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  1. Great news! Cartridge looks very sweet and see even some free games! Will you ship the pre-order backlog first and then distributors? Or will that go simultaneously?
  2. How about you post a nice picture of your Jag with the cartridge in it? Would be cool to see it in a real life scenario!
  3. I can vouch for Lotharek's quality and customer satisfaction program.
  4. If you read SainTs comment, you know it is not cancellation:
  5. Healthy thought. Darksoft and Apocalypse are doing the same. I believe Professor Abrasive is also taking his time to sort out the manufacturing part. Perhaps have a chat with them, see how they do it.
  6. You might be slightly more considerate here - it's still a hobby project. Instead, try to offer some help.
  7. Great! How big is the batch? Will it fulfil the 542 orders before me? 😂
  8. There are at least 681 people jealous now 🤣
  9. Ordered mine, #516 ?? on the list 🤣
  10. Great news SainT! Price is fine, you worked hard for it.
  11. Sorry to break it to you, but you will have to
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