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  1. Sure....even my Pal modded Hdmi all systems work great....but the cart is not in a shell. I use it without case 😁
  2. I have no problems,using my 13 Prosystems with Pluscart. Everything works great
  3. so you would say,the 8 bit hub is not worth to buy at the moment?
  4. Hi Vladi checked on real hardware....plays very well.I made it til tol the boss,then he got me.to Some extra weapons,like mentioned before,would be good.How many stages do you plan? Great work
  5. got my cart today.....excellent work. Thanx a lot
  6. Sounds great.....what Mp3 player do i need?
  7. Thanx....will do.....please give him permission,to make a box for me.....😉
  8. well...i know Marc since many years....expensive shipping and paying tax,makes such a box too expensive.....
  9. Hi Roman which mp3 player do you use? What can i do with this machine? I guess,i need special software?
  10. if the box is printed by Marc and ships from germany, i want one
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