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  1. Replaced the skier graphic with a snowmobile. Snowmobiling.BIN
  2. Back at it again with another hack. This time I take Berzerk underwater with Deadly Depths! You're a scuba diver venturing through underwater caverns while tentacles reach out of the darkness from unseen creatures to attack you. DeadlyDepths.BIN
  3. After his revenge, Custer had a duel! CustersDuel.BIN
  4. Replaced the gun fighting cowboys with fireball casting mages. Getting hit by a fireball will burn the player to ashes. Slightly changed the wagon graphic. And turned the 1 player target sprite into a skull. DuelMages.BIN
  5. Player is a eskimo collecting blocks of ice to build an igloo with. Avoid the hungry roaming polar bears. Collect the wandering penguins for bonus points. PolarPanic.BIN
  6. Dungeon Of The Mad Mages. A fantasy themed hack of Berzerk. The player is now a gallant archer. The robots have been replaced with cloaked, fireball casting mages. And Evil Otto is now a grinning skull. DungeonOfTheMadMages.BIN
  7. Beefed up the player's character. Robots are now tank-like with rotating turrets on treads. And Evil Otto is now a robotic droid. Berzerk2019.BIN
  8. The Goombas have kidnapped Baby Luigi and Mario is out to get him back! Kangario.BIN
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