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  1. I also checked it on multicarts and it works fine 😉
  2. this should be easy....when i have time,i will have a look into the graphics
  3. Hi BK did you ever thought to port EMR on the 7800?
  4. But it looks good on real hardware.....sure it is not finished....
  5. Hi Jaden Good start...looks great on real hardware.Cannot Wait to see more. Greetings Walter
  6. The demo bins are great,but number cruncher does not work on my Dragonfly 😭 Will check it on other devices tomorrow. Maybe contact Rafal,why Dragonfly does not work?
  7. Hi Bob A vote against you??? Adventure 3 would be great....and Adventure 2 On the 5200 is one of the best selling titles
  8. Hi FB looks good so far....Are the any files available of your other projects? grretings Walter
  9. Moon Cresta Bentley Bear Galaxian Knight Guy Draker Quest 2 Alien Brigade Wizard Dungeon Pac Man 40th anniversary Ninja Golf Put Put 18
  10. the patch does not work for me 😭
  11. Hi Vladimir Works great on real hardware.But the game is damn heavy....i make it only to room 6 😭
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