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  1. I am trying out two options: a BAT file with COPY /B /R and TAR. I thought about doing an image backup of the (in my case) CF card, but file copy or TAR seems to work for me. Edit: Worth mentioning that I have set up a pclink target for the COPY alternative, e.g. PCL1:>C>. The TAR tests are just stored in another pclink folder called backup.
  2. I am interested in two to four sets, definitely four if they are soldered. Kind regards, Klas
  3. Your other products are amazing, I would like four please
  4. I am interested in at least two.
  5. KlasO


    Run dot_clean before you eject the card from the Mac.
  6. Hello everyone, I am having another blond moment. I was previously able to get the dollar sign to work on Shift-4 but it doesn't work anymore. Problem is possibly a combination of Sweden keyboard layout and running Altirra in Parallels on a Mac (i.e. emulating a I have tried customised keyboard config and either Character "€" or Virtual Key CTRL-SHIFT-4, but neither works. Option+4 gives a $ in MacOS, and it also works in the Win10 guest just not in Altirra. I also checked how it works on a Windows 10 install on PC hardware with a proper Windows Keyboard where AltGr+4 should result in the $ character and it does, but I still cannot customise the keyboard to use Shift+4. Any help would be much appreciated. Kind regards, Klas
  7. I am really excited about what will come out of your project!
  8. My plan as well. Not being that experienced with electronics, my plan is a pin header on the motherboard but I am not certain how to affix other end of the cable to the keyboard. The easiest solution would be if a pin header would fit there as well, but I haven’t measured this yet. Please let me know how your work progresses.
  9. Tried with a scalpel but thought I’d seek advice before going ahead. I lean towards replacing the cable with DuPont connectors and a pin header on the pcb.
  10. Hello everyone, Not sure if this fits here, apologies if not. Have been using Altirra for a couple of years, but never figured out how to do this. I just downloaded the 3.90 build 12 to make sure I am using the most recent version. I am running a Win10 on Parallels in MacOS, and my keyboard map is Swedish. This means that Shift+4 produces a € instead of $ and would like to remap the keyboard to make Shift+4 on the host keyboard result in $. I have tried System >Configure System > Keyboard where I copied a cooked keymap to customise, and have tried both setting the emulated Shift+4 to virtual key Shift+4 and Character €; neither works. What am I doing wrong? Kind regards, Klas Never mind, just figured it out. I'd rather boil my head than admit the simple mistake I made.
  11. Thanks, the cable is soldered to the pcb. I am unsure how to strip the insultation, it is laminated and my first attempt att prying the layers apart did not work. I stopped before I did any more damage :).
  12. Hello everyone, While trying to fix a ribbon cable on an ALPS keyboard in an 800XL, I killed it instead. A couple of the connectors broke off, and unfortunately have nothing to connect to anymore. I cut the bad part off (and the cut is in the white area), but the connectors are too well embedded and do not connect. I don't want to slaughter another good 800XL, and although I may order a replacement keyboard somewhere, I thought I'd try either fixing the cable or replacing it. Also, I am tempted to connect e.g. a pin header to the connector on the motherboard to allow disconnecting and reconnecting the cable w/o breaking it again. Is there a kind soul out there who could give some advice?
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