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  1. https://github.com/Kalidomra/AdamNet-Drive-Emulator It's called "ADE-Lite-Code-Update-Instructions.pdf"
  2. Why not just update to ADE v0.90 like it's asking you to and get the full features of ADE Commander and never see the message again?
  3. ADE v.080 and later keeps the change permanent until you boot holding down the button again. The newer update will also add the ability to run ColecoVision cartridge ROMs up to 32k. - Added support for a disk swap button. The disk swap only works on Device 4. Holding down the swap button on startup will either disable Device 5 if it is currently enabled, or enabled all of the devices if Device 5 is currently disabled. - Added ColecoVision cartridge ROM support (Maximum 32k). Files needs to have a COL, BIN or ROM extension. Visit Sean's GitHub site for update files and instructions. https://github.com/Kalidomra/AdamNet-Drive-Emulator
  4. You can change disk images on the fly by way of the swap button. I’ll explain the whole process below from the very beginning, even starting with ADE Lite configuration. Per the instructions that came with the ADE Lite, disable Drive 2 buy holding the swap button during power on of the console. This will allow the real physical drive to be Drive 2 without conflict on ADAMnet and the ADE Lite will be Drive 1. Just make sure your physical drive is switched to Drive 2. Note that this configuration will remain even when powered off. Holding the swap button during power on again will revert back to Drive 2 enabled again. With that said, It’s not elegant making floppy disk copies from the ADE Lite with normal EOS. The option for having an ADE Lite and physical drive together was mostly for playing nice with each other and doing standard file save and copying back and forth. The ADE Lite wasn’t really designed for making a lot of physical floppy backups. This is how it’s done. For example, I like to use File Manager v3.0 because it is full-featured and will format floppies and make block copies/backups. This is where I have a dedicated SD card for doing this to make it easier, just make sure you move the boot.dsk to the new SD card so the ADE Lite will boot. You will select and boot your favorite copy program disk image in Image Manager as usual. For example, I rename ‘File Manager v3.0 (1992) (AJM Software).dsk to ‘copy.dsk’ to simplify things. This is where you take advantage of the swap button feature on the ADE Lite. You are allowed to use up to 3 more disk images to choose from. In my case, they are copy.ds2, copy.ds3, and copy.ds4. Once the backup program is loaded into memory, it is now possible to press the swap button to choose the disk image you want to copy to physical media. I recommend you write down what images you renamed to *.ds2-ds3 so you don’t get confused. The key is all the image file names need to be exact, except for the extension. Each press of the swap button will advance to the next image, just count the LED blinks to verify you are on the correct image you want. This all sounds more confusing than it really is, you’ll get the hang of it, even though the process is a little convoluted.
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