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  1. Here you go. C88 TECHNICAL SERVICE BULLETIN.pdf
  2. The second console I used for testing was a unit that needed the MIB238 C11 fix to work. After the C11 issue came to my attention, I pulled units out of my stash until I found a unit with the issue to troubleshoot with and now has become my second test console. Just to see, have you tried the alternate disk version from the archive as well as the ddp version? Between the official and unsorted images, the archive has five versions you can test with.
  3. Very strange. I just tried all three versions of Dragon’s Lair with three different MIB238 cards in two different consoles and all worked fine. It has to be your image or something with your console.
  4. I’m not aware of any titles that stop working when the MIB238 is installed. Dragon’s Lair works fine for me. Both the regular and alternate disk images as well as the ddp tape image all work fine for me. Perhaps you have a bad image?
  5. You can’t simply connect the modem as is to the terminal port and just change the MIB settings. The modem and terminal ports are wired differently for the specific task. Like NIAD said, would need an adapter to do it. Here are the pinouts for reference.
  6. Thanks! It's working great on the ADAM.
  7. Nice! Glad you're up and running.
  8. The MIB2 was a strange one with an outside power tap grabbing +12 and -5 for the two MC1488 232D drivers. I’m attaching the power pinout from the schematics of the gamma board. You still have one wire attached and that should let you know if it’s -5 or +12 and use process of elimination to know what the broken wire is.
  9. The third time is a charm! It’s now working fine on my ADAM. Thank you!
  10. Strange, I get no directional joystick control with Arno Dash at all with two separate ADAM consoles. The fire and arm button do work fine to start the game and that’s it. Here’s the strange part, the 3 factory coleco controllers I have don’t work but my commodore joystick works fine?! I tried port 2 like rietveld said to see if it works and I still get nothing. How on earth can this be explained. Something in code must be causing this because I use my controllers all the time and I also use them to scroll through the ATARIMAX menu to launch this game.
  11. It doesn't seem to work on the ADAM with an ATARIMAX Ultimate SD or on an ADE. I get the same garbled screen as rietveld.
  12. You should also run an additional separate wire from Pin-8 to COM of the power supply as well. This is especially true it you have a fairly thin gauge wiring and having four supply lines with only one ground is not good. Did you check your +5V under load at the power supply or ADAM Gamma board? The power supply potentiometer needs to be adjusted while reading the voltage off the console Gamma board. I seem to remember you saying you were using a modified serial cable and the wiring is more than likely not adequate enough to power the ADAM to start with and I would image you’re seeing a decent drop in voltage in the cable from the power supply by the time it reaches the console. This is the best advice I can offer with what is given to work with.
  13. All I can suggest is to triple check your power supply pinout with what I posted earlier. To go any further with this, you will need to post detailed pictures and the connection diagram you’re using.
  14. The RQ-50B doesn’t have the best +12V specs, but should probably still work. It also has a -12V terminal that isn’t needed. In the future, the RT-50A is the best choice. What is your +5V set to under load? Do you have everything removed from the console while testing? Remove any internal expansion cards, disconnect all ADAMnet devices, including the keyboard, and disconnect any DDP drives. Strange, holding reset should give you absolutely nothing at all and never boot up. I’m having trouble wrapping my head around that one.
  15. Did you go by this image floating around the net? It’s incorrect! This picture incorrectly shows ADAMnet Data or ADAMnet Reset (I would have to look closer to remember which one) wired directly to +5. The black wire should NOT be wired to +5. In fact, the bottom brown and black wires should be left unconnected unless you still need the ADAMnet signal from the DB9 connector to still use the original ADAM printer, which now only needs GND, Reset, and Data. The picture also fails to show the top two green wires (white on some consoles) are both ground from the power supply. The rest of the image is correct. I’ll post the correct schematic for you to go by. If you're using the popular RT-50A power supply, connect the following: RT-50A ADAM DB9 +5 Pin 3 COM (GND) Pin 5 and Pin 8 +V2 (+12V) Pin 1 and Pin 2 V3 (-5V) Pin 4
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