original board but never installed it once I read it didn't work with the RetroTink 5x, is it possible to buy this newer v5 version that works with it? The ebay link posted just above is the same one I had bought previously and mentions that it doesn't work with the 5x as well. Or is the v5 listing coming soon and still in testing?
  4. Ah glad I found this thread! I had ordered a bunch of homebrew games back in December including Adventure 2, but nothing yet and no replies to any inquiries. At least now I know they are still being worked on, cool.
  5. Cool thanks, I guess that means the rf module has to stay, was gonna remove it and use that space to mount the board. Guess I'll try mounting the board under the main intv board.
  6. Thanks for the info guys about mounting the din connector! One more q, where do you pull audio from? The small board that attaches to the din connector has audio left and right which looks like doesn't come from the main board, was curious if there was a preferred place to grab that.
  7. Gotcha, well I went through my stash of scart cables of which I have dozens somehow and I did actually find one with an 8 pin din connector, so I guess I'll give that a try after all. I got your kit, thank you! One question, normally the din connector itself would have a nut that goes with it such that you drill a hole in the case, slide the din connector through, then screw the nut on the other side to keep it on tightly on the console case. This one in the kit doesn't have such a nut but is that little board after it's soldered on what will actually hold the din connector in place instead? Aside from that I think I understand the rest of the install, will try it this weekend, just wasn't quite sure how the 8 pin din connector gets secured to the console housing.
  8. My bad I think I worded it poorly, but basically using your mod to hookup to the existing rca (composite) out on my console. For me I don't need super dooper quality, really I just wanted color accuracy. The composite mods I've seen all have wrong colors which makes some games like Utopia tough to play, and it happens to be a game we love to live stream on Twitch. With your mod I figure it'll get accurate colors, but then if I could use it to give composite out from my existing rca jacks on the console that would be good enough for me. If not no biggie, I'll hunt around for an 8 pin din cable on ebay and go with that. The Retrotink 5x that I use has scart, composite and s-video inputs so for me to upscale that to hdmi is basically automatic. That's how we use my Atari 2600 as well. I have an rgb mod on it because it was the only mod I found that gave accurate colors, from there I use s-video out to the upscaler when we stream it.
  9. Took a look at the board pics, seems easy enough to connect all connection points on the left side of the board to the respective pins on the 8915. But for the right side connection points do they have to connect to the 8 pin din board or is it possible to just connect them somehow as composite out? Only ask because my Intv 2 is already modded for composite out and I don't have an 8 pin din cable, so it'd be easier to just connect it as composite out if possible since all the connetors are already there, just wasn't sure if that was feasible.
  10. Screw it, bought one anyway, I'll figure it out once you get your info/video out.
  11. Thanks for the heads up, I definitely fall into the "don't know what I'm doing" category lol so I'll wait for the next round.
  12. Cool, I'll be testing it out on the Retrotink 5x.
  13. I'll definitely buy one! One question that may have been already answered in an earlier post, but does this work on both Intellivision 1 and 2?
  14. I just got a Retro Tink 5x in case you need a a hand testing, I currently have an Intellivision 2 with a crappy composite mod.
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