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  1. I also got a notice in the middle of the night that it was local. And I just got notice that it is coming today.
  2. Mine is in Jamaica. Jamaica, New York, that is.
  3. While we're waiting... Survey on how one pronounces Lotharek... @flashjazzcat pronounces it loTHARek. Up until now, in my head, I've been pronouncing it lotharEK. Thoughts? Mine also says: Processed Through Facility -> Your item has been processed through our facility in ISC NEW YORK NY(USPS) USPS Says it is in transit.
  4. The real question is what does real hardware do? It should do what that does. If real hardware takes 1, 2 or 3 frames to register a button, then the emulator should too.
  5. When I ordered, I received an e-mail confirming my order. I did not receive an e-mail about it shipping. Just logged into my account on the site and it shipped on the 9th. Not sure why I didn't get an e-mail. I even checked my junk folder. Weird.
  6. Huh. Mine is 19784. No ship yet. Not iin a huge hurry...
  7. Atari Age is mentioned in this one. https://www.cracked.com/article_26722_6-video-game-cons-that-shouldnt-have-fooled-anyone.html
  8. I’ve designed a socket, but cannot find pins, so haven’t posted it. Do you have an idea on where to get pins?
  9. Micro center sells 16gb MicroSD for $2.99.
  10. Right. The part that is inside the computer, not the part on the end of the cable. i have also wanted to make this. Actually, the plastic isn’t the hard part here. Finding a source for the pins is where I had issues.
  11. @DavidMil you might want to see if you can find someone with a resin printer that can print this. They actually aren't that expensive, but it looks to me like the resin they use is more toxic than PLA printer filament. I know now very little about them, but looking at the specs, it looks like they can print things that are much finer than a filament printer.
  12. @jacobus, is that someone posing in a military uniform on the upper right shelf?
  13. I mean, this is a great deal and all, but why 2 screens? Couldn’t we get it for $6 with only one screen?
  14. How can I tell (without disassembling) which ont my 800's have?
  15. I have a kryoflux setup and am happy to dump anyone's collection if they want to send it to me. If it is a matter of cost of postage, let me know and I can help there too. If you have something that hasn't been dumped. PM me. I'd love to help!
  16. It’s pretty incredible how much stronger 3-D printed things are along the X and Y axes compared to Z.
  17. Have you considered printing sideways with supports to make the tabs and screw holes stronger?
  18. A friend had the dual Amdek 3" drive. That was pretty impressive BITD. Those seem to be pretty rare. I've only ever seen one on eBay.
  19. Yep. Me too. Probably my first program. Checkbook balancer? Pass. Bubble sort? Yeah maybe someday, but not now. Seagull over the ocean with sounds? Count me in! Cool. It worked. Now I need to save it. Memorex tape and 410 to the rescue!
  20. I have a cupbord full of pills like that too. Can never find what you are looking for....
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