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  1. Only people from the Midwest should know who horror movie host Svengoolie is. SvengoolieTennis.BIN
  2. Just re-done the graphics. Got tired of the same old alien images. SpaceInvadersSecondWave.BIN
  3. A little BSG love to the original Cylons, not those cone headed jokes. BigHeadedCylonTennis.BIN
  4. Ghosts will spin to pitch and hit. SuperPacGhostBaseball.BIN
  5. Anybody still play Atari BASIC games on their 400/800/XL/XE? Was thinking about writing a game to see if I can still do it. I remember my submissions to ANTIC Magazine. The 8-bit Treasure Guide had Saucerian Shootdown. And the Atari Goes Hollywood issue had Sorcerer's Apprentice. Fun games for BASIC games. ANTIC was going to publish more of my games, but they went belly up after those 2.
  6. Hmm... That I didn't know. Will have to see if the PAL version works in Bit Hacker, that's the program I used to edit the sprites.
  7. I'm sure Nukey Shay & Dr. Clue could probably do it easily if you ask them. :)
  8. Thank you, TrekMD. First thought your name said Tmek. Love that game. Best one on the 32X!
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