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  2. This all is awesome. And IntelliJ IDEA has a built-in support for vim! Just great. Did't do much of coding though, since I'm still studying this: http://www.unige.ch/medecine/nouspikel/ti99/titech.htm. A huge thanks to all who made this possible!
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    That's the explanation. I saw some features, that weren't discussed here. This project is so awesome. I hope it gains popularity again. So my thanks go out to Tursi and Rasmus also. I feel kind of intimidated among all these living legends in here. It was used here: http://atariage.com/forums/topic/168968-f18a/page-30?do=findComment&comment=2639821
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    Hello Metthew, well, as you already know, I also read all of the 34 pages! Twice!! *kidding* - "I'm impressed!" is a really weak expression for it - Wow! Regarding your statement on the "F18B" (like Rasmus humorously suggested ), it's a firmware update, and would be something like V1.9 or V2.0, right? So people on your waiting list wouldn't get an 'old' version of the F18A-board, only a version with firmware V1.8, which will be updateable to your new "F18B" version someday? And thank you for the hint at the http://js99er.net regarding a fully working emulation for the F18A. I didn't know it, and this info never showed up in this thread IIRC. @Rasmus: Very very impressive! And thank you for the hint at the IDE (https://www.jetbrains.com/idea/) - Do you use the free version of it and do the xdt99 tools support F18A, or do I have to use "DATA" for the GPU-part? Btw: What did you guys all do from Fri Apr 5, 2013 12:54 AM and Sat Apr 25, 2015 10:05 PM? A two year gap - really? Is there another thread the discussion went to? Regards Andreas PS: what is RPG?
  5. Lee, thank You very much for your reply. I have to admit, my posting here has been a little premature. I did some more reading and also followed the links You've posted. Your answers were perfect, at least You've tried hard, because my questions arose from my still almost infinite ignorance regarding the basics of the TI-99/4A design, so You couldn't done it any better. Sorry for that. A bit of an eye-opener was this page here: Link My respect is now even bigger regarding the restrictions you all have to overcome by dealing with this 'interesting' - well - peculiar hardware design. I'll do some more research and reading before I'm going to post here again. So you guys don't have to guess, what I might want to know Thanks again Regards and see You Andreas
  6. Hello guys, sorry for bumping this old thread, but this thread's topic ('baby steps' ) seems the best place for my question. I've been reading this forum now for days and am very very impressed! I'm trying to write TMS9900 assembler, but never done this before. Ralf (FinalGROM99) pointed me to this place here. Thanks a lot - it's a gold mine with an impressive Guru concentration. ** OMG - I'm not worthy ** Few minutes ago I finally managed to run my first assembly program It's being started from the XB2.7 Suite -> Writer/Assembler and does nothing meaningful and is still a bit buggy. I just wanted to check the speed of the TMS9918A by throwing chars into its memory - Awesome! But here's my question: How can I link my object file now in order to get an executable - so I can start it from a disk via a load command? Here's the code: DEF START * VDP Memory Map * VDPRD EQU >8800 VDPSTA EQU >8802 VDPWD EQU >8C00 VDPWA EQU >8C02 * Workspace WRKSP EQU >8300 R0LB EQU WRKSP+1 * Program execution starts here START LIMI 0 LWPI WRKSP RSTR CLR R4 LI R4,>0020 LI R1,>4000 LOOP LI R2,768 CLR R0 MOVB @R0LB,@VDPWA ORI R0,>4000 MOVB R0,@VDPWA SWPB R4 AB R4,R1 SWPB R4 CLS MOVB R1,@VDPWD DEC R2 JNE CLS DEC R4 JNE LOOP LIMI 2 JMP RSTR END In general I would also like to know, what the best "IDE" would be for developing in assembly language? I would really appreciate any help. Thanks a lot! [EDIT] I'm using Classic99 and waiting for my nanoPEB to arrive Regards Andreas
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