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  1. Got my #FujiNet last week. Today, I set up my Incognito 800 and plugged it into it. It's amazing! Really exactly what the Atari needed. This really changes how you can use your computer. Very impressive! Thanks for working so hard to make such an amazing addition.
  2. Try pressing the screen when powering up to reinvoke the screen calibration.
  3. Welcome to the jungle. Welcome to my nightmare.
  4. Out of curiosity, what does your calipers look like when it is closed? Because based on the picture you sent, it appears to not be correct compared to the picture with the ruler.
  5. I tried to tee it up for him. 😀
  6. And you call yourself a scientist!?
  7. Is someone selling them in the US?
  8. https://ataribits.weebly.com/tk-ii-manual.html
  9. I don’t see them on his site
  10. Air Force Tech School, I was in the 3382nd squadron in the "Triangle" at Biloxi Air Force Base for training as an Avionics Inertial and RADAR repair specialist. Our squadron apparently, didn't have the best reputation. I didn't help that reputation much. I was a Student Leader, but probably wasn't the best fit for it. Every morning, there was a uniform of the day. There was a board in the squadron that told us what to wear. One morning, the uniform of the day called for us to carry our all-weather jackets. We got down to the end to (I believe) the 96th squadron. That squadron was known for its discipline. We were waiting for things to clear to march to class and the 96th Sergeant comes up and instructs me to have the flight put on their all-weather jackets. I said, "But sir. the uniform of the day board says to carry it." He said, "And I'm telling you to put them on." So, of course, I respond, "If you can change the uniform of the day like that, wouldn't it be easier if we called you each morning and asked what to wear?" He took my 341 form and a few days later, my Sergeant came up laughing and told me not to do something like that again. So, yeah, that's what that hat was.
  11. My original Atari setup from either January 1982 or January 1983 Okimate 10 Christmas Tree Pictures from December 1984. Astute readers will see the gumball machine box for the gumball machine in the pictures I posted earlier in this thread. BASIC XE from Christmas 1986
  12. Perhaps try one of the disks I did not list since those are already preserved and it can be compared to the preserved copy?
  13. Yes. We do not want to send these internationally. It is my understanding that the preference is to kryoflux them. Perhaps someone in UK with a kryoflux could dump them for you?
  14. One request. Please do not try to read any of these in an Atari (or any other kind of) drive. Sometimes, we may only get one chance to read an old disk before it starts to deteriorate. I looked these up in the A8Pres database. Depending on some of the dates and versions, the ones I listed below look like they would be worth attempting to dump. I have a Kryoflux and live in the United States. If you live in the US and want to send these to me to preserve, I will attempt to dump them and then send the originals back to you. Kyan Pascal for Atari - Kyan Antic vol.6 no.4 - Atari Muscle Antic vol.5 no.8 - Shoppers guide Antic vol.5 no.10 - Inside Atari Antic vol.6 no.1 - Anniversary issue Antic vol.5 no.9 - Talking Typewriter Compute Disk vol.10 no.4 APX disk 2 - Pascal Compiler GT Albert E. Spreadsheet - Indus Systems GT Data Manager - Indus Systems Dos XL Master disk - Indus Systems Paperclip - Batteries Included Music Construction Set - Electronic Arts Realm of Impossibility - Electronic Arts Spartados Multi I/O - ICD Family Finances II - Atari P:R: connection - ICD ABC Basic compiler - Monarch Data Systems Telengard - Avalon Hill Zork III - Infocom Castle Wolfenstein - Muse Diskwiz - Allen Macroware Printwiz - Allen Macroware
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