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  1. HaPpY HaLlOwEeN HaCk: Zombie Invaders (Space Invaders Hack) You're a police officer sent on a call to investigate a report of vandals at Bachelors Grove cemetery. This is Halloween night, and Bachelors Grove is known to get a lot of vandals around this time of year. You park your squad car at the entrance of the cemetery, and enter the front gates. Soon you come upon two bodies. They are ripped up, and appear to have been mauled by some kind of animal. There are wolves in the area. As you inspect the corpses, you hear rustling and wet gurgling sounds coming from further in the cemetery. The wolves may still be in the area. You unholster your gun just in case. Looking towards the direction of the sounds, you see movement a few yards into the cemetery. Dark shadows, but in the moonlight, you can see glowing yellow eyes. First one pair appears, then another, then another, and soon more glowing yellow eyes appear. Standing up, you aim your flashlight at the moving shadows. The flashlight lights up a horrific sight. Rotted and decomposed humanoid forms slowly moving towards you. Their arms outstretched, with skeletal hands grasping at you. You pull out your gun and open fire. The bullets cut through their bodies, ripping off chunks of flesh and bone with sprays of black blood as they fall. You take all of them down. All is now silent and still as you reload your weapon. But the silence doesn't last long. You soon you hear the faint sounds of more rustling and gurgling echoing through the cemetery again, and getting louder. Then you see another group of these rotted things coming towards you. You don't know why this is happening, but you know you can't let any of these things get past you out of the cemetery and into town. ZombieInvaders.BIN
  2. A terrorist organization has hacked into and taken control of the defense satellites of the United States. The satellites are now targeting the major U.S. cities they are supposed to be protecting, and attacking them with high energy lasers. Your mission is to take a armed shuttle up into space to take out and destroy the hijacked satellites, and stop the attacks against the cities. Aware of your goal to destroy the satellites, the terrorists have moved the satellites into decaying orbits, which will make them fall back to Earth. Being nuclear powered, these satellites will now be turned into falling nuclear bombs if they get past you. If even one gets past you, all will be lost. So don't let any satellite fall out of orbit past you! To help protect you from the satellites lasers, there is some space debris from old booster rockets that you can use as cover. KillerSatellites.BIN
  3. You're a thief. Armed with nothing but a flickering torch to light your way, you venture into the dark caverns of the Minotaurs Lair to steal the hoard of gold within. MinotaursLair.BIN
  4. You're the mouse. Eat the cheese. Avoid the cats. CatChaos.BIN
  5. You and 4 friends decided to join the raid on Area 51 looking for aliens. Not a good idea. Now your 4 friends and you have to get back to your van and escape Area 51. Your 4 friends first, each one at a time, then you. On your way to your yellow van, you must avoid running into aircraft hangars, spotlights, soldiers in red battle gear, and scientists in biohazard suits. Running into any of these things will slow you down, and subtract points from your score. You start with a score of 50,000. You will have a little help along the way. During the raid, some of the aliens have escaped containment and are running loose around the base grounds. If you grab an alien, you will be invincible to objects for a short time. There are also captured UFOs on the base as well. If you manage to find one, you will be totally invincible on your way to your van. Your friends and you each have 1 minute to reach your van. If any friend or you are unable to reach the van within that time, you and your friends will be captured and arrested, and the game will be over. If a friend makes it to the van in less than a minute, the next friend or you will get the extra remaining time added to your time. Area51Escape.BIN
  6. Edited the player sprite to look like a Jedi with a lightsaber. I have no skill to edit sound on 2600 games. Maybe someone, like maybe Dr. Clu, can replace the ball hit sound with a lightsaber-like swing sound effect. StarWarsJediLightsaberTennis.BIN
  7. Replaced the skier graphic with a snowmobile. Snowmobiling.BIN
  8. Back at it again with another hack. This time I take Berzerk underwater with Deadly Depths! You're a scuba diver venturing through underwater caverns while tentacles reach out of the darkness from unseen creatures to attack you. DeadlyDepths.BIN
  9. After his revenge, Custer had a duel! CustersDuel.BIN
  10. Replaced the gun fighting cowboys with fireball casting mages. Getting hit by a fireball will burn the player to ashes. Slightly changed the wagon graphic. And turned the 1 player target sprite into a skull. DuelMages.BIN
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