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  1. Cool. It's no problem, my "battlestation" has a Sony PVM with external speakers (the PVM has a single internal one, which okay for the TI99, but not good for the newer things I've also got hooked up to it) and a nice square aspect ratio LCD so it's really just a matter of one extra cable. Speaking of the PVM, I'm pretty sure I'm going to have to turn simulated scanlines on over VGA, otherwise it just won't feel right!
  2. That looks pretty nice. I'll have to check my parts bins and see what I have lying around as far as reset buttons go. Thanks for the feedback on the jumpers. I won't worry about it too much, though I might still do it just for the heck of it. Maybe just a little dip switch bank mounted alongside the VGA port. One question that just occurred to me, does the F18A also output composite, or is the video output limited to VGA only? It's not a big deal either way, I just realized I've not seen any information either way.
  3. Thanks for the tips, everybody. Another question, do you guys think it would be worthwhile to add some external switches so that I can change the jumpers on the board without having to disassemble it? I'm not really sure how often, if ever, I'd want to change those but if there's any chance it might be worth having the ability to do it without taking the TI99 apart. Also, thanks to Shift838 for suggesting the reset switch mod. That would definitely be helpful.
  4. Yeah, I'd like to know too. I printed one of these a while back and it sure doesn't seem to fit my board. My SD card holder is also mounted significantly further from the main board than it is on your board. I'm going to replace my reader board at some point soon anyway, but I'll still have the issue of the components in the front hitting.
  5. I got my F18A a little while ago and I've been waiting for some free time to get it installed and try it out, but I figured I'd ask the forum if anyone has any particular tips or best practices for mounting and installation. Any particular VGA bracket mounting location better than others, best way to modify the case, etc?
  6. Keep an eye for the NanoPEB on eBay. Batches are still built from time to time and you just have to be patient to catch one. It provides 32k of RAM, 3 virtual floppy drives, an RS232 port, and it stores a virtual library of floppy disks on a CF card. Definitely more economical than buying a PEB, and it takes up far less space to boot! I was crestfallen when I realized that they weren't in stock anywhere, so I set up a stored search on eBay and "followed" him on ebay and I got lucky that a batch showed up on eBay within a couple of weeks. YMMV, of course, but as long as there is still interest in the boards I think the guy will keep making them. His ebay screename is schmutzig1952. Don't know what his name is on Atariage, or if he's regularly active or anything like that but I'm still relatively new around here.
  7. The two stores are approximately the same. Joann's has much more in the way of fabrics, and Hobby Lobby has much more in the way of basically everything else.
  8. I wouldn't mind volunteering for a "distributed community documentation jam" or whatever it would please people to call it.
  9. Yeah, the binder and the disk holder both had a few age cracks despite still being sealed in the original shrink wrap. I've got the manual in there for now, but since I intend to actually use the manual I'll probably transfer it to something that I'm less worried about having fall apart on me. (I actually program directly on the TI too. I'm not a "purist" or anything, I'm just enjoying both the joys and frustrations of my youth :-p)
  10. Thought some folks here might enjoy seeing these. I decided that I wanted an original editor/assembler bundle and as luck would have it, I found a complete, unopened one on eBay for a decent price. So here we are: It was definitely a bit of a thrill to open up something "new" that is 36 years old!
  11. I'm a big fan of home-rolled sticks as well. I just finished doing a retrofit on a third party Sega Genesis gamepad that I'm pretty happy with. This version is just an experiment, the next step is going to be a perfboard+3D printed enclosure with tactile switches. This round was mainly to see if TI99 games felt "wrong" with a gamepad instead of a joystick. I hate to say it, but I actually kinda like the gamepad better and my stick is a custom-build with an arcade machine stick and button.
  12. This is cool. I just got my Flashrom99 working and one of the first games I tried was Bouncy. I'm damned impressed, the graphics are fantastic and the music is catchy too. I'll have to give it a shot with the gamepad that I just built and see how it goes!
  13. It's no biggie. I'm probably going to be using my NanoPEB for the foreseeable future so it's not a problem for me anymore though if you wouldn't mind letting me know which model reader board you're using as a replacement in case I want to retrofit mine later, that'd be great. I've got STLs for a 3D printed enclosure that I'd ideally like to use, but it looks like the reader stands off too far for it to fit as it is. I figure that if I'm going to have to desolder the SD board anyway to refit it, I may as well replace it with the "better" unit.
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