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  1. Actually, I am looking to use this: http://www.zeroonetwenty.com/blueharvest/frequently-asked-questions.html Downloaded the trial and will probably buy it if it works.
  2. To be clear. I am talking about the Atari Menu app, not the Arduino screen interface. As I understand it the Arduino is "pretty full" so I understand that changes there are limited.
  3. Rule #1: Don't spill beer. Rule #2: Don't spill beer on me!
  4. Hi. Now that I have my SDM working, and I am using it... Is there something I can do to get it to display the contents of the directories alphabetically? I mean, they have this great feature to jump to a letter, (shift+<letter>) but if it is not alphabetical, that isn't as useful. Also, it would be great if it could filter out the stupid files that macs put on windows disks... (I'm installing a mac utility to address it, but it would be nice if the Atari menu program could do it.) Thanks.
  5. "I love this plan! I'm excited to be a part of it! Let's do it!" If only I had details.
  6. Hey. Not to hijack this, but is there something I can do inside on my 800XL to allow it to work with Syscheck without having to pull 5 volts from the joystick port? Thank you!
  7. I would think we would want to be able to filter on platform? I am less interested (for example) in custom 2600 software than I am in custom 8-bit software...
  8. it appears (as usual) I am in the minority. I'd love to have a list of all of the hardware mods and custom software linking to the threads talking about them, however...
  9. Is that going to get the attention of A8 developers?
  10. Seeing the Pacman thread being resurrected reminded me. There are so many games on here in threads where people posted them. Has anyone compiled them into one location? Is there a way to search for them on the forum? Thank you.
  11. So anyway. Best Electronics. You all remember Best? It’s what this whole topic is about ....
  12. Best Electronics? More like Worst Electronics! Amiright? Amiright?
  13. Well, hopefully it will all just "work" fo you. It has been my experience that often things that look good on the screen run into trouble in the real world. Even just printing one of each of these will likely take a week and that's assuming nothing needs to be tweaked. Like I said, I hope I'm wrong and they all fit together perfecly on the first try.
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