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  1. I am wondering, how do I get one of these sent to Australia? It's just that I tried to figure out what the postal costs would be, yet every time I put in my postcode, it only displays American addresses. This could make the eventual ordering of the cart a bit difficult, so how would I be able to fix this when the time comes for me to order it?
  2. Does that mean once stock comes into your store for the Lynx SD, I can simply order it from the site? I really would like to know, so that I can plan ahead accordingly.
  3. I'd like to know, since I live in Australia, if I purchase this card, would it be subject to the 10% GST that Australia has for overseas purchases, or is this particular good exempt from that? Because I am keen on purchasing this device in the near future, and I want to cover all bases so that it doesn't get into any problems.
  4. I wonder, do you accept PayPal as a payment method? And also, does the package with the cartridge in it come with tracking?
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