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    Mostly old school games. 2600, 5200, 7800, C64, Atari 8-bit computers, Colecovision, NES, Genesis, Gameboy, NES, Retron 5, Emulators, PS2, Wii, Various incarnations of Rockband, and guitar hero. DDR. I also love fighting games.
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  1. I can't seem to find any record of it existing but I remember clearly playing a bar top River Raid at my mom's work The Blue Goose Inn when I was a kid in St. Clair Shores, Michigan.
  2. I have a wierd issue with my roller controller. It works perfectly fine on Slither, but the buttons become almost completely unresponsive for Centipede. To me this makes hardly any sense at all. It's baffled me for years.
  3. My brain doesn't like swinging the wii controller around.

    1. Skippy B. Coyote

      Skippy B. Coyote

      That's why they include the wrist strap with the Wii remote, so you don't hit yourself in the head with it. =)

    2. carlsson


      Too bad the Atari Mindlink didn't work out, your brain probably had liked it better.

  4. My Updated 2600 game list 1 Air Sea Battle 2 Airlock 3 Amidar 4 Armor Ambush 5 Asteroids 6 Astroblast 7 Atlantis 8 Basketball 9 Battlezone 10 Bermuda Triangle 11 Berzerk 12 Blackjack 13 Bowling 14 breakout 15 Buck Rogers 16 California Games 17 Carnival 18 Casino 19 Centipede 20 Chopper Command 21 Circus Atari 22 Combat 23 Commando 24 Cosmic Ark 25 Crossbow 26 Crystal Castles 27 Dark Cavern 28 Dark Chambers 29 Defender 30 Demon Attack 31 Demons to Diamonds 32 Donkey Kong x3 33 Double Dragon 34 Dragon Fire 35 Dragster 36 E.T 37 Enduro 38 Fast Food 39 Firefly 40 Football 41 Freeway 42 Frogger 43 Frogger II: Threedeep 44 Frogs and Flies 45 Galaxian 46 Gorf 47 Grand Prix 48 Haunted House 49 Homerun 50 Ikari Warriors 51 Journey Escape 52 Joust 53 Jungle Hunt 54 Keystone Kapers 55 Laser Blast 56 Mario Bros 57 Maze Craze 58 Megamania 59 Millipede 60 Missile Command 61 Mouse Trap 62 Ms Pac-Man 63 Omega Race 64 Othello 65 Outlaw 66 Pac-man 67 Pele's Soccer 68 Phoenix 69 Pitfall! 70 Qbert 71 Raiders of the Lost Ark 72 Reactor 73 Realsports Baseball x2 74 Realsports Tennis 75 Riddle of the Sphinx 76 River Raid 77 Seaquest 78 Skiing 79 Sky Jinks 80 Smurf 81 Solar Fox 82 Solaris 83 Space Attack 84 Space Cavern 85 Space Invaders 86 Space Jockey 87 Space War 88 Spider Fighter 89 Spider-Man 90 Stampede 91 Star Raiders 92 Star Voyager 93 Star Wars Empire Strikes Back 94 Starmaster 95 Street Racer 96 Super Breakout 97 Superman 98 Surround 99 Swordquest Earthworld 100 SwordQuest Fireworld 101 Tac-Scan 102 Tennis 103 Title Match 104 Towering Inferno 105 Vanguard 106 Video Chess 107 Video Olympics 108 Video Pinball 109 Warlords 110 Winter Games 111 Yars Revenge 112 Zaxxon
  5. The Redemption is basically the same thing as what Bohoki does except he often ads a start button. I use original, and two bohoki adapters for my 2 makopads... I don't like the angle the makopads dpad is on though. I look forward to trying other solutions when I'm no longer broke.
  6. I finally figured out how to play Mappy correctly... better late than never.. lol

  7. So, as a kid I used to have Frogger 2. It was one of my favorite 2600 games. At one point I think I accidentally knocked it onto the floor and stepped on it in middle school. A few weeks ago I wanted to get another copy and was discouraged by how high it was priced on ebay. I ended up finding a copy that had a really crappy label for a lot cheaper than the other offerings. It had what looked like coffee stains, tears, and a name written on it in black sharpie. Sorry about the poor image quality, it is from the original auction photo. I restored it using a rubbing alcohol wipe to remove the name (don't try this on a regular printed label it will remove the ink from that... I used it on the metallic part) a silver sharpie to make all other corrections. I then cleaned it up nicely... check out the restored version.
  8. no doubt! I do hope that the XG-1 works on the C64.. that would be cool, although it may not... I saw one site that said it didn't but that was translated from German so who knows.
  9. okay, I saw this Amiga lightgun by actionware on ebay. It's still live: http://www.ebay.com/itm/NEW-Commodore-Amiga-Actionware-Light-Gun-Gray-Phaser-/272807926381?hash=item3f849e9a6d:g:NrAAAOSwutpZlGZK The gun looks exactly the same as my xg-1 lightgun. It even looks like there is red left from a peeled Atari sticker. Also, note the insane price (dunno... seller may just be delirious). I read somewhere that Actionware often repurposed and resold nintendo zappers with their lightgun games. I haven't seen evidence of this, but it sure as heck looks like that is what they did with the xg1 here. Now I'm wondering if the xg1 works on the Amiga and C64 or if there is some mod done to the guns. I have a c64 and I love lightgun games so having it work on another computer would be a plus. I'm also thinking... heck... maybe I should just do the mod and sell my xg1 for 120 bucks on ebay lol (okay not really but there may be others that might want to).
  10. Okay, found my old Iphone 3 and loaded it up with Stella Got a New Brain, and Worship the Woodgrain to be Frankensteined to the Supercharger on the 2600!

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    2. Flojomojo


      Mykgerard, you just used the phone as an MP3 player, right? So no reason it HAD to be a 10-year-old device.

    3. mykgerard


      yeah, I had a few old iphone 3's laying around and taking up space and I didn't want to put the mp3's on a device I actually listened to because I didn't want an earful of loud obnoxious code.

    4. mykgerard


      Good_Times I'm not quite getting the connection to joysticks.


  11. mykgerard

    RetroN 77

    What I'd like to see is a conversion module that connects into the cartridge port that takes 5200 and 7800 games. It would come with a controller that has a D-Pad and an analog thumbstick as well as two buttons, start, pause select and a numpad. Extra controllers available for purchase. Subsequently they could also even release an intellivision and colecovision conversion module using the same controller design. I'd be in heaven!
  12. Hehe. I've never even played it.
  13. I just wanted to write a quick blog entry here to show my intention of acquiring a Defender Arcade cabinet someday. This game means to me more than I can properly convey. My younger brother Joey, and I (he much more than I) played for countless hours on the Defender cabinet that they had on the pediatrics floor of St. John's Hospital in Detroit, Michigan. Defender is a really complex game which really takes a lot of practice to get good at. Joey was really great at that game despite often having to adjust his technique because of where his IV was on any given day. Cystic Fibrosis took him away from us when he was 10. He wasn't able to grow up, graduate high school or get married and have kids, but he was a wizard at Defender.
  14. mykgerard

    Nearing 100

    done, in the least ceremonious of ways... lol as you can see in the pic... half of my Carts are not that pretty.
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