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  1. @TheRaven81, Go here: Download ATASCIIView.zip. In Altirra, Go to System -> Configure System On the left, under Peripherals, click Devices. Then click Add... Scroll down and select Host device (H:) Enter a path to a location on your computer. Click OK Load a basic program on your computer. Type this in BASIC: LIST "H:PROGRAM.TXT" (Where PROGRAM.TXT is the name you want to output the file with.) Open that program with ATASCIIView.zip Save it or print it, etc...
  2. unfortunately, that does not solve the OP's problem. Listing basic files this way will not output the special ctrl characters. Also, if you do this, you want to use H6 instead of H1 so it adds the correct carriage returns.
  3. You mean the urban legend about the kid who put the floppy with his term paper on it in the refrigerator with a magnet and lost everything is not true?
  4. I can attest that the checks that are there saved me when I misunderstood the instuctions on how the flashing software worked. So, it's good that it is there!
  5. What do people think about someone selling Reproduction M.U.L.E., BASIC XE, BASIC XL and Action (and other) Atari Cartridges on eBay?
  6. Not to mention the picture on his web site still shows the board with the part populated.
  7. How does PicoDOS do it? I don’t care what it calls it behind the scenes, I’d just like to see more than 11 characters of the name. Even allowing 20 characters plus the extension would be a huge improvement.
  8. I just squished the wires under the plastic cage. Just sayin', the cost to increase the length of the harness by 3 inches is nil.
  9. Oh, and I GOT MINE WORKING! I just put a switch on the bottom. Haven't tried to confirm it works yet. It would have been nice if the wiring harness provided by Lotharek had been long enough to actually reach the plug on the incognito board. The two outside wires need to be about 3-4 inches longer.
  10. So. Does SDX still not support long filenames? How can we possibly fill up a harddrive with files that are limited to 8.4? (I know, DOS did it for a long time, but this isn't the 20th century anymore.) I read one thread where it said SDX wouldn't run in 64k if it supported long filenames. Who uses 64k anymore? what is everyone doing to work with this limitation? Thank you.
  11. You didn't 3-d print the enclosure?
  12. Would you be willing to post a simple wiring diagram for your circuit including which pin on the incognito each wire goes to? thank you.
  13. So. Once I get this thing back together and attach a keyboard, how do you get to the bios screen? is there like a users manual for using incognito? thanks.
  14. I haven’t tried this on other 800’s. I did notice it when I undid the install. It would black out when it was at memo pad. it could just be a bad connection with this one. I’ll keep playing with it. if anyone has one open on the bench and wants to try it let me know. also, keep in mind, the power board doesn’t sit flat when it’s open like this, so I could also be stressing the pins in the connector between the power board and the motherboard. I’m just glad that my soldering seems to have worked. I’m not the best solderer, but it’s not like I’ve never done it. This isn’t a very complicated install, so I was hoping I didn’t mess this up. thanks again for the great support of this community! Todd
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