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  1. Hi Vladi Beta 7 is damn hard...if i must walk a long way 3 times,to get to the Underwater level... then this is not really fun.....cause i make too many silly mistakes and die before the end Two times the same way is more than enough.... Hope to see a video....cause it is damn heavy and makes no fun to die short before the end. greetings Walter
  2. There is only one way,he could expect forgiveness.......and that is.......giving the rom FREE for all....i am sure everybody who likes the game,will buy a cart.And at first,he should pay YOU. I also lost any interest,cause i tried to contact the MISTER and he never answered.....so many people are pissed off. So what can he expect?
  3. Hi Guys i am looking fir a 7800 Joust....first box from 1984 Pm me with.offers. I have also much 2600 rare items for trade... greetings Walter
  4. There is a new 7800 game from Video 61 to be fair,i mention it here.It is a really nice Minigolf for the 7800. Putt 18 Available at their site
  5. There is a new game for the 7800 Putt 18 a really good Minigolf for the 7800. available at Video 61
  6. How about a Piranha or a Shark? Or some kind of Jelly Fish......just some suggestions 😁
  7. Hi Muddy the 128 k version works perfect on my concerto 😁 But it is real heavy.Maybe i found a small bug.... After mission failed....i could not restart..... Press Fire does not work..... Keep up tge great work 😉
  8. Hi Muddy 144 k would be great,cause Mattheos cart,Concerto and CC2 can handle this.CC2 can do 512 k....but no 256 k....hope this info helps. BTW...the game looks great....if you need a tester.. just lmk. greetings Walter
  9. Hi V made it too.....not as fast,but i had a lot of fun 😂 It works really well on my Concerto.... Cannot wait for beta 7 😉
  10. To check it on real hardware...an a78 file would be good
  11. Hi Chris plays very well....i prefer a timer version 😉 Nice little game. greetings Walter
  12. All 4 titles are fantastic....so get them.....
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