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  1. I have a very old Concerto.....never updated. Is there an easy way,to uodate with the actual version?
  2. Hi Karl Checked it out on a nodded Pal system.Works good....but if i check the Pal file on my Ntsc system....it also works....only some colour changes.Maybe the music is a little bit faster on Pal. Greetings Walter
  3. Plays very well,but i hate the Waterlevels.😝
  4. gambler172


    Hi Guys Did anybody ever solved this game to a good end? I only made it to a bad one 😪
  5. Some correction. Groovy Bee is from UK I made only 2 Ebooks....a third is nearly finished. Merlain is some kind of parody Adventure...just for info. And in the meantime....i made a Bentley like Jumpnrun for a french magazine....tgis will be released at a later point.
  6. Vladimir Zuniga...i think and he lives in Chile
  7. A little manual with map and item description would make testing much easier 😉
  8. Hi you should post it in the Marketplace
  9. Hi Karl I was able to open the green area and then the red area....but then there was a barrier,so i could not go through.
  10. Hi Karl like promised.....checked the game on PAL. Works very well....but also the NTSC File works well on my PAL system. BTW.......a map would help and a manual 😉 But i see and hear....it is Adventure....but in Space How about a Space dragon as enemy? greetings Walter
  11. i do not agree....The 1st boss was easy for me. The 2nd boss,i thought to be heavy to beat.
  12. Game is great....story not easy to understand.... What must i do? It is like Adventure....only in Space....this is the problem.....
  13. gambler172

    Movie Cart

    show the DL demo......i love DL
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