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  1. Great work Tursi works great with the Super Sketch, thank you this has been bugging me for weeks now im going to fire up the Epson and do some drawing😁
  2. Went back to TI-PC which copies real ti floppy to ti files and checked out my original floppy and before it is copied it shows the DEFAULT file as a PROGRAM but after the transfer to DSK file it Shows as UKNOWN and cant be edited. As you said Greg it must be copy protected and the DSK image is useless So I guess thats it unless I get a TI floppy set up, anyway thanks for your help Jon
  3. Failed in exactly the same way on V9t9 emulator as it did on the Ti tried EA and Xb so it must be a DSK/DISK problem.
  4. Thats the one Greg I dont have classic 99 maybe thats worth a shot or is it v9t9 anyway ill give it a go tomorrow cheers Greg , just remembered I tried to delete that file in TIdir and it wouldnt do it
  5. Yes that DEFAULT[] one I do have a 3 1/2 and 5 inch disk which I extracted v9t9 image that appears to be exactly the same as the one posted on here Wish I had a real floppy set up
  6. Greg do you use TIdir to create disk images for the nanopeb Jon
  7. HI Greg t hanks for that Still no luck here I tried a different CF card in the nano that didnt work either Its starting to annoy me now....... Do you think its the Dsk image at fault?
  8. Hi i can run a program on the sketchmate.disk called DEFINE which sets up the printer so the dsk is readable it just wont install Im sorry but i dont know what you mean by attatch the dsk image
  9. That would be great thank you Mike
  10. Thanks for your replies when I load the sketch mate there is a burst of disk activity then in stead of loading the sketch mate screen i get a garbled noise then it sounds like its loading but nothing appears on screen no matter how long i wait. its meant to load the sketch mate screen then you can switch cartridges to super sketch then that should give ss the ability to print and save to disk I have tried a couple sketch mate dsk images one i got on here and one i copied from a real floppy they both do the same I can only Think it is a nanopeb incompatibility I would be interested to see If anyone else can get the Sketch Mate Program to load to the title screen as i say sketch mate.dsk is on a previous thread you need to load and run DSK1.SKETCH on EA Or MM or just let Xb load automatically Cheers....
  11. Hi Been having problems trying to get Sketch mate to load ive tried EA MM and Xb Hardware is naverone widget and F18a nanopeb Speech Synth any help would be much appreciated
  12. jonc

    TI Logo 2 wanted

    Thanks for the advice imnew here ill check it out
  13. jonc

    TI Logo 2 wanted

    Hi working Ti logo 2 cartridge wanted with or without manual etc can pay pay pal needs posting to UK thanks Jon
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