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  1. I figured as much, which is why I'm not pulling the chip right now. I just don't know anyone with a scope in Waco Back to buying yet another cassette drive, I guess. Anyone have a known working one, with the tools/patience to get these 2 working? I'll trade 2 non-working 410's & a non-working 1010 for a serviced & fully functioning drive of any type.
  2. No scope The service manual says a DVM (with AC capabilities) will work, but response time will be slow. It says to look for 10MV P-P, but I'm going to assume that's 10mV P-P. Makes more sense to look for 10 "mili"-volts instead of 10 "mega"-volts. Attempting to use my DVM, I get no response whatsoever for the full range of head adjust. So, either my DVM isn't up to the task, or something is blown on the board
  3. Thanks Got new belts in, and have a marked improvement, but still had turn/stop/turn/stop during play & record. Your suggestion about the rollers was great as that was the problem. Swapped it out with a good one from another non-working 410 and now it turns smoothly during play & record. Still unable to find a good suggestion for lubrication, so I used WD-40 sprayed onto a q-tip, then carefully applied to rotation points & then allowed to settle. Cleaned up any remaining residue with alcohol to make sure. All that done, and I still can't load anything. That's 4 drives (2 1010's & 2 410's,) 2 computers, and 5 cables (counting each 410 as a cable.) Tried with 2 different games (only ones I own,) and 3 blank tapes (save/load a short basic program.) All result in a time-out (Error 138) on load attempts. And, yes, I was making sure I was loading the games correctly. I am currently playing head adjust... That is, start with head alignment all the way down, try to load. 1/4 turn, try again. Rinse & repeat. Any other suggestions?
  4. OK, I'm on my second 410 cassette drive. The first one seemed to be working fine, but wouldn't load anything (although I could faintly hear it trying.) After taking it apart to check the belts, I noticed a tiny wire was broken off from the read/write head. Several days "trying" to re-attach it and I finally gave up and bought another one (OK, it was several weeks as I was also saving up for one.) It comes in, and has problems turning with any regularity. Well the belts on the first one looked rather new (they were mostly round, and seemed tight.) So I swapped them all out (all 4.) Now it turns, but not smoothly (still not working obviously.) But visually, there is a clear problem. So, just in case, and because they were rather inexpensive, I have more belts on the way. But was thinking that all I might need is to re-lubricate the turning points. Only, my searches have been fruitless trying to find the proper lubricant to use. Anyone have any suggestions? Also a guide to where to put it would be helpful. I think I have a fairly good idea, but any suggestions would be apprciated. Thank you.
  5. Asking price (negotiable) $750 includes shipping to continental US states. It weighs a LOT, shipping is approximately $100 just for that. Will ship internationally, but expect the shipping cost to go way up Might be better to use a re-shipping company in that case. A few years ago I won this in a drawing, and was really hoping to keep it But financial issues getting my main line vintage systems up to where I want them precludes that. It works great and only has 2 issues. The blue hinge caps are removed (but included,) so I could find out why the left hinge wouldn't lock. The hinge is missing the metal studs that keeps it from turning. The right hinge locks just fine. May be an easy fix, or may need a replacement. Also the keyboard sometimes will print multiple characters on a single press, and occasionally won't register at all. All the keys work, if your careful, though. Ideally, someone near Waco, TX will buy it and come pick it up. Figure 300 mile radius with current cost of gas & average mileage to save money on shipping (assuming you have the time to drive for 10-12 hours to get here and back.) But Austin, Dallas, or Fort Worth should be an easy choice sx64.3gp
  6. Have you decided what "exactly" the daughter board options will be? I see (in the images post, previous page,) a VGA daughter board & a TMDS daughter board. I have to admit, that I've never heard of TMDS until now. The research (Google search,) I've been doing seems to indicate it's an intermediary for HDMI and DVI. The image looks like a HDMI port. Were you able to work that out? Or will you be shipping it without the port and letting the end user worry about that? It doesn't look like there's enough room to put a DVI port on it, but if so, will it be DVI-D and include the audio signal? I'm assuming HDMI will include the audio. I'm sorry if I missed previous answers to these questions. I don't remember reading anything about them, but I might have missed some posts, and I might just not be remembering.
  7. From looking at the pictures, Note 2 may not hold true in every case any more
  8. Pheonix

    WTB: TI PEB Cards

    I can do SMB soldering, but very slowly.... Have to do it manually. The problem with the kits are that there are parts that just cannot be obtained any more For some, I was able to find close approximations that were the right size, but there were a couple I just couldn't find anywhere. Even the close approximations, I can't be sure would actually work. They should, but I just don't understand enough about electrical engineering actually know. One part, at least, would require hacking in something else, and hoping the replacement (which wouldn't fit normally, didn't cause a failure. Which is why I decided to start looking for one that was already put together.
  9. Pheonix

    WTB: TI PEB Cards

    I'm trying to remain with the TI-99/4a's native system as much as possible. Both the Myarc & IDE cards (with TI99-geek's DSR,) pretty much maintain the 99's system (meaning a 248 MB cap on the HDD.) So, even my smallest IDE drive (assuming I don't purchase another one,) will end up losing over half it's size (it's 2G.) But, still, 4 drives at 248 MB each for my TI would be rather huge.... Or with the Myarc card, the 60 MB drives I've tracked down (that are both half height & MFM,) would be a considerable addition. The TIPI (along with all the other alternatives I've looked up,) instead just have pseudo DSKx drives set up.
  10. Pheonix

    WTB: TI PEB Cards

    Wanted to buy a Speech Synth adapter card and IDE card for the TI-99/4a PEB. A Myarc HFDC card instead of the IDE card would also be acceptable, but figure the IDE card would be more likely. Also thinking that an IDE to CF/SD adapter is probably easier to come by than an MFM version Also, does anyone happen to have the measurement specs for PEB cards? Including thickness to fit the slot comfortably? Too thin and connections are iffy, too thick and it becomes too tight.
  11. I'm wondering how hard it would be to modify one to: 1) Accept the audio out from the TI-99/4a to mix with internal audio 2) Add an audio out to take the mixed audio to the monitor/speakers normally 3) Add a tape port pass through, so constantly plugging/unplugging it won't be necessary 4) Add a disable switch and allow direct control port pass-through (with built in Atari Joystick adapter.) 5) Finally, add in true headset plug (with either a separate headphone jack, or using a 3-channel plug instead.) Wouldn't mind a total re-creation either, considering the asking prices I've found so far. There is apparently a fairly active programming community, and with something like this available, I could see people writing some awesome software for it
  12. JS99er.net was a big help I don't yet have one myself. Been sitting here anticipating the MK2 for a while now. He had stopped production of the MK1 when I was ready to get one I don't think I'm ever likely to have an MBX system, though. Would love to dig into programming it, but just don't have access for testing/learning purposes. From what I've read, I really like the system, and I wish there had been more support for it in the past.
  13. Mainly for testing and programming purposes. At least, that's why I would like it. Can't, yet, really emulate the F18A either (that I've found, at least.) As an, admittedly amateur, programmer, I'd like to be able to program for those devices (at least as an option,) and test on my main PC before transferring to real HW for final testing. But that's just me
  14. Is there an emulator that emulates the MBX system?
  15. I know how to do that, in theory. Would be nice if Eagle had the tools for that (measure the trace lengths, then put in the crimps to make them all the same.) Will have to look into that.
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