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  1. Can buyers from Europe pay in euros?
  2. Hello, anyone selling an original one in good condition or a newly made robust one? My french Colecovision needs one! Thanks!
  3. What's the shipping cost to Europe? Where are you shipping from?
  4. Health and private life first! Hope things will work out for you. You can also add me to the list if you make some more. Take care.
  5. Almost 7 weeks to get the game. The box/overlays are not here yet!
  6. I might get the box and overlays before the game 😀
  7. I was asking about the cardridge which was shipped on may 12th as far as I am concerned
  8. Has anyone from Europe received it yet? The last update on tracking history was on may 22nd: Your item departed a transfer airport in NEWARK INTERNATIONAL,
  9. DZ-Jay: don't be confused, I was just trying to say that I prefer event-driven/asynchronous mechanisms in general and you proposal belongs to this category /V
  10. Hello, thanks all for the great answers. Catsfolly: I implemented something based on your suggestion and it works, great! Dz-Jay: I personally prefer the asynchronous approach, it is more efficient and intuitive. I guess it is even more true for integrating music and sound which I find quite hard (but this is not the subject of this thread) Vincent
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