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  1. Hi Guys just lmk,if i shoukd continue work on Pacland Homebrew....or not.. i do not want to put a lot of work in a project and nobody wants it.
  2. The flying ghost on the board would be better. Mine looks ugly. But thanx anyway....
  3. It will take some time.....when everything is finished,we care about the music 😉
  4. Why care about a cart shell???Be happy to get a multicart 😬
  5. Hi Chris great work....works well on real hardware...why not go upnto more KB???This would mean more space for more levels 😁 Would it be possible to ad d another boss instead of octopus for 2 times? Maybe a giant jelly or a shark? This are just suggestions...the game plays very well. greetings Walter
  6. Hi Guys,especially for Tix and Giles here is a first easy WIP of a playable first Level....The Titlescreen can be changed in an easy way...I adde the sprites in the Bentley engine...they look very well. Do not care about my Pac Man sprite....it is not perfect,but i wanted it with HAT. It can be changed .....Hardest enemy is CLYDE...very easy sprite,but Looks good and is hard to beat.Backgrounds can be changed aswell.What i Need..... I can only continue work on this,if there is enough interest..... Have a look at my Asterix hack,based on Bentley....then you can see,what is possible....Then i would nee the help from TIX and GILES......maybe SYNTHPOPALOOZA could add Music in a finished Project?? I could Need more enemies.....they Need not to be from PACLAND,but they should fit in the Scenario.....I Need a Boss enemy..... I Need a MS PAC MAN sprite....8x15......for the beginning....maybe a PAC BABY also..... here is the file.....enjoy..... i will continue on this...only with your help The game will be HOMEBREW PACLAND...not original...so we can add, what we want and it will be based on the old BENTLEY engine.... greetings Walter Bentley.a78
  7. I put all your sprites in a playable level. If you have more to add...just post them and i will use them..... It will be a lot of work,to make a Pacland homebrew but it is worth to work on it....i also used Clyde. Although it is an easy sprite,he looks very well in the game. I will post,what i have so far tomorrow. greetings Walter
  8. yes....maybe you can do some more enemies till weekend and i try to add them in a first demo...😁
  9. Sure....... ...but can you squeeze the other sprites too???I could need sone enemies in the Bentley size 😀
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