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  1. IIRC, there’s is one game that works better on NTSC rather than PAL: Line-Up, coded by NRV. There is an intro that only works on NTSC, but it works in PAL like crap. As a matter of fact, the original disk skips the intro when you load it on PAL so you don’t have any issues.
  2. Good to know! Is there any documentation about this cartridge? I would like to test it and see if I can give support of it.
  3. Ok, so there is no official cartridge version. Thank you!
  4. Interesting. Do you know if it’s an Atarimax flash cartridge? If so, is it possible to make a dump?
  5. Hi, all! I’m a little bit lost about it, so I prefer to ask: does anyone know if there are a cartridge version for Bosconian as well as Pang? I mean, in a way that the full versions (Bosconian with samples, not the stripped one) can be played with 64k ram instead of ram expansions. thank you! p.s: the same for bomb jake. I recall that there was one for sale, but not anymore, IIRC.
  6. Interesting. Here in Chile I know some people who have Chelco 800XL and 600XL models, with the board as well as the case.
  7. Well, I think that things are cooled a bit, due to the time passed. How's the game going? I do hope everything is ok and we would see another update soon. Cheers!
  8. Well, today I programmed this small utility for the Dungeon cartridge. It's a transfer utility from disk to cartridge or vice versa. I think it would be useful to backup your character into a floppy disk or putting your old characters into the cartridge. To load it, just put the cartridge and the ATR image on D1:, boot the computer with OPTION pressed and it will boot the Mydos disk. Then you load the file ARCHAR.XEX. How to use it? Press SELECT to define the operation (Disk to cartridge or cartridge to disk) and START to begin the process. The program checks if the source (disk or cartridge) has a character disk. Otherwise, it will display an error message. The source code is on my GitHub repository: https://github.com/Wilheim1977/ARDungeonCartridge Hope you like it. Cheers!! DiskARTransfer.atr ArCharExample.atr
  9. I think it shouldn’t be that difficult. You should back the SIO registers up from page 0, 2 and three, by then make a standard SIO call. I think some place on the $2000-$23ff address zone would be an alternative. About the override, that’s right, by pressing select. What I did on this cartridge is forcing to detect 48k ram, so the upper ram is available to put a new cartridge loader routine
  10. New V9 version! Added feature: - Put a waiting routine of 3 seconds during the credit screen. An exclamation point appears when the loading of the intro is completed, so you can skip the wait by pressing a key, consol key or joystick button. It's stored in my GitHub repository: https://github.com/Wilheim1977/ARDungeonCartridge Hope you like it! Alternate Reality - The Dungeon v9.bin
  11. Theorically, it is possible to squeeze the Dungeon+ character disk into a 4 Mbit cartridge (512 Kbytes). The problem is that the flash cartridge uses 64Kbytes sectors to be erased. That forced me to use an entire 64K for the header of the disk and the 4 save states. That occupies a total of 320 Kbytes, considering that the character data uses only 5 kbytes aprox, so it could only take 20 kbytes to store the entire character disk.
  12. Unfortunately, due to the flash architecture, it’s possible to put only the Dungeon on this cartridge. There are about 128 kbytes available only.
  13. Well, I think the game is working ok in your configurations. If there’s a bug in the game, please let me know, specially if you can finish the game. I’m wondering if the time on the first credits screen is ok. Or do you think I could make it to take more time?
  14. Great! Glad to know it's been fixed. The GINTLK writing is still present, this time at 0236h on the V8 rom. I think that the problem was because I wrote GINTLK right after turning off the cartridge without disabling NMIs, so to save some bytes at the $480 RAM zone. The LDA and STA instructions just takes 6 cpu cycles, so I thought that it won't be a problem, because I tested time after time in stock XL/XE computers. But looks like that in your Incognito configuration, the VBI just begins in the middle of this 6 cycles. That's what I guessed. To solve it, I decided then to turn off the NMIs, then turn the cartridge off, write TRIG3 to GINTLK, and enabling NMIs again. It takes 10 additional bytes, but I think it's worth to do that way. Just as an anecdote, let me tell you that the Dungeon skips the OS VB interrupt, so there's no need to update GINTLK during the game. I think that another way to prevent the hang up is by making a VB inmediate interrupt that takes TRIG3 and write it into GINTLK. That way, when the OS VBI begins, it will always have the same value every frame. I did this in the cartridge dumper I recently published. Just to let you know, the GINTLK writing is used on two ocassions: the first one is when it exits to boot the disk or cassette, and the second one when it starts the init routine at $480 right after the credits title. @Faicuai, by the way, could you try to dump the cartridge content with that dumper? I want to see if it's possible with Incognito. On the other hand, I would like if someone can test a City character transfer, specially one who is at a Dungeon entrance. I want to check that everything is working fine. I tested with newly created characters, but I'm not sure if it keeps the inventory, money, battle gear, etc. Cheers!
  15. Ok. I reinstalled Eclipse and WUDSN plugin to get the GitHub utilities. The truth is it's the first time using this and I'm still learning using GitHub. I've recently done a Commit for all versions. Can you see them? Regards!
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