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  1. I did some digging into the SIO voltage issue and found a fancy chart showing the ADC voltage curve. The top end levels off so the reported voltage on the high end will be wrong. I wonder if we change the voltage divider to be lower and adjust the calculation then maybe get a closer result. I also added a 0.1uF capacitor as suggested on the linked page but it made no difference. FWIW, the page also talks about the calibration value and I confirmed my esp32 has the efuse burned from the factory with a default value of 1064 which is indeed being used instead of the 1100 default. I think most if not all FujiNets in the wild should have this value burned in them since they are probably all newer modules.
  2. I've implemented SD Card detection via interrupt in the latest firmware update if you could please test it. If the card is removed, Fujinet will safe reset. If card insertion is detected it will start the SD Card service (it does not mount any disk slots, but the card is available to use with config/config tools).
  3. A new firmware update is available at https://fujinet.online/download FujiNet Version: 0.5.879c407c Version Date/Time: 2021-04-02 01:14:21 Build Date/Time: Fri Apr 2 02:07:10 UTC 2021 All the new things: * modem: +++ now drops to command mode instead of disconnect * modem: implement ATO command to re-enter modem mode from command mode * hardware: implement SD Card detection for hardware version v1.6 and up. Card removal resets the fujinet, insertion starts the SD card service. * Updated fnc-tools Please do not respond to this thread. If you have an issue, start a new post in the FujiNet subforum, open an issue on the github tracker or ask for assistance in Discord chat.
  4. Nope Can you paste the actual error from the build?
  5. A new firmware update is available at https://fujinet.online/download FujiNet Version: 0.5.c3a06184 Version Date/Time: 2021-03-26 00:42:49 Build Date/Time: Fri Mar 26 01:02:36 UTC 2021 New Bits: * Disabling CONFIG from the webui enables auto mounting of configured slots during FujiNet bootup * New hardware version detection functions * Bugfix: Change TNFS payload size Please do not respond to this thread. If you have an issue, start a new post in the FujiNet subforum, open an issue on the github tracker or ask for assistance in Discord chat.
  6. Can you capture some debug output with the FujiNet connected to a computer and run the flash tool from https://fujinet.online/download? Connect Fujinet to the computer, run the tool, press serial debug output button, then press RESET button on the FujiNet. During bootup the FujiNet tries to mount the card and shows error output if it fails.
  7. A quick search and I found this https://github.com/chrisridd/LDAPClient which is for esp32 Arduino. Would need some modification to make it work on PlatformIO. Whatever you decide to use, make sure it works cross platform. Something like OpenLDAP instead of Active Directory. Maybe they are compatible with each other, I don't know.
  8. The release firmware from fujinet.online is built on Linux.
  9. Nope, not possible. Besides, you can just watch the debug output in the flash tool. It tells you if it fails or shows you the FujiNet boot messages if success. It even shows progress while flashing
  10. There's a lot of information on the wiki https://github.com/FujiNetWIFI/fujinet-platformio/wiki
  11. I'll see about testing this again and see if I can get it to work. When I tried it before I was using a breadboard. I pushed a 'silent' firmware update this evening with the new hardware version check so just run the flash tool to get it. If you have the pull up on IO12 you should see v1.6 hardware version in the boot messages. Nothing uses the card detect pin yet though.
  12. It's much easier now. In config, just try to mount a .cas file which will automagically put it in slot 8. then hold OPTION and START to load it. dang, Thom beat me to it
  13. I wonder if we even need to reset. Maybe we can just unmount anything that was on the SD card then detect the new card. Try loading a cassette image from FujiNet. There's a few on the FujiNet.online TNFS server
  14. awesome, glad you got it working Last night I bodged in a 10K pullup like so: and did some testing with the firmware. I had to use the esp32's internal pull up/down resistors to check if there was a pull up on IO12. There are some new functions to get the hardware version that is run at bootup and to check for the safe reset button C. We will have to figure out what to do with the card detect, but at least now we can determine if it's available or not. I can't remember what the problem was, but I had issues when trying to run MOTOR thru the 74LS07 so I left it directly connected with the pull down. If you test it and it works, let me know and I'ill give it another go.
  15. The button has a pull up resistor to 3.3V and when the button is pressed it is connected to GND. The firmware checks if the button is connected to GND. It should only show this message if you have pressed the button. I don't see how the TNFS timeout can cause the button to be detected as pressed. I have had plenty of TNFS timeouts and never seen this happen which leads me to believe there is a hardware problem. Try powering the FujiNet from USB while testing the TNFS copy and see if that helps any.
  16. It isn't 100% feature complete, but FujiNet-PC is working. Source code is here. See this thread for more info:
  17. I think this can be done. I'm probably gunna go with IO12 due to the current board layout and IO12 is close to the SD slot. The firmware will need to check for the pull-up at boot and enable this feature if available. Will try to bodge up a board when I have time.
  18. Sounds like you have a hardware problem then. The button should not press itself Contact your vendor about repair or replacement
  19. This message could be caused by any number of issues. I does not necessarily mean WiFi interference. It could be that packets are getting lost over your local network or the internet. This will only appear if you press Button B on the FujiNet. Did you build your own FujiNet hardware?
  20. This thread is for hardware discussion. Please start a new thread or use the Testing and Bug Reporting thread and provide serial debug output while trying to access a TNFS server. You can use the FujiNet Flasher to capture this information.
  21. Happy to help! I like the option for external antenna on the NUC since there's probably room for the external connector somewhere on the case. The IE module is nice for that since it can be used both ways if you can bodge the resistor. For funsies I made this thing up. It's non-functional. (and no, I will not be actually designing this)
  22. I opened an issue on Github so I don't forget about it. The only point of it originally was to check if the Atari was on or not. It's no longer used for anything other than the display. If it's not easily fixed or fixable at all, I'll remove it.
  23. Not really sure what's happening. This page states the "partition cannot be mounted." Not really sure if the card is detected or if it just doesn't like the partition.
  24. It could be an issue with the code @tschak909 posted. I whipped that up very early on. I have confirmed readings with my multimeter and compared them to the voltage displayed and it's very close, ie, SIO voltage measured at the FujiNet receptacle pin matched the displayed voltage.
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