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  1. It was 3d sprites on a 2d map and as for the map its self I think if I remember correctly chucks of levels took place on a single map so levels 1-20 or so would take place on the easy map then there would be a medium map and a harder map and so on.... my memory is from only seeing an hour or 2 of game play and also talking about the game with my friend just recently and what he told me about it. Oh and about the scrolling yeah you the player were always in the middle of the screen and the map moved around you... kind of like how the map works on runescape only there's no mini map and you move using WASD.
  2. Nah That game has way too much of a story to it the game I'm looking for is pretty one note and the graphics weren't as good as that either.... the camera was fixed at an angle (like 80 degrees) although I think you might be able to zoom in and out I don't remember....
  3. It might be a little new for you guys as its a windows 98 game I believe although it could be as new as xp but I doubt that.... All I remember is my friends playing it allot in the early 2000s... Heres what I remember... It was a knight in shining armor standing in a field of grass and on some levels dirt or a blown up battle field and surrounding the player on all sides (you saw this from a top down view) were hundreds of creatures sometimes they were zombies sometimes they were demons sometimes there was a boss or 2 mixed in.... the goal of the game was simple... survive as long as you can... to do this you start out with a sword but you get stronger and stronger weapons the longer you last and there must be 30 or 40 different weapons all the way up to the games version of a BFG that cleared out a giant circle around you.... I can give a few more details if you ask questions and before anyone brings it up no it is NOT diablo or diablo 2 I looked into those already.
  4. An Imac is obsolete but an Atari 2600 isn't? I'm confused.
  5. Okay thanks I guess. EDIT: would I get more use out of it by upgrading to OSX or should I stay on 9.2.2?
  6. I voted for woz because he designed and soldered the first few apple computers (possibly soldering upwards of a few hundred of them) so my vote goes to the man who physically built apple not the man who marketed it.
  7. Funny someone on this forum would suggest that site as it's basically piracy (and this forum is highly against that from what I've heard) I want to buy actual CDs even if they are used off Ebay. And yes I know there IS a difference between abandon-ware and piracy but MacGarden doesn't seem to care about that difference. So I'd like to avoid them.
  8. Hi I have an imac G3 running Mac OS 9.2.2 and I was wondering... What the heck can I do with this thing? As of right now I found a copy of Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2 for it on Ebay and got that running on my mac but the keyboard controls make it unplayable. So I'm gonna have to buy a gamepad off Amazon. The thing is, I feel kind of silly buying a gamepad to play only one game. So please point me in the direction of more games that run on this system. Thanks allot, Linksys.
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