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  1. In Germany a beer advertisment says: Bitte ein Bit! I always order „Bitte 8 bit!“ in the Pub. That‘s how I do the math.😄
  2. What did you expect? It‘s the Jag! You better Do the Math!😁
  3. dragonbox is a german store and does not offer preorder until stock is in sight.
  4. 83 in front of me... Maybe some for your european fellows? 😉
  5. Take a look at that: A way more aesthetic solution, at least from the outside.😉 @TheNameOfTheGame Arduino is of course the best solution👍
  6. This is a pity. Is the jaguar really so stubborn? 😆 This would be a really great and useful feature. Well I buy it anyway..😊
  7. Hey SainT, please please please implement a controller button combination to get back to the Jag GD menu without switching the jaguar off and on. That would make the Jag GD PERFECT! 😍 I‘ve seen the review on DB.. It’s the only thing that‘s missing to make it the perfect product.
  8. For Germany, it is not possible to declare a lower value. You have to show the paypal invoice at customs office.
  9. @phoenixdownita The countries of the European Union (Germany, France, Spain... and so on) will charge taxes on british products after brexit. ...when Britain is no longer a member of the European Union. So in my case I eventually would have to pay import duties in case of hard brexit. For US buyers it will make no difference if there is a brexit or a hard brexit.
  10. Hopefully before an eventually hard brexit..😉
  11. 188 ... and I thought I was fast!😂 😏
  12. @SainT I think the price is fair regarding to all the work that you‘ve spent in the last years on the jag sd. I’ve seen the manual you have posted in your news section and I would like to ask about the possibility to get back from a game into the jag-sd menu by using a key combination on the controller. We had this issue already in this thread but I like to ask if you have implemented this feature with the final release or if it‘s coming with a future release. In the manual I can‘t find anything about it.
  13. Thanks for your reply SainT. I totally understand your decision, your a perfectonist and so are your products. I like that!😃 ...and I‘m confident that you‘ll bring us (perfect) CD support with a firmware update in the (near) future👍
  14. I thought the problems with running CD games were already solved by SainT. What is the reason (technically) why this feature will not be realized with the initial release?
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