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  1. Uff. I tried to finish the game three times with different versions but the game crashed when I tried to pick up the key in the eighth house. Could you please share your version of Electrician here? F.
  2. Cool! So the game has some ending. It seems I should release fixed binary and I have to try to beat the game as well! I always dreamed about it... F.
  3. What does it do? Tempest Just displays "THE SECRET MESSAGE" text... F.
  4. Hi all! I've just found an easter egg in this version of Dig Dug. I'm not sure if it is known but I coudn't find any info anywhere. Just for sure: hold trigger on joystick 4 in the title screen and press OPTION... F.
  5. Hi! Yeah, I know this problem. The game crashed for me as well when I tried to beat it in emulator. I always wanted to finished this game as a kid on real HW but it's pretty tough game in higher levels. So I tried it in emulator with heavy saving and I was very surprised it crashed when I entered the eighth house. I thought I had a bad version but it seems all versions have the same problem. I analyzed your state file and there's a bug in the code causing overwriting the stack! See the attachment for fast fix. You can enter the eight house now but I'm almost sure the game will crash sooner or later again because the stack is growing every time you enter a new house. But may be there is some end of the game? F. atarisav_fix.zip
  6. I've just tested SI on my PAL console and the good news is that it works fine. Yes, there's some garbage on bottom scanlines but the game doesn't crash, even sounds are OK... F.
  7. Level 21 from community set is unplayable for me. It can't be finished in 60 seconds... F.
  8. OK. I tested it on Painter game and here is my resume: it's just a semi-professional product, definitely it's not beter than original controller. Two main plastic parts do not fit very well in some areas and ergonomics is very problematic in my option as the bottom of the controller is almost flat. Yes, one can access A, B, C buttons a little bit easier than on original Jaguar controller (probably the only real plus of Boomerang) and a small stick can be pluged into D-pad (good idea!) but PAUSE and OPTION buttons are pretty difficult to press as they are too small and too low. The worst part of Boomerang controller is D-pad, in my opinion. Its sensibility is not very good and it must be pressed with too much power. Numpad is missing completely. It's rare but I would say it doesn't worth buying. F.
  9. walter_j64 (can't remember exactly how his screen name goes) bought one and he still hasn't received it yet Well, I was more lucky as I received this controller last week... F.
  10. A little bit OT.... http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...E:X:AAQ:GB:1123 What about this? F.
  11. pics please, so I can drool until mine arrives...
  12. I've just received the special edition cart! It's awesome!!! Professional box, manual and overlay! Thanks a lot to the Painter cart team! You maniacs did a great great job!!! F.
  13. Holy cow! You took the words right out of my mouth with The Last V8!!! Damn that thing was near impossible!!! I remember coming home from K-Mart with it -all excited then booting up the machine, playing for 3 seconds or so and then wanting so bad to kill all of mankind in a fit of rage I haven't experienced since I was 10. (Sorry to endanger everyone, back then, mentally!) Was fairly nice graphics etc but the controls just were not compatible, like playing kaboom with a digital joystick. Who knows it might have rocked with paddles! Great call! F.
  14. Hi all! I really like this version with 4 players support, unfortunately there is a bug in animation causing some garbage on the screen. As nobody seems to care, I had to fix it by myself. See the attachment for fixed version. I've just added 8 instructions and changed one JMP instruction. I think it was the only serious bug in the program so it is fully playable now. Enjoy! Yeah, this is my very first post in 5200 forum! F. RealsportsBasketballRev1fixed.zip
  15. Yes, SW calculations are slower than HW ones, but I was able to save 512 cycles per frame via some optimalizations in the original code so I would say that my hack is running on the same speed as original game. But I'm not sure. No benchmarks were done. F.
  16. Just one note: HW multiplication or division is called on 19 different addresses in the code of AF3D as it is NOT necessary to use construction STA $D503 NOP NOP NOP NOP LDA $D50X. You just must wait at least eight cycles for results after storing value into command register and it does not matter how the code spend those eight cycles. F.
  17. Ladies and gentlemen, here we go. All HW calculations were replaced by SW ones so now you can play this (average) game without Super Charger cart. Enjoy! F.
  18. i have received your email and will be in contact when payment should be sent, i have notr made anything up yet so it will be a little while. this is just the ordering stage 2 special editions left OK then! F.
  19. PM sent yesterday but no response so far... F.
  20. Instead of redesigning, you might want to use the original form. Here's level 56 from the ZX Spectrum version: I've tinkered with the Spectrum Deflektor a little, and noticed two bugs in the Atari version: 1. In certain positions the Atari version reflects the laser beam differently from the Spectrum one. That's the reason for the level 18 being unsolvable, and it might also break the level 48 (didn't check though). 2. On the Speccy, you may stop the spinning mirror; on the Atari, you can only change its spinning direction. I think that makes level 22 unbeatable. I don't know how much work would it take to fix those two, but i doubt it would be worth it. Ouch, you've got me! I didn't know Deflektor was ported to Speccy. Anyway, I redesigned level 56 according to your screenshot. So there is a new version, hopefully the last one. Thank you very much for your help! F. Edit: it the attachment you can find fixed cart image as well. Deflektor_fixed.zip
  21. Mysterion Preview was written two years ago and original idea of point-and-click game based on snaps from real world was cancelled very quickly. Some initial works on another type of point-and-click project were done in 2007 but no progress has been done since last August. But the project is not dead. I'm just waiting for PG to draw approximatelly 32 original screens... F.
  22. Hi all! Two years after releasing file version of Deflektor I'm back with new version of my conversion. Writing level editor for Deflektor I realized that four levels in original cart image were not accessible at all. Levels 18, 22, 48 couldn't be finished due to bad design and level 56 was partially overwritten by some garbage. I think authors of Deflektor knew about those problems as level 18 was remaped to level 58, level 22 to level 01, level 48 to level 11 and level 56 to level 04. See the screenshots for more info. Level 18 couldn't be finished as the ball in the right lower corner couln't be hit. I had to relocate one mirror to fix this problem. Level 22 couldn't be finished as the rotating mirror in the center of the screen makes it impossible in time limit. I had to set mirror to non-rotating one. Level 48 couldn't be finished as the laser couldn't be bounced to the left part of a screen. To make it possible I had to add one brick. Level 56 was partially overwritten by some garbage so I had to redesign it. I just hope you like it. New fixed version of Deflektor can be found in my archive. Please update your personal collections... Regards F.
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