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  1. Kevin, send me a PM.

  2. None at the moment but I did own a Nintendo Ds with a large library which I loved until I became bored with it and sold it to buy a video iPod last year. Im sure at some point I will own a Wii and/or PS3 the Xbox 360 doesnt really excite me too much. The PSP might be my next video game purchase sometime after Christmas, since it's pretty cheap and the new slim model looks cool.
  3. I sold my N64 stuff a few years ago ... now I am collecting the carts again, but I haven't picked up GoldenEye yet. Anyone know a good emulator for the Mac that will run it? -Kev
  4. That is a Mr Backup Z64 unit. Except now it's been modified with a special BIOS and an SD card reader, so the zip drive is no longer necessary. I want one of those but they cost over 500 dollars used!!!! I think I will stick to collecting carts. Plus I always hated zip disks (I can still remember the "click of death" on both of my old zip drives). The modded unit you have looks really cool.
  5. I even fit the old N64 with a sweet new SD upgrade and everything, but too much modern gaming excellence going on right at the moment. holy shit what the hell is that?
  6. are you kidding I love RObo 64 but I havent had much time the last few days.
  7. Due to some bad decisions I find myself with a little too much free time on my hands. I've always wanted to put together a retro gaming site with some info and my reviews and tips of games. I want to do something specifically for the N64. Anyway unfortunately I have lots of time but no money So what is the best free site to put together a home page type thing? Is there a free hosting service that is good? thanks Kev
  8. I dont think I am making myself clear I never had the manual, what do the power ups look like?
  9. How do you get them? I was trying all night to figure it out.
  10. That's cool, I think the terminal program was the only one of the original 7800 keyboard programs that hadn't been confirmed to be found yet. I hope you can find what modem it works with. Mitch <{POST_SNAPBACK}> It would be weird if it needed a different modem other than a 1030. Why would they have wasted designing a new modem when they had the SIO connected 1030? Allan Okay I might be a bit late to this conversation, but didn't the 1030 modem use the Pokey sound chip? I would think there would be all sorts of issues trying to get it to work with something based on the 7800.
  11. Okay I was just playing and suddenly my man started shooting a cloud of fire... are there power ups or anything like smart bombs in this game? I never did get the instruction manual and this could be seriously holding back my score!!! thanx
  12. I dusted off the real thing and played a quick game so far 619,000 I need some practice, but how do you people playing with emulators know it is running at full speed?
  13. actually since I am mainly using a dpad for emulators I would much prefer a N64 or even better Gamecube pad, but converters like that hard to come by and expensive.
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