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  1. I'd like to make my purchase of Penguin Adventure and Gradius. Is there a place I can do that?
  2. Well that's already a disappointment for me. I'm sure others wouldn't mind the new console but I'm not getting it. I'm fine with sticking with my original console and the SGM.
  3. I'm still hoping to get a SGM Pro cuz' I really don't want to buy another console
  4. No worries, Opcode. Whenever you are ready with any update. Right now, I just received a confirmation email that I preserved some COLOR line games for the SGM so I'm placed in line with the rest of everybody. I'll be contacted when the games are ready to be shipped and will be notified about the payment method.
  5. The link doesn't work. But I emailed the opcode person. What other games do you recommend I should get? I know I want the DK game, Pacman and Space Invaders in hopes for the release of the SGM Pro. But aside that, what else should I get?
  6. I'm a bit lost. People started to pre-order stuff. What is available and who do I contact for that? You? I'm not sure what game I should get. Was one of your new listings that penguin game? I thought that was already out.
  7. I look forward to the update soon. I'm still keeping my fingers crossed for a SGM Pro. Btw, what SGM game should I get first? I guess the new ones here, including the new donkey kong arcade? What else?
  8. That link you gave me turned into this site http://nbreslow.com/ Its okay, I found the correct site through his profile XD http://teampixelboy.com/
  9. I guess we're hinted that they will have the SGM Pro on the 5th run. Guess we'll wait and see. So I'm staying on this thread until further notice.
  10. I was hoping to get the SGM Pro cuz' I want to keep the original Colecovision and have that peripheral. If that's going to be cancelled, then I'll just stick with the current SGM
  11. Would you happen to know when that 5th run for the SGM will happen? Do you know how many there will be? And is there a way for me to pre-order it? And will the price be the same? $100? And is it true that the SGM was going to be a SGM Pro before it was cancelled?
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