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  1. I'm sure they planned it, but I don't think you could even comfortably use a low capacity drive at USB 1.x speeds. USB 2.0 dramatically increased the speed from 12 to 480Mbps The connector changes are annoying too. Because every time they change it, I end up needing a pile of new cables I need to connect things. I know USB-C is supposed to be the ultimate connector, but realistically there are many devices that still have the old ports, so now I need USB-C <-> USB-C cables, but also USB-C <-> USB-A cables, and probably also USB-C <-> microA because there's still lots of portable devices using that
  2. I did complete the game last night! First time I attempted the final boss battle, I only took the black knife tiche ashes and we almost beat it, had Elden Beast down to 15% health or so when I died. And it seemed like an unexpectedly peaceful battle. So I figured if I could get that far with spirit ashes, then it would be cake with a pair of NPC players. hahaha.. no! Most NPC summons were pretty useless against it, and suddenly the battle wasn't so peaceful anymore. I got to a point where I said I'd give NPCs one more go and then I'll go back to using the Tiche ashes. This time I got two NPCs wielding large hammers, and I was using a large hammer and we pounded both phases to death fairly quickly. I got what is supposed to be the rarest ending too! But not exactly a happy ending.. oh well!
  3. Yeah I searched all around the Rahdan area too. But I guess if he's there, then he's supposed to be near the site of grace. Next place is supposed to just south of the Carian Study Hall, near where you drop down to get to Jarburg, but he wasn't there either. I didn't notice him the first time I checked the lava pool, but I have this habit of not walking through lava... Fortunately this lava doesn't do huge damage and you can easily survive it. He was near a rock or island where you could stand to get out of the lava. I think that helped hide him so you couldn't see him from the shore. True, but detective work needs clues and some of these encounters require way too much chance. Maybe the game could send clues your way.. if you haven't visited an NPC in awhile maybe someone in the Hold or Melina could mention something about them to remind you they exist, or you have a dream sequence when you rest showing one of them in peril which might motivate you to seek them out. I guess I missed that battle. It did seem like I got through the Miquella Haligtree portion too quickly, but I wasn't really motivated to go back there and explore more either If my best weapons could barely put a dink in the dragon's health, then I would just skip it. Because with all the flying they do makes it hard to get hits in for melee players. Sometimes I'd return and kill them later when I was higher level and the fight was more fair. That's what I did for the frozen lake dragon, and the dragon in the center of Caelid.
  4. USB 1.x is slow as hell. I don't think it was really designed for mass storage devices, more for attaching things like keyboard, mice, game controllers that didn't have high bandwidth requirements.
  5. The HHGTTG book was published in 79, the game in 84
  6. I thought I messed him up too, couldn't find him near the Carion Study Hall where he was supposed to be after Radahn. But I didn't look for him until much later in the game. I eventually did find him in the lava pool near the Seethwater River Terminus site of grace in Mt. Gelmir. You might have to kill the magma boss first if you haven't already. He was in an alcove behind a rock so it wasn't immediately obvious that he was there, and you have to walk through lava to get to him. But I did hear his voice as I approached. In general I don't mind From's subtle approach to these things, but if you have to resort to a wiki to finish the quests, maybe they are too opaque? Yeah some of the late game enemies can make even maxed out weapons feel useless. I decided to skip the dragons in Azula. Sick of dragon battles! Are you stuck in Miquella's Haligtree, or Elphael Brace of the Haligtree?
  7. Hitchhikers Guide for me as well. Not sure if I finished it, but I got pretty far in it. As to why.. I read the writeup and interview with Doug Adams in Electronic Games magazine. Then I found the book in the school library, started to read it but had to stop or I would have burst out laughing in the library and gotten funny looks. Bought the game soon after. I also enjoyed Enchanter and Zork as those were among my first text adventures. But after that, I had a few others but I was having less and less desire to play these games let alone finish them. Guess it wasn't the genre for me.
  8. I get they don't want to be like other AAA games and keep a journal for everyone you meet and what they want from you. But still the NPCs should give you a better idea of where they're going in case you do want to follow their progress, because sometimes they go to places you've already explored and have no reason to go back to. Like that blind girl who eats "grapes".. lost track of her after the encounter in the ruins. One day I decided to look up what happens to her. I had no reason to visit her next location because I already been through it. But I finished her quest only because I looked it up. Same with Alexander the Jar guy. Same with Ranni. I tried to do the same with Nepheli, but I think I failed on that one. Maybe this NPC model worked in the older souls games that were more linear and focused so you would be more likely to run into NPCs again, but it doesn't work so well in an open world game.
  9. Was that the girl in the shack outside Stormveil Castle? If so she's supposed to ultimately go to Roundtable Hold and upgrade your Spirit Ashes. It's a big loss if she's dead. Or was it the girl near the bridge to Weeping Peninsula? I think she dies even if you do manage to find her father. I'm trying to find Nephali. Last I saw her she said she was leaving Roundtable Hold, but I never ran into her after that. I found out you can summon her as an NPC for later boss fights if you complete her quest. So now I'm backtracking. But can't find her in any of the places she is supposed to show up. I wonder if I wrecked her quest?
  10. In just about every Souls game, (but not Elden Ring) when you talk to NPCs they always chuckle at the end of what they say, even when it doesn't seem appropriate "Oh hello mate! Bwahahahaha" "Would you like to buy some pyromancies? heh heh heh" That's fine sometimes, but it happened in almost every interaction in some of those games and got kind of ridiculous.
  11. Let's be honest here, it's all the ribbon cables of the era that were a pain in the ass and made it hard to put the case back together properly- they always seem to protrude just enough to be a problem. Then you have to press them down and make sure none obstruct the CPU fan. Ugh, thankfully SATA came along and helped a lot.
