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  1. Have you considered to add “Turbo Tennis” support on sturgeon? It’s restricted, but it’s nice to have some game to play during the load.
  2. Maybe this code would be helpful: https://github.com/a8dogdark/atari/blob/master/dogdark/super_ultra/2.6/LOAD1.asm The error correction routine starts at line 56.
  3. Just an anecdote. The OS supports natively 800 bps. So, in theory, you can reduce the loading time by setting the CAS file baud rate at 800. @xxl have you considered adding an error correction routine on your loader? Maybe it could be an interesting feature.
  4. Thanks! I tried on NTSC emulation, and it hangs at 4:33 aprox. Maybe it needs a larger IRG there.
  5. Well, finally I dug up my 1050 with Super Archiver and BitWriter replica. And I can say that: 1. It's possible to create an ATX file from a protectedt disk, emulating the CHIP. However, some "fuzzy sectors" (phantom, weak) doesn't write properly. For example, AR: The Dungeon the fuzzy sector is detected like that but it's written as a CRC error sector. 2. For some reason, I have a conflict between the emulated drives without a disk image and real hardware. For some reason, Respeqt doesn't put the virtual drives with no image file as "unused". Not sure if there's a SIO2PC issue or something with RespeQT. Anyway, I could create a Dungeon ATX image by connecting and desconnecting each device as it they were D1:. I think it works. Regards!
  6. Hi! Does anyone know what are the physical protection from the disks of this game? Is there a fuzzy sector? In which disk? Or an extended track? I would like to know that in order to detect where are the copy checking routines.
  7. Bumping this thread. Just checking if the conversion is working ok. Have anyone found a bug on it?
  8. Look and played the game. Love it! i hope the developers would release a NTSC version. I’m sure there is a large bunch of enthusiasts out there interested on it.
  9. Hi everyone! Attached is a joystick-added version for the XRAM 0.22 tester from Satantronic. I really like this program. I used often to install some RAM upgrades and then testing them by this software. The problem was that I had to connect the keyboard anytime I did the tests and, therefore, it becomes a bit messy by my side. So, I decided to add this feature to this program. Of course, all the credits belong to the author, I'm just adding a couple of bytes of code. Cheers! XRAM0220_joystick.XEX
  10. No reason at all. Just want to learn how to use it with the command line. I just asked about Exomizer because is the one I know better and I like the speed/compression relation it has. Thank you for your suggestions, I'll have a look on it.
  11. Those are the videos I published on my Youtube channel. Thank you anyway!
  12. Hi, all! I just want to know if there is any Exomizer tutorial to learn how to use it with the different options it has. I'm aware that a lot of features can be done by using the Super Packer GUI, but there are some things I would like to do. For example, making a new game that uses exomizer to depack on-the-fly some screens or maps, that is, using a Build routine used with MADS. Another example: using one single depack routine for every packed segment. Where can I find it?
  13. Some cents on this topic: AR: Dungeon XEGS style MaxFlash style:
  14. I have 2 hypotheses: 1. The 12v voltage regulator could be malfunctioning. 2. The power supply is not enough to make the disk drive work. You need at least 30VA. The 400 power supply will not work. IIRC, the floppy head needed 12V.
  15. Have you checked on the field service manual? There’s some troubleshooting to check. http://www.atarimania.com/documents/atari-1050-field-service-manual.pdf
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