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  1. Hi Rev plays very well...no bugs till now 😁 I like the music. Maybe.....adding some bonus objects?
  2. Hi Rev just played around....could not reproduce the crash again...but got another crash.....again in level 7. Sorry for the bad pic,but it was level 7.I killef the enemy and got a crash 😢
  3. Hi Trebor you are wrong.....i played on my NTSC system on a TV with multinorm....... The crash happened,when i made my first shot.... directly after 1st shot....the game crashed
  4. Hi Rev bad news.....played again for about one hour....and the game crashed,when reaching the boss in level 7 after my first shot...the game crashed 😢 both difficulty switches were set on left side.
  5. Played again yesterday.....everything ok....not stuck in the walls 😁
  6. Hi John well,new levels for TT would be great
  7. Hi Rev just played around with the newest version......no bugs found 😁 I played for more than two hours on my Concerto cart. Will play again tomorrow.
  8. And in the 8 bit section,you should add Dungeon Hunt 2,which was the winning entry of the Abbuc contest and released in 2019
  9. Merlain,my Parody game is missing.....yep,it is only a Point n Klick Adventure and not really great,like the others,but i released it,to celebrate the 35th anniversary of the 7800😉.But i never got any comments on Merlain 7800....So please do not add it to the list.Maybe most guys missed it. And why not choose best 7800 WIP??? There were many more,like Dragons Descent,Gosub, Arkanoid ..
  10. Hi Rev nothing special happened at the crash...i killed the enemy and moved on... then suddenly my dragon stopped and the game crashed....i had to load it from my Concerto cart again
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