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  1. As the title, anyone in the UK got a 5200 for sale.
  2. marauder666

    PAL60 ROMS

    9 out 10 times ebay will side with the buyer.
  3. marauder666

    PAL60 ROMS

    It's at his cost. Doesnt work on PAL - not as described. NTSC carts work on RGB modded PAL 2600s.
  4. marauder666

    PAL60 ROMS

    If you report to ebay an item not as described, ebay will give you a return mailing label, and the fee will be charged to the seller. They do in the UK, not sure of Germany, but suspect it's the same.
  5. Could the 2 people with issues post a picture of the underside of the board, so we can see the solder joints clearly.
  6. I've got a 1988 Sony BVM-2010P, which pre dates all the digital circuitry they got later, just 15khz output. PSU, high voltage and output circuits have all been recapped, but the input boards are stock. Looks amazing, would you like some pics of it running some consoles, and a PAL 600XL with UAV. XL will have to go through a Koryuu as monitor has no s-video inputs. Pictures from this can look like emulation with scanlines. It's very sharp, due to the fully adjustable convergence potentiometers. Never see many articles about it, as its so old, so might be good to preserve some pics of it running.
  7. Cannon Spike is good, but not for that sort of money. I thought money laundering, its not. Market manipulation. Long video, watch it all.
  8. The heatsinks we got off the fb-dimms are 10mm high. Pleased with the picture through the Koryuu, only issue is it decodes the s-video similar to a modern display. Can’t get the correct brown ground on Commando, which I can on the little pvm through s-video. The colour drift is interesting, in that it varies so much on NTSC, PAL doesnt. PAL needs setting to warm, cool stays cool. I’d rather have the drift than the very annoying colour rolling on PAL though. Will be looking at that next, but doubt it will end up satisfactory, a very non electronic solution, might end up with a dead console.
  9. The board layouts are totally different. Neither are perfect. PAL suffers badly from colour rolling issues with certain colours which is temperature related in the Maria, TIA output doesnt have the problem. NTSC has very slight interference issues, again varies with temperature. Check the thread I posted above, its long, but lots of experimentation was done on a few machines over 6 months.
  10. Or UAV and connect the composite out. French Peritel version is a PAL console. We modded one for better video, in the process ended up removing the RGB board to see what the stock video was like with our mod, it had the best s-video we've seen from any PAL 7800. Shame the owner wanted RGB output which was much worse even with a few mods we put in it. Somewhere in this thread is the French console. NTSC 7800 has much better picture than the PAL one with any s-video or composite mods.
  11. Don’t. video quality is terrible. It just badly converts the internal luma/chroma into rgb.
  12. A pic for @Muddyfunster
  13. I've noticed the NTSC 7800 is more sensitive to temperature changes. The colours always start off cool, and then warm up. I've ended up setting the colour trimpots when the system has been on 30 minutes. Also, theres some interference on solid colours which varies with temperature, I've noticed this on ZPH 7800, and it also occurred on Juansolo's with UAV through the Koryuu. Maybe the Koryuu makes it more visible than a straight S-video connection would. This could be related to the horrible colour rolling the PAL machine has which is also temperature related. I'm going to test the Koryuu with my NTSC SNES using S-video to confirm its the 7800. As it is now, the picture on the BVM with our own s-video mod is the best I've seen from a 7800, picture was better with UAV into a panel, but I'm not using it like that. I can put up with the little interference, its 100x preferable to the colour rolling on PAL.
  14. That switch looks like it has 6 contacts, maybe soldered together vertically?
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