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  1. My unmodified PAL 130XE. My house, May 22, 2011, Czech Republic, Central Europe, Earth. F.
  2. You don't need any special HW if you want to play MidiMaze on two computers. You must just connect some pins on SIO ports. F. So, you can get a sio cable and rewire it to connect between two ataris? Is there a pin out online on how to wire the cable? -mike I'm sorry but it seems that my information wasn't correct. There is no nullmodem device in original version of MidiMaze. It is possible to connect two Ataris using nullmodem only with version patched by Raster. F,
  3. You don't need any special HW if you want to play MidiMaze on two computers. You must just connect some pins on SIO ports. F.
  4. I think that level 5 of TDF2 should be quite easy for experienced players but level 7 is a real challenge even for author. I beat level 7 in original version several times (you must destroy 99 enemy dreadnaughts) but I haven't been able to do that in TDF2 so far... F.
  5. This port of Space Harrier is one of the best A8 games of all times! Congratulations!!! Bla, bla, bla, bla, bla.... Emkay, do you know what is your biggest problem? You have no RESPECT for everyone who is not doing things in your way. You have shown that so many times and I really wonder if anybody here on AA cares what you say. I do not. F.
  6. Great, thanks a lot! Could you post some details about the EXE/cave structure and/or the source? so long, Hias OK. More details. My utility uses BD engine compiled by Homesoft which is able to handle up to 47 levels. Number of caves is stored in the last byte of engine data block. The first cave is strored at memory address $60F0, the second one on $62F0, the third one on $64F0 and so on. I don't have any source of engine itself, I just received compiled binary and instructions how to use. All my work was to write that short PC DOS program. F. ENGINE.ZIP
  7. For those who care: I wrote simple PC DOS utility for creating A8 standalone executable binary from BD Kit "CAV" and "INT" data files. Many many thanks for help to Homesoft!! F. BD.zip
  8. Hi all! If you like great shooter The Dreadnaught Factor by Activision, it could be interesting for you to check my hacked version called The Dreadnaught Factor II. Seven brand-new and pretty powerful dreadnaughts are waiting to crush you... 5200 version of TDF2 is available here. F.
  9. Two loose carts. Tested and working. F.
  10. Hi all! Here comes hacked version of my favourite A8 game "The Dreadnaught Factor" with brand-new powerful ships. I hope you will like it though I was not able to fit my 5200 hack into 8 kB. And BTW, A8 version of TDF2 will be released soon... F. tdf2.zip
  11. One XM version for me, please! Thanks. F.
  12. I converted all those games from tape images downloaded from Atarimania. You can extract BASIC files from those CAS images as well if you really need all BASIC and binary files saved separately. But it would take some work. I usually use Sectorcopy 1.5 for copying disks. It is very primitive tool but it works fine. And you can try to read bad sector for unlimited times by pressing START. Check the attachment. F. Sectorcopy_1.5.zip
  13. Hi! I created file versions of all those Blue Ribbon games some time ago. You can find them on my site. Anyway, your disk is really corrupted, though you can run something. Boot your disk with BASIC on and then type RUN "D:CASTLE0" or RUN "D:MAZE0" or RUN "D:DARTS0". Castle Assault and Darts seem to work fine, Nightmare Maze loads but it's corrupted. Diamond Mine and Screwball seem to be dead (MINE0 and SCREW0). BTW, I think that your orignal disk is medium, not single, isn't it? F.
  14. "Ne že by na tom záleželo, protože ceny se neudělují, ale potěší to a člověk má hned motivaci pustit se do něčeho dalšího." Tak to mas dobry, ze Te takove vysledky motivuji...
  15. Therealbountybob is right. You must initialize Pokey on real HW after disk operations using this construction: LDA #$00 STA $D208 LDA #$03 STA $D20F F.
  16. _Fandal_

    Your top five

    Raiden Tempest 2000 Worms Skyhammer Flip Out (no kidding) F.
  17. You are looking for this: http://raster.infos.cz/atari/hw/ramcart/ramcart.htm - one of the best and most underrated A8 HW of last decade. F.
  18. I stay speechless. This is AWESOME!!! F.
  19. I could not resist to participate as Gremlins is very high on A8 top 50 list... I reached level 99 and I think that I can play it forever but I lost motivation... F.
  20. OK. Raster is not going to do that so someone else have to. Let me introduce Robix, the best game from ABBUC SW Compo 2010. Yes, Robix didn't win the compo (it scored the 4th place) but even authors or Ocean Detox (1st place) and h3x0r Deluxe (3rd place) know that results are joke and real winner is Robix. I think that someone had to say that finally! Robix is original game, not just A8 remake of PC games, like Ocean Detox, h3x0r Deluxe or Jewel Bits. It was two years in development and it is a great horizontal shooter (the first real A8 shooter in more than 15 years) for one or two players. Especially dual mode is really fun because there is interaction between players, which is something very unusual on A8. The game has four stages with final bosses (the boss can be hit only in eyes area!) and all stages can be completed separately. Please note that you get better weapon or additional energy if you kill all enemies from a wave - so shoot 'em all! Robix is not easy game but it can be finished with some training. It just need some practice (like Zybex). Happy gaming and please, share here your comments, feelings, opinions, experiences, etc.! This thread is closed for Mr. Mario Krix aka emkay. We all know that you hate Raster (because your every second post here on AtariAge is "RMT is shit!") and that you hate Robix. So you would only repeate yourself again and again (as you usually do) and nobody in this thread wonders what you think about Raster or Robix. So, please, just stay away! F.
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