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  1. Sounds good.......now i want to see the demo 😂 greetings Walter
  2. I got more....over 150000 😂
  3. gambler172


    Hi Brek Savekey works great now....i made several tests....and all work. greetings Walter
  4. We all live......yellow submarine 😁
  5. Hi Chris looks much better now 😁
  6. Cuttle cart 2 works well,but hard to find Mattheos Carts also till 128k games,also hard to find Concerto works till 128k games,with small problems by some games,same problem to find one and my very special multicart,not released,works great too, but a friend made only one for me 😁 hope this helps and for developers,CPUWIZ devcart works very well
  7. Hi Chris plays vety well so far,but i would make the SUB only in 2 colours. Black and White would be good. greetings Walter
  8. Hi like promised,i checked the game with my savekey... it works great....all my scores were saved... Hope this helps. greetings Walter
  9. Hi Guys The programmer made this game for someone else....he did what he should.....some people like the game,some not.......For me,it is not a top title,but something which is worth to be played.... For sure,it cannot beat Baby Pac or Bentley.......... but you should be happy with every new game.....and you could always criticize a game.....but always be fair......
  10. Hi Trebor will check with savekey at weekend....more soon greetings Walter
  11. Hi Jinks no fake news......no fake tests.....i said it is a good game...not a top hit.In ny opinion,the label is ok. And instead calling a game horrible,you could make suggestions,to make it better...... You should try to do it better,but i doubt.... Nobody is forced to buy... greetings Walter
  12. gambler172


    Hi Brek yes,sometimes it works,sometimes not. Do not know why???!
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