  12. Spoke to soon.. There's a hidden area beyond the Cathedral of the Forsaken in 'Subterranean Shunning Grounds' that has one of the worst of these areas I've seen, not only do you have to jump onto beams, but then you have to platform between stones hanging off the wall that are easy to overshoot/undershoot. And it's a long way down. All this to find an NPC. Speaking of, how are you supposed to complete most of these NPC quest lines without resorting to looking up the answer? They'll move to random areas of the map and you'll only stumble across them by chance. Or maybe you'll return to them later to find them dead and you don't know what you did or didn't do.
  13. They will all run on the same PC Which emulators did you download for 2600 and 5200? Stella/atari800, or something else? For 5200 emulators I think you will need a copy of 5200.rom for its firmware, but 2600 won't need that.
  14. My first game was entirely strikes and spares which never happens, so better for me More realistic? Not so sure. The ball does seem less likely to curve than the wii and will go exactly where you aim most of the time.
  15. It really depends on how the scanlines / CRT emulation is implemented. I've seen it done well, and done poorly. Sometimes the scanlines are just too harsh, they shouldn't be 100% black, they should be dimmer than the line above and below it. Sometimes the scaler screws up the scanlines. And there are other aspects to CRT emulation than just scanlines, but scanlines are a good start. When done well, I think they do enhance things. Remember the game designers tweaked their games to look good on this type of display. When you view these games on high-res displays they often look more pixelated than they did on the original display.
  16. I really hate how so many of these late-game bosses need strong spell-casters to take them on, and they end up doing most of the work for you. Like with Maliketh, I try to rush in and get my sword hits in, but he does bleed damage to me in the process then leaps away, way out of my range- then I have to run off quickly and heal so I can stay alive and keep the battle going. You can do that? I thought once you consumed a Furlcalling Finger Remedy to see summon signs you could no longer use spirit ashes, even if you couldn't find a player to summon?
  17. Congrats! I just defeated Maliketh last night, hope to wrap the game up by the end of the week.
  18. I don't know, back in the 80s Atari days, friends were getting new games what seemed like every week. Games were typically $19.99-$29.99 (about $59 and $89 today according to the inflation calc). We were not rich by any means. After the crash, many games were marked down to $5 and our collections really swelled. One big thing that was different was most games were arcade-style and your game lasted 5-10 minutes before you'd try again. So maybe by the next week you are tired of it and looking for something else. These days gameplay lasts many hours. If you only play a couple of hours per day, these games can take weeks and months to finish. For example I've been playing Elden Ring for two months and have 200+ hours in. I'm not buying another game until I finish it. In the 90s I was gaming on PC, but still buying games faster than 3-4 per year. I don't know if things were more expensive on the console side, but games were already much longer than the early 80s games so there may be less of an itch for people to want new games. During the early 80s videogame boom the economy was pretty bad- high inflation led to high interest rates causing a severe recession. That didn't stop us from getting games or going to arcades. Ironically, the game crash happened just as the general economy was recovering. If you think about it, games are a cheaper form of entertainment than taking a family out to the movies or a major-league sports game/amusement park/broadway show/etc. So I think that's why they can do ok in bad economic times. The economy wasn't great in the early part of the 90s either, the "90s boom" was the last half of the 90s coinciding with the dot-com craze and rush to fix every system for Y2K. Not for us kids. We were always amazed when the newest game or newest systems pushed graphics a little bit further. Although I remember my father was not impressed with the graphics, he'd complain "these games don't look like anything!" Oddly enough, he eventually took a liking to Qix, which had minimal graphics even by the standards of the day. As for rooms full of games.. I don't know how common that really is. I think a lot of game youtubers and online streamers do that as a backdrop for their videos. And I'm sure some collectors do that. But I don't know if it represents the average gamer.
  19. Thank you! This looks like the most comprehensive doc to date that we can point new users to when they have questions about dual-booting, bios password not working, or installing Batocera. One question though, Does Mint just resize the Batocera partition, and Batocera still works after? I really wish the Batocera installer could handle installing to a partition. Seems lazy to do it the way it does.
  20. In every Uncharted game and similar games like some of the Tomb Raiders: You are racing against some rich person to find a legendary treasure. The rich person has the means to have an unlimited army of well-armed henchmen. Pro-tip: if you weren't paying for huge private armies in the first place, maybe you wouldn't need to find legendary treasures to fund them? Despite the fact that the protagonist has no armor whatsoever and limited ammo, he/she is able to single handedly take down every one of these military-trained tough guys, but when they encounter the rich guy at various points in the game, they can barely lay a scratch on them.
  21. Good to hear. Many indie games get lost in the shuffle on Steam or the console stores. Putting them on VCS can give them a bit of a spotlight. I never would have heard of games like Darkside Detective or Sydney Hunter otherwise.
  22. Ah, yeah I have no idea if Amiga SDL supports hardware acceleration, or maybe the programs don't take advantage of it properly. You mean as in your old software is no longer useful? Most programs are written to deal with changes in speed. You might find some 1980s DOS games that are unplayable because they run too fast, but things written in the late 80s and beyond were forced to deal with this issue. I think changing content is a big one. I can't tell you how many times Microsoft Office has changed their save formats, saving in the newest version by default, requiring everyone to update to the newest version to continue exchanging documents. Also changing web standards has rapidly made old web browsers obsolete.
  23. yeah, and other studios will be like "guess we have to make 200 hour long games too!"
  24. Just finished off Malenia with help from co-op. After more attempts I see she does have some bullshit moves she pulls out from time to time like turning into the flower and landing next to you giving you no time to get away It is a strange fight, sometimes it's relatively peaceful and I barely take damage until late in the fight, other times she was much more aggressive and I'm healing constantly having a hard time getting hits in.
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