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  1. I just experienced VBXE not being detected in 4.10-test7 and could not understand why, but when removing and adding the VBXE in Devices it works just fine again. Possibly a bug. Kind regards Klas EDIT: I am running Altirra in CrossOver on macOS, so this may work just fine if you run it in the intended setup on Windows. EDIT: Mr 'Train-wreck' just found the reason - VBXE disabled in U1MB. I'll see myself out.
  2. Hello, Does anyone have Vim syntax highlighting files for Action!?
  3. Is there an updated user guide for the v3?
  4. Just bought my first 400, PAL with Swedish key stickers for two out of three of the local characters (ÅÄÖ); the Ö sticker is missing and should be on the :|; key. Please excuse the huge image files. Haven't tested it yet but I expect that it will have the localised ROM version where CTRL+SHIFT+2 will switch between US and International characters. BZ 109511 in print and BZ 116593 in handwriting; not sure what the rightmost part of the small sticker reads, perhaps 7/07? Also, stamped on the case (a bit hard to read); ATARI / 282 Unfortunately, the case is cracked on the back, thanks seller for not mentioning this, but I would probably have bought it anyway since I didn't have a 400.
  5. No rush, it will be awesome when they arrive. Kind regards, Klas
  6. Warning would be great. Thanks, even though I wasn't stuck on this, I very much prefer to know why I failed.
  7. Certainly, retracing my steps: Preferences -> Atari -> Atari Type -> Atari XL Ultimate 1MB Preferences -> Expansions -> XL Ultimate 1MB/SIDE: - Ultimate 1MB flash file: ultimate.rom (v3.10 from Flashjazzcat's web site) - SIDE2 flash file: side2.rom (v3.0, also from Flashjazzcat's site) Where I believe I may have stumbled during my first attempts was: Media -> 'Handle Special Cartridge' -> Insert SIDE2 (CMD-I) - first it took a while to realise that I had to do this, then I found that I had another rom file for SIDE 2 that was apparently not fit for purpose. Remains for me to understand: I cannot use FDISK, or rather it does not find any APT devices. Still, I have the VHD that I created for Altirra and it works fine, both the FAT and the APT parts, so I currently don't have to use it. Been changing the SIDE2 switch between SDX and Loader, but I am not more enlightened than before. Please let me know if there is anything else I can do to help. Screenshots below in the spoiler section.
  8. Don't know if it was the new release, but it definitely was me realising that I used an incorrect SIDE2 rom file. Now it's working like a charm. I am using a copy of a VHD that I originally created in Altirra, so I did not go through the steps to create a new hard disk image. Thank you for the work you have done with this emulator, great stuff!
  9. I was experimenting with this today and reached the same state - U1MB working but I cannot get the SIDE2 working. Would very much appreciate some hints.
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