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  1. I know how to do that, in theory. Would be nice if Eagle had the tools for that (measure the trace lengths, then put in the crimps to make them all the same.) Will have to look into that.
  2. Someone wouldn't happen to have the dimension details of a PEB card would they? I'll lay that out into a CAD program with construction details
  3. Dang... Been trying to get my speech synth into my PEB for ages
  4. I wouldn't mind owning it as part of my collection... But, I'm not willing to pay that much for it. The game just doesn't look "that" interesting.
  5. I'm all for a reduced release with the rest coming as an update. Even better if the updates can be done without cracking the case again. Though I wouldn't mind installing a separate port for that if needed/possible
  6. I thought I was a member And, I think Farb already has my address, and not just approximate location
  7. Can't find the edit button... Going blind I guess. Changing the line "I'm always willing to dump disks" to "I'm always willing to dump disks for anyone that doesn't have the HW to do it themselves." Already dumped & uploaded (to various places) my entire library. The only Atari 8-bit disks I have were sent for me to dump, and the senders didn't want them back, I let them do the uploading - which they did. I have had people pay the return shipping on disks they sent me, but don't remember if any of them where Atari or not. I know I've dumped a case of Amiga disks, and shipped those back (but those are the only ones I remember specifically.) They were also the last ones I did. OK, found the Edit button for this post, guess it gets disabled at some point. After a response, maybe?
  8. I'm always willing to dump disks. I just can't afford shipping costs. I have a flippy modded 5.25" drive, a Kryoflux, and a 3.5" drive for systems that can use those (Atari ST, Amiga, etc...) I have had some (limited) success repairing disks, but won't do anything to a disk without first asking permission. Shipping costs can be pre-calculated with my zip (76706)
  9. Actually, many developers actually "charged" 3rd party producers (licensing fee,) instead of paying them I was just using it as a reference, though.
  10. With the 99/4A, would it work with a 720K floppy drive? It has been my understanding, that a lot of developers (of software as well as hardware,) in the past have outsourced system specific conversion/driver production to 3rd party developers. If a system that supports the 9918A has enough users, there is bound to be someone willing & able to write update/control software. I'm assuming that interface control information will be available. I imagine, probably, as a PDF, HTML, and/or text file somewhere.
  11. By "running" I meant powered up by, and providing GPU functionality to to host system. Basically, if the correct software was written for the host system, will it be possible to flash the firmware without using the USB? Either as a flash in place, or flash on next power up?
  12. OK. Looks like the only thing I would need/want to change is the sprite limit. Assuming allowing 32 sprites on a line would actually break anything, that is. So, the only thing left is flashing the firmware. Will the MK2 be able to flash itself while running? If so, then all that would be needed is the software to set it up & tell it to do so. Making the USB port handy (especially while there is no software available for a particular machine,) but not absolutely essential. Same thing with the scan-lines (I never enable those or use CRT filters, just my personal taste,) and sprites (unless it breaks something, just setting to 32 wouldn't bother me, personally.)
  13. Are you planning to have a USB port available on the 2nd board (with the VGA/HDMI port,) Or will removing it be necessary to update the firmware or change the user options? Not familiar off hand with the user options that will be available, are they just used to set it for the machine it will be placed in? If so, then the second part of that is moot point If it's just the firmware, I, personally, wouldn't have a problem with giving my system a tail until the firmware becomes more stable.
  14. 28 pages... Anyone remember if/what the estimated cost per unit will be? Got the money now, but with an unknown time table, I'd sort of like to know how much I'll need to try and keep a hold of.
  15. I'd like to get it, but won't have the money for a while
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