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  1. My PAL 600XL had the all the video components fitted, a bit annoying when I came to fit the UAV. I took the entire stock circuitry out. Fully socketed too.
  2. I use Cisco or LiteOn branded PE-1170-1SA1 5V 3A PSUs for MiSTer, PiCade, and XL/XE with the appropriate DIN connector. Work very well.
  3. Thats excellent. i’ve no experience of programming an attiny, how do i go about doing it?
  4. I have been setting up offline roms for the last few weeks, so thats probably when it happened. Thanks.
  5. Video mode keeps resetting back to NTSC after every cold boot. Font settings are ok. Working on another cart with 1.1 firmware. Tested on 7800 and 2600, same on both.
  6. Got a French 7800 with the lid off here at moment with a VF2085B and it crashes in Ballblazer with Dragonfly. 9134AV Date code. Made less than a year before you second one, nearly two years after the first. 196903 ??? no idea VF2085B part no. I'll check the others later today and post the codes, maybe we can see a pattern. We are making a big assumption that its the Maria that causes the issues, when theres logic chips and a CPU to contend with also.
  7. No it wasn't, that was Muddyfunsters and that one works fine.
  8. PAL machines strike yet again! C64 fix for non running carts also doesnt do anything on ours. I've suspected all along the PAL 7800 has board layout issues, its so different to the NTSC, doesnt have the big power and ground traces.
  9. Save revision board as all the PAL ones we've had. Yours does have a EPROM OS, not same as mine or Juansolo's. W5,W6 jumpers are different, but thats due to the EPROM needing an inverted CS signal. Think Muddyfunster's was like yours. Does it have a printed Atari logo on the top, or is it embossed? Regarding audio, you should run the audio through 2 8.2k resistors from the right side on those pads on the board, connected together at one end to the wire going to the AV mod. In fact 6.8k to 10k would be fine. Ideally run the wire through a 1uf capacitor, unless thats on the mod.
  10. The VCS side is terrible currently. When John comes round, we'll undo the bodges from the factory on the TIA luma signals and revert it to a standard PAL setup.
  11. It would be good to know where the "CA" cap from the Sobola NTSC schematic was added to the back of the actual board. Then apply this to the PAL ones we have problems with. Tried on the MARIA, but maybe it needs to be at the other end of the address bus, or a few smaller value caps, on the different chips A15 is connected to, and probably on the cart slot. PAL 7800s are really crap. But not as crap as a French SCART one, with super bodged "RGB"?? output.
  12. Lynx coming soon too. The mister is the best piece of modern/retro hardware i’ve ever bought, it never ceases to amaze.
  13. Hard to see, but the flash of the molding was still inside the plastic cup. Holes and prongs dremeled to easily accept the prongs on the Dragonfly. The build quality on these later PAL 7800s is pretty bad. I was shocked to see even the plastic moulding of the cup and slot aren't as good as earlier ones. The French one will be s-video or composite into an internal converter, I'm 99% certain. The converter won't be as good as the Canon we have. Had the Canon apart yesterday and added a sync stripper circuit to the output, so it works through the Extron switcher which doesnt work with sync over composite video (SCART standard). It's now CSYNC output. Interestingly, it's all Sony parts inside, some dated 1991, in a 1996ish Canon product. Bet Sony sold them the PCBs from an earlier product they made. Its very well made. Was hoping to find a jumper on the board labelled NTSC/PAL, but no luck.
  14. It's back, and the Mac has started syncing them to the hard drive Thanks.
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