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  1. Santa bought me a R77, and I found you after the shock horror of 1st boot without a cartridge. Thanks to the guys who made this possible.
  2. Sorry to dig up this old thread. Doing something similar on the C64: https://youtu.be/Ge1rrC2VLGI I wonder if anyone is up for porting to the ATARI too ?
  3. I have decided to trim down my Atari 2600 Collection. Below are details of the offers. Also available elsewhere. Payment PayPal family'n'friends only Postage See DHL prices (eg 2kg Europe 14 euros, 5kg 16 euros) Condition All working and tested, but no guarantees or returns 1) Original Atari 2600 Junior + RF cable (abit scuffed as seen in pics). No PSU, 1 game (my choice), 2 original Atari joysticks (not pictured). 30 euros 2) Original Atari 2600 Darth Vader + RF cable. No PSU, 1 game (my choice), 2 original Atari joysticks. 40 euros 3) Original Atari 2600 Darth Vader + AV MOD. No PSU, 1 game (my choice), 2 original Atari joysticks. 50 euros SOLD 4) Gracia Atari 2600 Darth Vader Clone + RF cable . No PSU, 2 joysticks (my choice). 100s built in games. 30 euros 5) Unknown Atari 2600 Darth Vader Clone + RF cable . No PSU, 2 joysticks (my choice). 100s built in games. 30 euros 6) RAMBO Atari 2600 Darth Vader Clone + RF cable . No PSU, 2 joysticks (my choice). 100s built in games. 30 euros
  4. I think if you remove the modulator then you will get no video out anymore. See the schematic. An alternative see http://www.breadbox64.com/blog/c64c-rf-box-mod/
  5. I tried it. Didn't work for me. You can get some nice 20" DELL Ultrasharp on eBay for 40/50 euros with an S-Video & Composite inputs. Works fine.
  6. I have on offer a 'big box' Jewels of Darkness from Firebird on 3 cassettes 1 Colossal Adventure 2 Adventure Quest 3 Dungeon Adventure It comes with... a 64 page novella "The Darkness Rises' Lenslok + Lenslok Instruction Sheet Rainbird Hint Request Sheet German translation of the instructions The box and contents are in pretty nice shape, no crushing, nicks tears or writing. Dare I say 'mint', oh no.... Not having an Atari 800/130, I have no idea if it works (and offer no guarantees). But a collectors item for sure. According to Atarimania, this has a rarity scale of 7 and there is no cassette dump. I am asking 60 euros plus postage (7.00 euros worldwide as a letter, or 9.50 euros registered letter or 20 euros as a tracked/insured parcel). Payment by PayPal family'n'friends only (or fees & tracked postage mandatory)
  7. Count yourself lucky. I can't even get my Window 7 x64 to recognize the cartridge, never mind flash the NTSC to PAL
  8. I also have a pal 2001pf. I can't get a picture on composite or s-video from a c64. After lots of research it seems the ntsc model is fine, but the pal version won't take the signal.
  9. Yes, I wanted to add to http://atariage.com/forums/forum/19-dedicated-systems/but somehow must have selected wrong sub forum. Can a admin please move?
  10. Buy a U17 PLAnkton from eslapion. Alternatively you can get a pre programmed NOS PLS100N on eBay for a more 'retro feel', the price is double though.
  11. I have a 4 way s-video/composite switch with 2 monitor output. (from Conrad Bestell-Nr.: 1435388 - 62 ) I have a breakout cable from the switch (s-video > chroma-luma) to the monitor and a 5-PIN DIN for VIC20 and 8-PIN DIN for C64. Both computers are connected, and the display is switched at the push of a button.
  12. I bought a 'semi operational' Rambo TV Game (2600 clone) with '25000' games on eBay. The left joystick was not working, so I replaced the diodes attached to the joystick port and it is working fine again. Here are some pictures. I was hoping to do a composite mod, but this machine doesn't (seem to) have a TIA. It has 2 big chips (DIP32 4000-0001P-2 & DIP40 3287 9329M 610540) and a small DIP16 logic? chip. Does anyone have one of these machines? and is a video mod possible? Update Similar machines in these threads http://atariage.com/forums/topic/129102-informationsdetails-about-a-2600-clone-sankyo-192-games-inside/ http://atariage.com/forums/topic/98847-replacing-the-gameseprom-of-a-multi-game-clone/ http://atariage.com/forums/topic/232145-atari-2600-clone-with-25000-games/ http://atariage.com/forums/topic/105115-more-than-25000-video-games-and-counting/ http://atariage.com/forums/topic/119297-atari-2600-clone-with-444-games-built-in/
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