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  1. Heaven, do you stop old sfx before playing new one? F.
  2. I would like to see anything from Jaguar to modern consoles like Wii. We have RMT, G2F, MADS and Atarimax Mega Carts so I don't see any problems. I would start with something not so difficult like Quake or Starcraft (estimated time to complete the whole game two weeks) and then I would port more complex games like Crysis (estimated time three weeks, may be four). F.
  3. Some training: 442,300. Many thanks to Shannon for instructions! BTW, there're some enemies missing in your list. For example this beast: . I really don't these two with rapid fire: . Most dangerous are probably these two as they shoot nukes: . I hate the last one especially as it can be invisible...
  4. 243,800 Red levels are pretty tough! Edit: 313,450 I got past all 50 screens!
  5. Please run this test program on your Atari to detect all banks and let me know. F. _Fandal, your program reports 83, 8B, 8F, A3, A7, AB, AF, C3, C7, CB, CF, E3, E7, EB, EF, and FF. BTW, my list had a typo. I listed A7 twice. The second one was supposed to be E7. Also I tried Satantronics' XRAM program. It found the same banks minus FF and it found an error in bank 83. I asked a friend to test his Wizztronics and he received the exact same results. 15 banks detected and an error in bank 83. This upgrade is only 256K total. Shouldn't there be 12 extended banks? Thanks for your help, _Fandal! - Steve Sheppard Oh, yes. The old problem with 192kB machines. Please read this thread. There're two versions of Commando for 192kB systems. Hopefully version with no detection or version with improved one will work on your Atari. F.
  6. Please run this test program on your Atari to detect all banks and let me know. F.
  7. 261,000 I know I can do it better as my personal best is 400k+ but it seems I'm a little bit out of form. F.
  8. 1134110 but I couldn't beat level 64 even with 11 lives and rotary controller... F.
  9. http://atari.fandal.cz/detail.php?files_id=3587 (INP) http://atari.fandal.cz/detail.php?files_id=3514 (CCI = compressed CIN) F.
  10. No ja bych o necem vedel. Blizi se nam Forever a pri te prilezitosti se muzes realizovat obrazkem, hudbou, intrem a dokonce i demem... F.
  11. http://atari.fandal.cz/search.php?search=l...utt_details_x=x F.
  12. Difficulty 1 is too easy for me. I reached 1.000.000+...
  13. Hi Fandal Could you please describe the procedure used to dump a cart using QMEG? Thanks! It's very easy. Just insert the cart, turn computer on and jump to QMEG (SELECT+RESET). Then jump to monitor and use command for writing memory to D1: device: $ADR>$START_SECTOR.$NUMBER_OF_SECTORS. I used APE and this command: 8000>3.80 (write memory $8000-$BFFF to disk from sector $03 - note that you're in hexa mode!) as I didn't know if the cart was 8kB or 16kB. This works for non-switchable carts only. If you want to dump switchable cart you must use some dumping program. Sounds easy? There's one small problem. You must be able to jump to QMEG. But boot of QMEG doesn't have higher priority than boot of cart (like standard Atari OS). In other words: when you boot from cart you won't be able to jump to QMEG. I usually use this dirty trick: I hold SELECT+RESET when turning computer on. And sometimes the computer is not booting from cart when I leave hold of. Then I must hold those two keys again and I'm able to just to QMEG. The only problem is that one must still hold those two keys for the rest of action. I know it's pretty ugly and dirty and I'm sure a lot of users here will describe you much more safer ways how to dump carts... F.
  14. Here it is. I've just dumped it using QMEG. It's standard 16 kB cart. F. AtariArtist.zip
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