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  1. Wheres the pink film that covered the Silver on the console? When the 5200 was new, that pink film was on it and was to be removed by the owner. It was there to prevent scratching. It doesnt look like your console has it, so you wont be able to sell it as new IMO. The photo here is my basically new 5200. It has the pink on both the console and controllers and looks like it just came from the factory. Box is also nearly perfect as is the internal packaging.
  2. I bought a box of games and these are the duplicates that Im looking to sell or trade. Let me know if youre interested and well make a deal.
  3. Update Found another 5200 thats not a clean but much cheaper. Its $65 and comes with 4 boxed games (PacMan, Centipede, Football and BluePrint). If anyone wants this, let me know. Ill be picking this up tomorrow morning and will test it out.
  4. Your profiles says youre in Canada, so l doubt this was yours. Im in Los Angeles and theres LOTS of old Atari stuff out here.
  5. Im picking this up in the next 24-48 hours and dont have a need for nearly all of it. The only thing Im buying this for is the Power Adapter Box shown in one of the photos. Im missing that to complete my personal 5200. The Power Adapter Box and the plastic wrapping on the console, is NOT included but everything else is. Ill test it prior to any payment, so well know what were dealing with but the system and box look fantastic. If youre interested, let me know.
  6. That’s the one. I bought Pepsi Invaders from Marc and he tossed Garfield in as a bonus.
  7. Today my copy of Pepsi Invaders arrived and it looks pretty solid. My final quest will be Atlantis II, but Im getting a little discouraged. If you got one with all the bells and whistles (box, letters, etc) let me know and maybe we can make a deal. Have a great weekend everyone. I also decided to test my Track & Field game/controller and included some shots of that too. Loved the game in the arcades but its not the same without the pencil ✏
  8. I got a Garfield box today. I’ll assume it’s a repro since I don’t think they released the game. Kinda cool though
  9. Sadly, I plugged in everything and the joysticks didnt really work. Both fired, but one didnt move left or right and the other only went right. Looks like someone will be rebuilding some CX10s in the future.
  10. That second photo is Zylons board. Im pretty happy with my purchase and will work on finding the box, plug, etc. Havent tested the sticks yet. Will try to break out the system this weekend.
  11. Opened it up and gave it a decent cleaning. Ill plug it in and give it a test tomorrow
  12. 59420K Owned by some dude in El Segundo, Ca
  13. Paid a lot more than I wanted to ($70) but I picked this up last night. Im beyond happy with the condition on this one and its the cleanest one Ive ever owned, which is convienent considering I sold my last Sixer last month. So now Ill wait for the universe to bring me some HEX Discs to top these sticks off with. Im 45 and Im thinking Ill get them in time to enjoy my social security checks. Im on my way to building a complete system and need the box next. The paddles find their way to me from time to time, but the box and packaging arent easy. I do have a really cool Fedco Receipt from Christmas 1977 for a full priced heavy Sixer that will add nicely to the package. If anyone has a really clean Chess Piece box and internal packaging, let me know as Im interested in buying it.
  14. Thats what I thought. So why are people bothering me asking me to cancel their order? Whatever. Selling on eBay is a hassle, but so is buying stuff from some of the sellers on there. Its a place that used to be cool, but Im having a much better experience on OfferUp and LetGo these days. But I live in LA and my job takes me all over Southern California, so I have access to lots of stuff.
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