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  1. yeah, that's my plan, at least for issues 3 and 5. I suspect I'll never see them. It might be nice to try laying them out in proper order on 11x17 pages, printing them on magazine-grade paper and stapling them, so that they're pretty reasonable facsimilies. We'll see if I ever get to it, tho.
  2. So, for anyone who might come across this thread: I still am looking for three more issues to complete my collection: #3 #5 #64 #64 (September 1988) is relatively common; I just haven't happened to pick it up yet. However, $3 and #5 seem to be relatively hard to find. If you happen to have a copy, please reach out to me! Thanks, -mike
  3. I have a pair of Teacs in mine a 55BV and a 54B. I'm trying to get a pair of matching, working drives, but 5.25" drives are getting pretty rare these days. I'm mounting mine inside an scrounged 810 case. At some point I'll 3D print up a new bezel and it'll look GREAT.
  4. Heya! Were you successful in completing your collection? I, too, am seeking to finish my collection, and in particular still need the early issues, as well as several of the more common, later issues. Any chance you have any duplicates of the issues I'm still looking for? I do have issue #7, but sadly, I don't have a duplicate of it... Thanks, -mike
  5. Hello! Now that I'm on the cusp of finishing my ANTIC collection, I am interested in completing my Analog collection. I'm missing all of the first 12 except #7. TBH, I don't expect to ever see any of 1-6 but if any of you happen to have copies you're willing to part with, feel free to reach out to me. Otherwise I'll probably just assemble replicas using the PDFs, some 11x17 glossy paper, and patience... Additionally, I'm still missing these much more common issues: Aug 85 Jan 86 Feb 86 March 86 Oct 88 Dec 88 Feb 89 April 89 Aug 89 Nov 89 Again, if you have any of these issues (or better yet, multiple issues), please reach out to me. I know I can probably find these on ebay, but I'd rather patronize this community first. Thanks! -mike
  6. Hey all. Sorry I only had one to give away! Looks like this would be a good thing for people to clone. It went out in the mail this evening.
  7. I'm looking for Antic May 1989. There's nothing particularly special about this issue, except it's literally the only issue I don't have. Help me complete my collection.
  8. Anyone still looking for one of these ICD extenders? I found one in a Box O' Crap. Condition unknown, although I don't know what could possibly go wrong on this, besides perhaps a bad solder joint. Message me if you want this item, and I'll drop it in the mail for the cost of shipping.
  9. I'm about to preorder one of the Incognito boards for my 800, and I figured this would be a good opportunity to also order the AKI keyboard interface. However, information is a bit light on the page, and it doesn't say which 8 bit models the AKI works in. So before I go further - does the AKI work in an 800? Thanks, -mike
  10. Currently, I have SIO2PC and APE set up where the atari disk image is a mirror of an SMB share on my home network. So I can do cross compiles using cc65 on my laptop, and the binary is automatically available on my atari. It's pretty slick for development; no shuttling of files around. Is that what you're looking for?
  11. It's called thin film interference. Here's the physics behind it. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Thin-film_interference
  12. That sounds like a neat project. It would be nice to be able to streamline that particular headache. Can an Atari have multiple 850s? Anyone using a real 850 for parallel port access might still want that capability (of course, there are also other P: centronics interfaces out there).
  13. > The SIO of 1979 is today's USB. More than most people realize: From https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Atari_SIO : "SIO's designer, Joe Decuir, credits his work on system as the basis of USB." SIO was a really advanced interface for its time, and it's a real shame that it came out in the era when every computer manufacturer designed all their technology from the ground up so there was no adoption outside the Atari world. It would be a different world if, say, Commodore and others had decided to adopt SIO as its interface for the Commodore 64 and other PCs of the time. I currently have a P:R: connection (which I bought new from ICD), but I'm currently using an 850 because I prefer the styling.
  14. https://letsencrypt.org/has worked for me as a source of free website certs. Later this month they will be offering free wildcard certs, that will work for all addresses in a domain. Just FYI.
  15. I have a Koala Pad; how do the two compare?
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