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  1. I have made some designs compatible with Atari standard dimensions, for homebrew projects.
  2. Yes, by dropping the barrels once you reach the well from the catacombs.
  3. In the first time go through the catacombs, you have to follow the money bags. Once you reach the final screen (previous from “la cárcel”), you have to go to the last money bag. You’ll arrive to the well.
  4. That's odd! On every site I visit (atarimania, atarionline, Holmes archive, fandal, etc.) I found this bug. There have to be a solution. I revised the image file format, and I could see it's a simple RLE implementation, like Koala, but with 160 horizontal lines instead of 192. Maybe we can reconstruct the images a reencoding them from, et's say, the C64 version. What do you think?
  5. Well, it seems we have to fix some files. In the meantine, I consolidated single ATR files for Lucifer's Realm and The Institute. This way, it's easy to convert them into cartridge, using MaxFlash Studio. Let's hope we could fix the corrupted files due to the blank sectors. The Institute single disk.atr Lucifer 's Realm single disk.atr
  6. Thank you! Then again, it stills has the error. I'm modifying manually the ATR images. I put a sector link for every blank sector. At least I can see this: I'm going to retest the game and see which images look better or worse.
  7. Thank you for your effort! Unfortunately, it has the same error and the blank sectors are the same: Looks like the original release has this error. A bug? I don't know.
  8. So far I found (in hex): sectors 5, 6, 1e, 1f, 23, 24, 40 and 5e from the second atr image (Disk 1, side B or Disk 2, side A depending on the version used).
  9. Hi, everyone! Just for curiosity, I tested the adventure game "Lucifer's Realm" and realised that in the version there are some corrupted files for the images, having this result: I tried different sources, and in all of them have the same files corrupted. I looked into the ATR files, and saw that there are some blank data sectors, that impedes to load the files properly. Does anyone have a dumped version without this issue? Moreover, does anyone have the original disks and try to redump it? I'm aware it's rare to find one, but I think it would be helpful to preserve this game.
  10. Thank you. I updated the paths and now it works!
  11. Thank you for the release! I have a question. For some reason, I can't compress properly with Exomizer for versions 6.1 to 6.8, so I'm forced to stick with the version 6.0. Does anyone know why this could be happening? Do I have to remove something to make the v6.8 work properly?
  12. One observation I could see from at least version 3.90. In Spiky Harold, I can see that the intro scrolling moves erraticaly, sometimes goes backwards every 4 frames. Instead, on real hardware it move smoothly. Is there something I'm configuring wrong on Altirra?
  13. Oops, in PAL doesn't turn it off when changing the screen. Fixed: Spiky Harold NTSC v9 comprimido.xex
  14. From my Atari BASIC days: 10 FOR I=0 TO 255:SOUND 0,I,10,8:NEXT I 20 FOR I=255 TO 0 STEP -1:SOUND 0,I,10,8:NEXT I Iconic in many Atari BASIC games!
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