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  1. When I ordered, I received an e-mail confirming my order. I did not receive an e-mail about it shipping. Just logged into my account on the site and it shipped on the 9th. Not sure why I didn't get an e-mail. I even checked my junk folder. Weird.
  2. Huh. Mine is 19784. No ship yet. Not iin a huge hurry...
  3. Atari Age is mentioned in this one. https://www.cracked.com/article_26722_6-video-game-cons-that-shouldnt-have-fooled-anyone.html
  4. I’ve designed a socket, but cannot find pins, so haven’t posted it. Do you have an idea on where to get pins?
  5. Micro center sells 16gb MicroSD for $2.99.
  6. Right. The part that is inside the computer, not the part on the end of the cable. i have also wanted to make this. Actually, the plastic isn’t the hard part here. Finding a source for the pins is where I had issues.
  7. @DavidMil you might want to see if you can find someone with a resin printer that can print this. They actually aren't that expensive, but it looks to me like the resin they use is more toxic than PLA printer filament. I know now very little about them, but looking at the specs, it looks like they can print things that are much finer than a filament printer.
  8. @jacobus, is that someone posing in a military uniform on the upper right shelf?
  9. I mean, this is a great deal and all, but why 2 screens? Couldn’t we get it for $6 with only one screen?
  10. How can I tell (without disassembling) which ont my 800's have?
  11. I have a kryoflux setup and am happy to dump anyone's collection if they want to send it to me. If it is a matter of cost of postage, let me know and I can help there too. If you have something that hasn't been dumped. PM me. I'd love to help!
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