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  1. I'll go against the current here and claim that LRG and their imitators are the gaming equivalent of Beanie Babies. I could be wrong, but if companies are purposedly creating a niche market and "restrict" access to their products today, there won't be as many people looking for them in the future.
  2. You're super kind to be looking out for me. I saw those and I do have a WTB thread on NA. The one on top has the wrong cart, so the overall value is not justified at all. Basically it's a loose "non-anime" in a "anime" box. Luckily I found a more interesting listing. Missing the manual but I can piece it out later.
  3. Hello. Looking to purchase both variants of Gun.Smoke on NES, CIB or CB. Priority is the "anime" cover art since that's the one that drew me in as a kid. Also looking for some CIB, CB, IB or just B black box games (variants don't matter): CIB 10-Yard Fight CIB Balloon Fight CIB Baseball CIB Donkey Kong CIB Donkey Kong 3 CIB Donkey Kong Jr CIB Donkey Kong Jr Math CIB Duck Hunt CIB Excitebike CIB Golf CIB Gumshoe CIB Gyromite CIB Hogan's Alley CIB Ice Climber CIB Kung Fu CIB Mach Rider CIB Popeye CIB Soccer CIB Stack Up CIB Mario Bros CIB Tennis CIB Urban Champion CIB Wild Gunman CIB Wrecking Crew
  4. As with the NES, there's a generational thing going on. The thing was most commonly referred to as "The Atari" the same way my parents/grand-parents later called everything a Nintendo, so you know that was a huge mainstream culture impact right there. It became folkloric. It's also from a sex, drugs and rock n'roll era for videogames, giving it that little extra stylish edge. And I cannot overstate that the hardware limitations lead to a lot of experimentation and creativity, which serves to deliver truckloads of shine and charm to games of that pre-corporate period. Epicness and realism have long taken over but surely now that we are past the point of blindly tunneling forward technologically, most people realize that modern high tech games CAN co-exist with experiences developped with more modest means. Thus pixel art has made a triumphant return, indie games are popping everywhere and homebrew devs keep working on pushing out games for systems they love such as The Atari and the NES, to name these 2.
  5. ReallY? o.o Tough sale without the long boxes, yeah. On the other hand, actually complete copies are pretty expensive these days. What do you have?
  6. I played it on NES. I out-capitalismized the others to hell. And then 12 months are over and the game ended and I was never sure wether I had won or not. If the goal is to be the richest at the end of the cycle, then I won all the games lol if not, then I failed miserably.
  7. Just got done with FF III DS. Good stuff. Story doesn't matter much since this is a remake of a primitive Famicon RPG. Orphan boy raised by village elder hears the voice of a crystal, sets off to save the crystals and the world. I'm not big on job/class systems usually but I tremendously enjoyed this one. There are specific parts of the game that are near impossible without the right jobs and I really appreciate that this gave me the direction I required to look for the better party combinations. I found a strat which almost breaks the game and I was able to beat it with fairly low levels and 0 grinding other than walking around and exploring the dungeons thoroughly and it felt pretty rewarding to have this shit figured out without guides. It involves using a seemingly unpopular job, and I went looking for tips and strategies after I beat the game (just to compare) and no one mentions it anywhere.
  8. A M*U*L*E* Thread!?!?! Ok I'm not playing. But can anyone confirm that the game ends with the colony abandoning you on the planet? Like, I wasn't doing anything wrong as a kid?
  9. I have never emulated the 3DO. But your post is interesting to me. As a "rare" 3DO enthusiast myself, I wonder why one would just play emulated 3DO. I find it hardly believable that someone, anyone would be in it just for the gameplay. There are very few true exclusives in the library since most the actual good games are ports from other platforms like the PC or Arcades, or have been ported to other systems like the PSX and Saturn. Are you building a system that emulates every possible game and platform?
  10. I just sold off about 20 titles I knew I wasn't going to play with, ever. Stay posted tho I still have plenty of good ones to post here.
  11. Hell and Wolfenstein have memory managers you can access. I think maybe Phoenix 3 does, too. Get and FZ-10 and you'll have it built in.
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