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  1. i guess,shipping to germany would be damn expensive.....ß
  2. Hi glad to see,how it gets better and better with every new version.Only thing i can criticize is, that sometimes,lots of enemies surround you from Nowhere and you loose lots of Hitpoints. greetings Walter
  3. Equal,what kind of cart....count me in for one 😁
  4. gambler172

    RAM chips

    Oh i have lots of proto bios
  5. hi checked the actual game....work well,but have the same teleporting problem,when pressing button 2.
  6. no....it was only a demo....😁 and Your games are always posted completely
  7. Thanx for info. When can i download games from Gsme Jolt?
  8. How can i download games from them for my Onyx?
  9. one simple question. Is there an easy way,to add 2600,7800 and XL emulators? Causevadding Windows 10 seems not to be so easy?
  10. so my friend...now count me in for a cart 😁
  11. Sure....please take one for me 😉 and lmk how much i must pay
  12. If there is a way,that i can buy from a european dealer....i take one.Paying tax and high shipping costs are too much for me in Corona times. greetings Walter
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