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  1. I found the information in an email from a nocheckpoint newsletter (that I don't remember signing up for) a couple of days ago. Here's the documentary link mentioned in the email: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1316851183/the-new-8-bit-heroes-new-nes-game-and-creation-doc From the vimeo comments, the author of that demo responded to an inquiry about the tool: https://vimeo.com/200759239#comment_15711556 Joe Granata - 2 days ago"... be keeping an eye out this fall for info. :-)" Well, we can hope.
  2. This is NES related, but it is one of the most exciting things I've seen in recent times. NESMaker is a new tool (currently unreleased) that will allow people with limited programming knowledge to create their own NES games. https://sourceforge.net/projects/nesrommaker/- Project page Demonstration: (Sorry if this is old news. I'm not looking for a subscription... I just thought this was super cool and thought I'd share.)
  3. It loads really slow for me a good share of the time as well.
  4. In the Krokodile Commander, I chose 3E (3F with 32K RAM) (8K-512K). Is that the correct bankswitching setting? It's the only 3E in my Krokodile Commander's list.
  5. I might be doing something wrong. When I loaded the game onto my Krokodile Cartridge, it crashed after the title screen.
  6. Nice chatting with you tonight! :)

  7. Very cool, PacManPlus! I'm thinking it's past time I get myself an Atari 7800... if only for the great homebrew that you guys keep coming up with! Circus is one of my favorites... I even built my own Flash version: http://www.gamebuilder.info/world/arcade/circus Of course, it's not nearly as cool as making a game for a console, but it's all I'm capable of. Keep up the great work!
  8. dooby dooby scoo yehr are whoo?

  9. dooby dooby scoo yehr are whoo?

  10. Beck is probably my favorite! :)

    You may or may not recall, I made a Space Invaders hack some time ago and suggested that people play it while listening to Midnight Vultures. Hahhaha. :)

  11. you (like Beck) ROCK!

  12. __0340___0000 = - צּ צּ צּ צּ צּ צּ - מּ מּ מּ מּ מּ מּ - אּ אּ אּ אּ אּ אּ - ﻗ ﻗ ﻗ ﻗ ﻗ ﻗ - תּ תּ תּ תּ תּ תּ ≡___________| ≡____| ≡___■__■__■ =____▲ - Hmm, that didn't turn out quite the way I'd hoped.
  13. What kind of meds? Nothing prescribed to me ever helped... I only got lots of side effects. Occasionally, when I've had a rough day, I steal a Xanax from my roommate. I wish I had a prescription for that stuff... it's lovely. Oh yeah... horizontal lines. I don't have squat to say about horizontal lines. Sorry.
  14. *Update* My fourth grader acts interested in making a game, but can't get motivated to do anything about it. One of my second graders, however, drew up some pictures straight away! I'm going to take this short demo to him tomorrow so he can see that more graphics and gameplay ideas are needed: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p-5TlCTmSNY In other news... my fourth grader has me playing Doom 2. I never thought that would happen, but I find Doom 2 to be much more entertaining than Doom. He also told me to download Outlaws... and I have, but I haven't gotten around to playing it yet.
  15. Though I've played this game many times, I never felt like I was making much progress. I think I keep returning to it for the music more than anything else.
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