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  1. Backlit keys would be awesome for using it in the dark
  2. You could leave the FujiNet microusb plugged in so it remains powered when the atari is off
  3. Thanks! I don't think anyone has done a whole lot of research in this department yet so any info helps. We're pretty busy getting the firmware as stable and useful as possible. In the mean time, I ported a cross platform python based program that can be used to upgrade the firmware on FujiNets that I'm shipping (or any FujiNet with the same specs/schematic, 16MB Flash & 8MB PSRAM WROVER). Pre-built programs are available at https://fujinet.online/firmware/ for Mac & Windows. They should be run with elevated privileges so they can access the serial port. Connect your FujiNet to the computer via usb then choose the serial port in the program and hit "Flash ESP". The console window shows output of writing and when finished shows the boot msg from the ESP. Note, this will wipe everything on the FujiNet including the configuration. If you use an SD Card, the configuration should be saved there and will be imported when the FujiNet boots up. I'm also working on automating a daily build of the firmware. We have added some versioning code to the firmware and soon to the config program. Firmware version and build date/time is in a text file at the link above.
  4. as of right now there are 196 responses to the form
  5. Just a quick video of installing light pipes into the 3D printed FujiNet case. These aren't required but make the LED light look much better. The holes are big enough to fit 1.75mm filament in them. I used transparent NinjaFlex but you could probably use any transparent filament. Push it through until it hits the work surface, cut it leaving some extra and use a soldering iron at 230-250C to melt the excess flat.
  6. You can always update FujiNet firmware with the MicroUSB port no matter what state it's in. Yes, there are libraries for audio playback that could be implemented in the future as Thom said. I pulled in a simple WAV player just for a quick test.
  7. The only reason you'd want JTAG is if you were developing/debugging the FujiNet firmware. The port mates with the cable supplied with the Espressif ESP-PROG. The case is designed with a small thin area above the recepticle that can be cut out with a razor blade to allow the flat ribbon cable an exit. I do not expect very many people to need/want this port. If you don't know what JTAG is for, you probably won't need it 😉 You can always update FujiNet firmware with the MicroUSB port. We plan to implement Over-The-Air (OTA) updates which could be done over WiFi.
  8. I've created a new form on the FujiNet site to get a rough estimate of how many boards I need in the next batch for those who were unable to get one in the first batch. It's not a reservation or pre-order, just a way to gauge interest. https://fujinet.online/order-interest/
  9. I didn't think of this when opening the reservation. Sorry!
  10. The reservation form is now open until it's full. You can sign up at https://fujinet.online/reservation/
  11. I'm happy to report that 50 #FujiNet pcbs are being made as I write this. They are expected to be shipped to me in early July, then I will have to add the custom SIO connectors and power switch. If all goes well I should be able to begin shipping in mid July, but no guarantees. I do not have a price yet as I still need to work out costs for the 3D printing of cases and connectors. I will also likely offer a no case option if you want to print your own or get a high quality one printed (the XE case I got printed from Jawstech is VERY nice). I'm working on a way to for people to reserve a FujiNet to get you in line for one without payment yet. Orders will be limited to 1 per person so that more people have a chance. Will keep you updated here with progress
  12. yeah, it didn't turn out as good as I had hoped. need to rethink the idea a bit
  13. The only function it has right now is to wipe the configuration if held during power up (wifi AP, host slots, disk slots).
  14. It fits on the 1030 modem pcb..
  15. Got the boards back for my replica SIO port design. After some tweaking and several prints I got a (hopefully) usable SIO receptacle 😁 it's not the easiest thing to assemble. Soldering the header pins on was a treat.
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