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  1. That's a beautiful box... I have the art of the Atari 2600 that I made for someone who requested it. This one I printed myself and assembled guerilla style but I have no pics, but I'll take some and post it here.
  2. That's a good point you raise, sir. I guess, putting the copyrights aspect aside, it isn't a cheap project. I myself tried to make just one for myself and it turned out really expensive, almost to the point that It would be better getting a real one... There are two people I know of in Brazil that sells them, one makes with cardboard but the majority lack in quality of the art material and there's another one that makes them in mdf and they are really beautiful, but very expensive. Would you mind sharing pics of that Atari 2600 repro box? I'm really curious now.
  3. It's coming along, it's coming along.... I had to stop the project due to other projects, but I may be finishing it real soon...
  4. Hello pucpuc!!! Those are getting great!!! How can I help you? Please tell me what you need and I can see what I can do for you.
  5. Sure!! And if you need anything artwise, please let me know!! And let me say that's a great idea, I think you are on to something here. Whenever you feel like making a Zelda one for some brazilian friend, remember who your brazilian friends are!!!
  6. Was that image good enough? If not, let me know and I'll see what I can do...
  7. I got his PayPal email. It's [email protected] and his contact email is [email protected] And the prices are: 50,00 (game with case, index card and manual) + 25,00 shipping 45,00 (no case, but with index card and manual) + 25,00 shipping If you have any more questions, please dont hesitate do ask me ok?
  8. There's a link there for a brazilian auction site, like ebay, for domestic purchases. For international purchases you can let him know through his email and make a paypal transfer directly to him. I'll get back to you with his paypal email. And if you dont want to send him an email, i can let him now myself.
  9. Hello everybody, I am writing on behalf of a friend, Luciano who is releasing a brand new game called TOWER TURTLES. It's an improved version of Turtles with keyboard interaction, Pause Mode, Night Mode, explosion and many more. In portuguese it will be called Tartarugas 2, which means Turtles 2. Here's a link for the ad he made: Pricing (dollars): 50,00 (game with case, index card and manual) + 25,00 shipping 45,00 (no case, but with index card and manual) + 25,00 shipping Available in Brazilian Odyssey format and US Odyssey2 He will ship Worldwide For more information, questions, ordering or anything else, please contact him (Luciano) at [email protected] or PM me here, or access his website at www.retronics.com.br So now for some screenshots and covers
  10. So, the next natural step for me would be to try and make a 3d printed cartridge. So I did, even with my lack of experience with 3d softwares, it wasn't so hard. The only thing I couldn't figure out was how to make round edges, but even with sharp edges it turned out nice. But when I tested it, the part where the bolts are attached aren't close enough, so the card came a little loose, so it didn't work, but it's just a minor adjustment. Here are the pics:
  11. Yes, definitely. But I think it's too expensive, and my intentions are solely for fun and personal use. I just show you guys the results because you always give great and respectable feedback (good or bad) and if someone gets interested on some of it, I can make it available. But If I stumble to a different option or find better prices, I'll share with the community.
  12. The cover part would be a nightmare as well, because of small, thin pieces I think. But there's always someone willing to all kind of stuff. i know I would if I had the time, material and the dexterity for it.
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