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  1. I'm always interested in testing out games. Let me know if you still need people.
  2. With the shape Atari is in these days, I'll believe it when I see it. I figure this is going to be nothing but a crazy pipe dream that could never full reach the potential of what they are kinda hyping it to be. This console, or whatever it is seems like its going to be more expensive than your average Flashback, so I'm really not seeing the benefit to buying one.
  3. I hate it when people rate ET as the worst game on the console, when games like 2600 Pacman exist. Great list, I couldn't agree more.
  4. I thought it was awesome that they were playing Dragons Lair at the arcade in the opening scene. Was cool that it started out with them in a classic arcade. Lots of great 1984 references overall in the trailers. As if I wasn't already excited enough for the season 2, this latest trailer has me SUPER pumped. I need to hurry up and fast forward to the end of October!!
  5. I don't even think ET is the worst game on the 2600, let alone the worst game of all time. When people say it's the worst of all time, it not only proves that they don't have much experience with video games, but that they haven't played a whole lot of the 2600 library.
  6. To be honest I didn't like the Coleco controllers very much either but at least they had a stick. (although way too stiff) I did prefer the numeric pad size and overlay style of the Intellivision though.
  7. I've always hated the controller on the Intellivision model 1. I know that many people state that it was capable of more directional input than your standard D-pad, but I always hated how your nail could get jammed within that raised portion when playing action type games. I also hated how the pad was below the buttons. Never made much sense to me.
  8. I never was a fan of the 2600 joysticks... they always felt VERY stiff. I liked what they tried to do with the 5200 analog sticks, like having a PAUSE feature...although the keys I could have done without. Just too bad that they were suited better for doorstops than they were gaming.
  9. I used to enjoy the 2600 game growing up but now I find myself not really liking it very much anymore.. I do still very much enjoy the arcade original game. Fun mechanics and action for an early arcade title.
  10. Happy belated Birthday! Thanks for this great rom set. Always a pain to find a full Atari romset that is free of bugs and other BS
  11. For new games, I've yet to find a reason to buy any of these "collector editions" that have been sold in more recent years. So basically I don't really like paying above 60$ Thankfully Prime gives discounts. For Retro, I really don't buy games that I know I'm not going to play, so really I can't see spending any more than 50-80$ and even that's kinda pushing it.
  12. Depends on the owner of said music. I've stopped uploading videos of Konami games to Youtube because it seems like every time I do, someone submits a copyright claim. Even for NES games.
  13. Depending on the games you want it might actually be cheaper to purchase an NES and the games you wanted to play, rather than waste 200$ on an NES mini from a scalper (please don't purchase from those guys) an alternate route would be building/buying a Rasberry Pi and build a retropie, which would allow you to emulate a number of games conveniently. It's basically like having an NES classic(mini) and allows you to play a number of different systems. It's easy to set up yourself and there are a number of different tutorials on how to DIY
  14. I've never really looked into this game until seeing this post and looking up the game online. Crazy that a project that was completed AFTER the system was long dead has such a huge demand online where the seller thinks that he can get 1k for it. As far as the price goes, I couldn't imagine spending that much on ANY game, let alone a game that the buyer is probably NEVER going to play but instead let it sit in a display box somewhere.
  15. Love GG Arcade! Great place! Been a bit since I've taken the trek down there from Elgin. Gonna try to go again over the next couple of weekends! Hope to see some of you there!
  16. Favorite Shows that I watched in the 80s The Wonder Years Perfect Strangers A Team Threes Company Knight Rider Favorite Cartoons: TMNT GI Joe Inspector Gadget Garfield And Friends Transformers Thundercats Beetlejuice The Real Ghostbusters Ducktales Chip N Dales Rescue Rangers
  17. I've been wanting to read this book for awhile now and just keep not doing it. Even after tons of recommendations. I really need to finally just find the time and do it. I'm sure I'm gonna love it. Maybe with the movie coming out next year, that will give me the motivation to hurry up and read through it.
  18. Please check out my "Let's Plays" and let me know what you think! -

    1. Random Terrain

      Random Terrain

      Too much nudity!

  19. It's a great debate to be had really. I honestly think that once this next holiday season is over, you will start seeing the Switch launch window as being pretty favorable. More so than a lot consoles in recent memory. They already had a GOTY candidate in Zelda at launch. Mario before the end of the year, then a Kirby and Yoshi game before the end of winter 2018. Then you probably have Metroid Prime 4 later in 2018 Pokemon on the horizon as well... Not to mention bringing over Mario Kart 8, Splatoon 2 ...and a bunch of other great titles, that's one of the better first year launch windows that a console has had in awhile. Especially a Nintendo console. It's also a great sign to see 3rd party titles like Rocket League and Skyrim as well as EA sports titles for the systems long-term survival. The system itself is very solid and versatile. I was cautiously optimistic at first, but now after owning mine for about a month, I'm totally sold. It's great. Love being able to play at home as well as on the go. System is solid and the games look great. Now that they have announced a few of the details of the Online platform, Things are definitely on the rise. The price point is pretty close to on the money for a lot of people to adopt the platform and it's designed to fit into most peoples lifestyle. I really could see this thing being one of the best selling Nintendo consoles of all time. Even in a time where dedicated consoles are on the decline.
  20. Really cool to see that Nintendo is delivering a Metroid game early into the Switch lifespan. I couldn't be more excited for this game. I also hope they bring out the Metroid 2 remake on the Switch as well (I kinda figure it's only a matter of time)
  21. I'm excited to see how this game turns out. I like the graphic design and Yoshi games are usually an enjoyable experience, generally speaking. Really interesting/cool/crazy that they are using the Unreal 4 engine
  22. Mostly Docked. The only game I have right now is Breath of the Wild, so I find it easier to do some of the Shrines with the joycons snapped into the controller rather than having to worry about it when in portable mode. My Girlfriend though LOVES playing it almost 100% exclusively as a portable. I will admit, it's pretty cool to just put your headphones in and kinda zone off adventuring for hours. It's a great design and really cool that the system is so versatile.
  23. I was excited about this game when they announced it, but after seeing all the great gameplay that they showed at the treehouse event, I"m so excited about this game I can't even BELIEVE how awesome it looks. Being able to use cappy to turn mario into basically ANY enemy or any items in the surroundings is really a cool gameplay mechanic. I mean who doesn't want to run out and Turn Mario into a HUGE TRex?!? I CAN'T WAIT for the game to come out. Really glad they wen't back to the Mario 64/Sunshine type gameplay mechanics. Couldn't be happier.
  24. Delivering Papers faster than a fidget spins -

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