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  1. This looks pretty cool. Have to check it out.
  2. I just swapped to a different Panasonic printer and it’s working. Something must be wrong with the other one. sorry for the false alarm.
  3. Sorry didn’t answer other questions. it is pin feed and seems to be moving fine. The gap is set all the way up. thanks.
  4. Great questions. It looks like the gap is about the same as the diamond gap on setup, but then when I tell the software there is a gap, it removes the linefeeds altogether. here are some pictures. thanks!
  5. I have it set to be epson mode. And the print shop program actually lists my printer as supported to choose from. It just adds extra space between each line.
  6. Hi. I’m trying to use print shop with my Panasonic KXP1091 and I’m having trouble getting it to line feed correctly. The printer has a dip switch for linefeed. If I turn that on, it is always too much linefeed (to the point that when I do print shop setup, the diamond is too far apart to be either option) so I leave that off. depending on how I set it up in print shop before, my choices are solid diamond or split diamond, or solid diamond or squiggle. it seems to switch between these every time I run setup. once I answer the diamond question and save the settings when I print, it either prints with white space between each line or it prints the whole picture on one line. I’ve tried on an incognito 800 (in both XL and Colleen mode) and on a stock 800XL. I’ve tried using an Atari 850 interface and a Grafix AT. has anyone seen this? Do I have a bad copy of the software or something? I feel like I’ve experienced this before but cannot remember how I solved it. anyone know how to solve this? thank you!
  7. I spent 20+ years programming in IBM 370 Assembler. My code ran rings around that COBOL crap!
  8. agreed. BASIC with mapping the Atari teaches a lot about how the Atari works, which sets you up nicely for Assembler.
  9. I printed this on my Okimate 10 and had it hanging on the wall in my room BITD! To this day, I still call them Commode Doors. I'd love to know who originally did this graphic!
  10. Do we know yet when the NUC with cartridge port (and Fuji net) will be available and about how much it will cost? (In US) thanks. todd
  11. I live in Ohio and have the tools, antistatic mat and skills to open it. And would be happy to document the insides and send it back to you. I have the ability to dump the roms, but if the roms are not socketed I’m not the best person for that job. PM me if you want my address. thank you. Todd
  12. What part is too tight? Is the middle not hollow enough? Or is the outside too big? And which end?
  13. Would you be willing to link to one that you think will work? Thank you.
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