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  1. Paper, cardboard, plastic... Not particular. Just something that would allow me to accurately cut/drill out the openings & screw holes.
  2. I would put the piece on the inside of the case if there is room. Less cutting into the case that way. An opening for the DVI & Audio plug and 2 small screw holes. Only the screws are visible on the outside, and black screws are fairly easy to find.
  3. If the placement is accurate with the back plate you linked, then that works great Just cut off the right angle at the end and drill 2 mounting holes. The that can be used as a template to modify the case. It's the measuring for placement that defeats me
  4. Not to scale and very crude, (not much of an artist,) but something like this: Manufacturing it would be a problem, though. Probably too much, but a measurement accurate template would be nice
  5. I would, personally, prefer a mounting plate. Carefully cut out an opening, then 1/2" to 1" 'away' from the openings, drill mounting screws. Less strain on the plastic, and you don't have a "tail" hanging out the back of your machine. I'm assuming that this one also disables the normal composite output as well. IIRC, the signal was originally produced by the chip this is replacing. I could be wrong about that, but I'm fairly sure I remember that the MK1 disabled it. Been to long since I read up on the MK1....
  6. My link now has 1-7 as well. :/ Last 3 finished uploading about the same time you posted.
  7. OK, only have 4-7 there right now, but am archiving the content (for those interested) at https://mega.nz/#F!1LomnQwC!RuM2MrUF0fbml4JKj7jBFg I'm trying to get 1-3 there at the moment
  8. Sent you a PM. I'll post a DL link once the share is finalized & ready.
  9. Perfectly understandable.... But one can still wish & dream, right?? One thing I'm glad of, now that I've started my search. From what I've found, it hasn't fallen into the hands of someone unsavory A list of things I expect some, um, bad-word-masked, person or group to do to anything & everything: 1) Pirate, of course, got to expect that, hopefully never happens. 2) Make an x-rated version 3) Hack the crap out of it, as a lark or joke, or just to be cruel in many cases None of those may happen as much as I'm implying, but I always expect it. That way, I can hopefully get a lot of pleasant surprises
  10. Right now, I can't even afford a reasonable price. At $95 for the original, and a reasonable markup for profit, is outside my budget. If I sold my PAL SX-64, then "maybe" I'd have the funds. If I did that, though, the first thing I'd have to get is a C64 to replace it. Though those are cheaper. The only reason I'd sell the SX-64 is to get other parts to complete the systems that are more important to me right now.
  11. OK, change would to could, and drop the FinalGROM option As for being clearly posted, I just read all 4 of the previous posts (in this topic) and didn't come across that information. I haven't done a full search for it yet, and this is the first I've heard about Dragon's Lair on the TI. The search has a very low priority and will come later, as this thread makes it clear that I'm not likely to ever have access to it at a reasonable price.
  12. What would be nice, all things considered, is if he would do another run. OR. Sell digital releases (for use with FinalGROM, or to make your own cartridge,) and the box & paperwork (if he doesn't have access to more cartridge cases.) I'd love the cartridge, but am more than willing to build my own if necessary. I would also love to have the paperwork (and box, but less so with the box.)
  13. It "looks" like your finger is touching a battery that is right above an EPROM (could be flash RAM,) of some sort. Would need to look up the part numbers from them to know for sure. I've also seen flash RAM in a casing like the one your are touching as well. Do you have the part/model number of the MB, and the 2 chips in question?
  14. I thought I was a pack rat Quite a bit there. I'd be interested if the shipping wouldn't be so expensive, and if you were parting it out. Afraid that there are only parts & pieces I'd want. Good luck, though
  15. Considering all that it comes with, the BIN $400 price seems extremely cheap to me. If I'd had the money, I would of snatched it immediately.
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