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  1. KlasO


    Run dot_clean before you eject the card from the Mac.
  2. Hello everyone, I am having another blond moment. I was previously able to get the dollar sign to work on Shift-4 but it doesn't work anymore. Problem is possibly a combination of Sweden keyboard layout and running Altirra in Parallels on a Mac (i.e. emulating a I have tried customised keyboard config and either Character "€" or Virtual Key CTRL-SHIFT-4, but neither works. Option+4 gives a $ in MacOS, and it also works in the Win10 guest just not in Altirra. I also checked how it works on a Windows 10 install on PC hardware with a proper Windows Keyboard where AltGr+4 should result in the $ character and it does, but I still cannot customise the keyboard to use Shift+4. Any help would be much appreciated. Kind regards, Klas
  3. I am really excited about what will come out of your project!
  4. My plan as well. Not being that experienced with electronics, my plan is a pin header on the motherboard but I am not certain how to affix other end of the cable to the keyboard. The easiest solution would be if a pin header would fit there as well, but I haven’t measured this yet. Please let me know how your work progresses.
  5. Tried with a scalpel but thought I’d seek advice before going ahead. I lean towards replacing the cable with DuPont connectors and a pin header on the pcb.
  6. Hello everyone, Not sure if this fits here, apologies if not. Have been using Altirra for a couple of years, but never figured out how to do this. I just downloaded the 3.90 build 12 to make sure I am using the most recent version. I am running a Win10 on Parallels in MacOS, and my keyboard map is Swedish. This means that Shift+4 produces a € instead of $ and would like to remap the keyboard to make Shift+4 on the host keyboard result in $. I have tried System >Configure System > Keyboard where I copied a cooked keymap to customise, and have tried both setting the emulated Shift+4 to virtual key Shift+4 and Character €; neither works. What am I doing wrong? Kind regards, Klas Never mind, just figured it out. I'd rather boil my head than admit the simple mistake I made.
  7. Thanks, the cable is soldered to the pcb. I am unsure how to strip the insultation, it is laminated and my first attempt att prying the layers apart did not work. I stopped before I did any more damage :).
  8. Hello everyone, While trying to fix a ribbon cable on an ALPS keyboard in an 800XL, I killed it instead. A couple of the connectors broke off, and unfortunately have nothing to connect to anymore. I cut the bad part off (and the cut is in the white area), but the connectors are too well embedded and do not connect. I don't want to slaughter another good 800XL, and although I may order a replacement keyboard somewhere, I thought I'd try either fixing the cable or replacing it. Also, I am tempted to connect e.g. a pin header to the connector on the motherboard to allow disconnecting and reconnecting the cable w/o breaking it again. Is there a kind soul out there who could give some advice?
  9. Just tested, works for me as well. Does not redirect.
  10. I’d be interested in somewhere from one to five, and I promise I’ll be more precise when you require a firm answer.
  11. I see that my previous comment appears rather surly, my sincere apologies for that. I did not intend to be an asshole towards people who put so my effort into something I get so much joy from.
  12. Despite trying all combinations I could think of, I cannot access the page. For the future, I would advise you to create a less confusing password mechanism.
  13. It seems to be available on Amazon DE but not shipping to my our country. Shipping from Amazon international is indeed almost as much as the keyboard costs...
  14. What’s your verdict on that velocifire keyboard? I am tempted to get one of those myself.
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