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  1. You may purchase it directly through ebay or you can purchased it here on Atari Age
  2. Hey Its the same one its more on there due to the ebay 10% seller fee's (199 vs 175 on here)
  3. For Sale, Prices include shipping in the USA $350 Nintendo Switch Neon Joycon with 200GB Sandisk Micro SD to expand storage Has Been Heroes Game NEW I've had a screen protector on it the moment it was removed from box. Never once placed in the dock so no scratches. I used a USBC extension cable and a stand which is also included Comes with original box, ac adapter, and hdmi cable. After I finished Zelda (not included) I don't see any upcoming games that excite me. Everything adult owned and in like new condition
  4. Hey Just checked rates to Hungary for the package that is 11lbs 20*16*8 rate came out to 91.45
  5. For Sale Toshiba SD-2300 Nuon enhanced DVD Player with Manual. Tested and working. I've owned this system for about 10 years and finally replacing it with a Samsung Comes with one HPI Stealth Controller and 2 games. Merlin Racing is original but Iron Soldier 3 is a burn copy in a DVD case SOLD
  6. Professionally modded Lynx II system with the McWill LCD Screen Mod. System works great and screen looks beautiful. Also included is the RetroHQ Lynx SD card loaded and ready to go. Included is a Lynx II Box, just a spare on I had not the original one that came with this system . Couple things to know about this system, the batter door is missing and I did not have the vga out port installed as I though it looked ugly, but I will have it installed upon request of the buyer at no cost. It would just take an extra day before shipping. SOLD
  7. I have a few boxed games an a stack of floppies
  8. For Sell 20 Jaguar Cartridge PCB's $20 for the lot plus shipping Purchased these from MY Atari couple years back but never did anything with them. 3 New Lynx LCD's for Lynx Model II $20 each plus shipping 5 Lynx Model II back light/ lcd housing unit. Back light has been tested and works but the LCD screens have issues. Only buy if you want to replace your back light or plan to buy a NEW LCD display either from me or Best Electronics. $10 each plus shipping 6 Lynx II rubber grips. OK condition needs cleaning $4 shipped in USA
  9. I have a T2k Commander rotary controller by danny_galaga I purchased several years ago. I've only every used it twice. Once when I first got it directly from him and today to test it out. Its been sitting on the shelf since. Here is the website he had up http://dannygalaga.com/rotary.html Comes with Tempest 2000 in a universal game case with manual Asking 125 shipped in the USA
  10. Final bumb on these if they don't sell in a week they go back in storage.
  11. Bump, still have this. If anyone is interested let me know this week or it will end up on ebay.
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