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  1. Nice! Remids me a bit of Rodger from American Dad.
  2. Drone Jinks UFO Jinks DroneJinks.BIN UfoJinks.BIN Dragon Jinks DragonJinks.BIN
  3. Basically how Pac-Man would be in a pandemic. PPE-Man.BIN
  4. Just a quick hack. All the characters are wearing PPE masks. PPE-Q-Bert.BIN
  5. No portable version because the portable version would not run with the changed building graphics. Demonfire.BIN
  6. Credit to Nukey Shay for the portable mods of the original games these hacks were made from. BeamriderReimagedPortable.BIN SpaceInvadersGroundForcesPortable..BIN WipeoutEnduro26XXPortable.BIN
  7. A swarm of asteroids have come through the Earth's atmosphere. Protect your city from the falling asteroids as long as you can. AsteroidArmageddon.BIN
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