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  1. Congratulations, ABBUC members! Good to you, if you think that Ocean Detox is the best game of the year. F.
  2. Hi all! OK. Here is file version of MidiMaze for 256 kB machines. Enjoy! Many thanks for help to Raster who tested my file version on real HW in network mode "Midimate" and to Kjmann who tested it in network modes "R1: (850)" and "XM310"! F.
  3. I wish I was NOT a programmer.

  4. I wish I was NOT a programmer.

  5. It's a good game and a great demo! Demo? F.
  6. It seems somebody must love my FreeCellXE here, huh? F.
  7. OK. I just prefer PayPal but credit card is fine for me as well. Four units for Czech Atari Strike Force ordered! F.
  8. Check Digitpress site, easter egg section. F.
  9. No. It doesn't work for me on any real HW. F.
  10. I'm not sure but it seems you're right. You probably would need two 850's... F.
  11. Hi all! I have been asked several times if file version of MidiMaze for 256kB machines is possible. The answer is YES and I'm willing to create it but I would really need some help this time as I don't have 850 interface nor XM301/SX212 modems. Can anybody here help me with some tests on real HW? You would need two machines with at least 256 kB of expanded memory plus proper interface... Anyway, I'm not 100% sure but I would like to make clear this simple question: how many computers could I connect with 850 interface or XM301/SX212 modems? I suppose just two. Or am I missing something? And one more question. Did anybody ever tried MidiMaze in network mode using 850 interface or XM301/SX212 modems? I know Midimate ring works perfectly as I played this great game using Midimate interfaces but I have no idea if other network modes are fully implemented as well. Any info would be greatly appreciated... F.
  12. Except in those cases where the jumper is removed and the base RAM is switched out. I think that you still don't get it... F.
  13. Hi all! Here is the way how to trigger easter egg in Joust: power console on and press select, then press 53x (!!!) joystick 1 down and then press 41x joystick 1 left and wait for hidden credits... F.
  14. Try my 32 kB XEGS cart image. I works fine under emulator but it needs some testing on real HW... F. sinistar_xegs_32kb.zip
  15. OK. After some dissasembling, branstorming and many tries I found hidden invicibility mode in Planet Smashers (as Mitch asked me some time ago). And now how to do that step by step (tested in emulator and on real PAL HW as well): 1) insert very carefully your Planet Smashers cart into console 2) set left difficulty switch to the right position and right difficulty switch to the left position 3) hold Pause and power console on 4) just relax, listen to great title screen music and wait for toplist screen 5) wait for 4th best score to appear and then you must set left difficulty switch to the left position and right difficulty switch to the right position simultaneously 6) text "Planet Shmashers.... Programmed by: James V. Zalewski Datafast Computer Services 1989" should appear and hidden invicibility mode should be active. Many thanks to GroovyBee for some useful informations about switchable 7800 carts. Enjoy! F. P.S. Hey, we really need 7800 emulator with build-in monitor!!
  16. Yes, it is possible to create file version of MidiMaze. But I don't have any Atari modem or Midimate interface so I'm not able to test all functions of any conversion and I don't want to release something unfinished. F.
  17. 698,310 I'm the best! End of discussion! F.
  18. Hi all! I finally found some time to create file version of boosted Mean 18. Original cart was 128 kB so my file version requires 256 kB of expanded memory. Enjoy! F.
  19. 641,900 Please, do not force me to play it again! F.
  20. Not just yet... ..Al So it is planned. Great! F.
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